Friday, October 20, 2006

Am grateful to Miri Golf Club 03-06

Restarted my golf in Miri 2003.
Frens are abundance and golf is never bold.
Funny is my work collegue are the one who spoils it.
But those local miri guys out there, they know how to have fun
CJ with his hole in one.
Kalana with his long drive and colourful khakis.
Antoni and his pda's/
Usop with his driver made in china but still make the distance.
Another usop , 10 yrs ago , snooker, then golf , wonder what in 10 yrs time.
The boys of miri who have been providing brilliant caddie services.
At miri golf club u wont have to play alone , unless you choose to do so.
Miri Masters , Miri Open and Amateur Open.
Those Dutch's golfers are ethically brilliant.
Eastwood Valley was a good change.
The rest is history. But those who have make my life miserable in Miri , I forgive you , may you have a better life wherever you are.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jack GA golfing in KL

Fhew !!!! after few months of moving things and new house , at last we managed to get streamyx on line. And here we go again , Jack will get htings updated very soon . Golfing in KL has been fun . Courses covered so far were among others , Peransang Templer, Tasik Puteri , Staffield , Bangi Golf Resort , Saujana Impian , Danau Bangi and etc etc etc...
Jack has recently joing the SSG Links . For those who have yet to have any club membership , it is recommended to be in it. See yer...

JAck GA sigining off from KGM

By sunday , we will be moving back to KL . Will be starting new assignment by monday. Some claims that once u r back in kl , there will be less oppurtunity to play golf. Maybe there are some truth in it considering the amount of time I have to spend at the office while waiting for the two new candidates coming in. New challenge in a familiar territory. Surely will miss those jolly and cheerful miri golfers. Met a few doctors , politicians , local bussinessman , some ceo's etc etc etc. Some happy memories on the golf course. CJ with his hole in one on hole 12th. Become a caddy to a fellow golfer in the first Miri Masters during the inauguration of Miri status as Tourism City. Some good tips from some good amatuers.

JAck GA sigining off from KGM.