Thursday, September 29, 2005

Golf Addix on KGM Open

Me not prepared. Me dont play well. Miserable 90 and 94. Trying too much on par 5's. Should have change the grip before the Open not after the Open.

No one nailed the hole in one prizes, but they gave away the tickets to Sydney thru the lucky draws.

Saturday , me playing at Eastwood Valley , a tri nation game , holland vs Malaysia vs Japan.

Sincerely hope I do better this time....

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

GA dislikes

I don't like those who carry golf bag with the top side pointing downwards. If you don't know how to use golfbag might as well don't do golf.

Slow golfers with no consideration for others. I have shouted , yell and cursed at a slow golfer before and people use it as a reason to make me look like a fool at the office. Nice try but not good enuf. Next time I will shout louder and more cursing is on the way...he he he.

When the swing is not synchronised with body turn....ballllllll right.

A practise putt that went wrong...

Caddie who walks on when someone is on the tee .

Rita and katrina

Golfers who don't owned up to their losing bets

Playing night golf , ball went dead center in the fairway but went awol...

Meetings at 4 pm.

Typing this , when I should be on the greener pastures.....

Friday, September 23, 2005

GA did not do justice to himself today at KGM Amateur Open

I did accidentally hit the ball and it moved about 2 feet away when I practise putt. Instead of a par , ended with a double bogie at hole no 4. Recovered well with a par saving putt at HOle no 5 , and then did not get out from the bunker quite as expected at Hole no 6. Making things worse , I pull the tee shot at hole no 7 and make a double bogie , missing a short putt.
And making thing even worse , pull the tee shot at hole 8 and make 2 OB ended with 9 (yes nine). Pull everything that I have and managed to put a good show up to hole 17th. Good tee shot at the last hole and make another bad second shot , instead of easy par for the last hole , ended with an 8 (yes eight). It is just not my day and I do admit I did not practise enuf....that's it.
Tommorow , Can GA do the impossible 70 gross to qualify to the third and final day ?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

17th KGM Amateur Open Golf Championship

The 17th KGM Amateur Open Golf Championship will be held from 23rd to 25th September 2005. As promised GA have managed to secure a place in the tournament by virtue of being 9.8 USGA index , hadicapp 12 for Kelab Golf Miri. GA will be among the rookies and hoping to do well in his first ever Open Tournament.
Todate 224 golfers have confirmed their participation . Last year winners Asri Khalid and Rokia Daud Yusoff will be eyeing to maintain their title.

This year the tournament offers various
prizes for Hole in 1 achievers. For Grand Prize , for hole in one achievers at hole 1,9 and 12 , they will get Mercedes E200k sponsored by Sarku Engineering Services. Other prizes includes a Proton Gen 2 if you nail hole 1 , 9 , 12 and 16th which is sponsored by Club Captain. A Renault Kangoo Express will be yours if you sink it at hole 12. And 2 tickets to Sydney as well ? Wooohhh imagine if someone nail it at hole 12th. That golfer will all the above .

me ....naahhhhh

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We are good at spoiling talents

There are a bunch of talents out there in the Malaysian public. Do you know that the number of kids now playing golf exceed the number of golfers from the age of 30 to 60. Or am I just trying to make fun of you.
But on the other hand , do you how many promising junior out there in this country ? I don't think so and I am pretty sure none of us care about them. Hang on a minute ! I thought there are some junior programmes at golf clubs and also at some government sports agencies. Sure there is , but how many knew about it .
In this country the game is still depending on how much money does your parents earned or where do you lived. If you are from a low income group parents , most likely you are introduced to the game simply because you lived close to a golf course or do some part time caddie job. But if you are from prominent middle income group or happened to have parents to work at golf clubs or some sports agencies , you are among the targetted group for such golf developments. Is that right or is it ?
So is that how we want to make this game grow in this country ? Most of us Malaysians have this perception about the game, it is boring , waste of time and non challenging i.e. non physical game. We are so called good in football with premier league and some major tournaments in the calendar , and yet the national team have yet to prove its worth.
My daugther will definitely be exposed to golf at her early age. She will be one of those in the junior programmes and I do hope she will grow up to be one of those professional golfers in 20 years to come.
Do all golfers at my age have the same vision ? Some will not , simply because the game itself don't get recognise at home. Why ? Spouses are not happy with their husband making extra time at golf games than home. Maybe ?
Kids are exposed to various types of sports in this country when they are at school or some even continue with their favourite sports at tertiary education level. Most of them stop with sports the minute they enter universities. Why is that happening ? Sports in this country are mostly represented not by the athletes , but the group that manages them. Sports at some schools are owned by certain group of elite teachers. Sports are states are mostly being look after by a group of politicians. Sports at organisations are mostly ruled by certain personalities who knows how to rub shoulders with top management. Sports at even world level are govern by those who have the money to run it. Or even sports in this country are managed by a bunch of politicians who suddenly after winning a poll of popularity turns out to be an expert in managing sports ?
Why some have made it to the top in this country ? Frankly for those who have succeeded , it is simply because when the above is not applicable.

Who am I kidding ?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

GA on the world around him today...

GA goes to work as usual today hoping to make things a bit better at work and the jovial faces around him. Things got on well , but on some instances can't figure out why some human being loves to play with email to spread news and sending reminders not thinking what those things can do to others.
Well I did respond in a manner which I dont think most agree , but hey , that is just me . I cant take fancy words. I dont like to make things looks good simply because they could lead to something else. I hate people who loves to find my faults. I love those people who works with me especially Stephen , Pilu and Ramli.

Played 9 hole today with Alex, Hj Alias and Dr Charles. And was honoured to witness Dr Charles hitting hole in one at hole no 12 (photo above). We were not sure it was hole in one and did asked golfers ahead of us to check. Lo and behold , with delayed telecast , Dr Charles is confirmed hitting hole in one using his trusted 6 iron. Alex also hit hole in one but in the bigger hole that is the big pond infront of the green.

Was sitting nicely infront of the tele , switching channels and stop at one of the most watched channels in this country. Cant figure out why people have to go on tv to find love and they have to record certain events to potray positive things about being sensitive to the poor etc. Hey ! u want to be sensitive , start adopting those kids who dont have parents on the first place.

Before I forget , to Adibah Nor , your song on that little gal is so beautiful and my only wish you get all recognition from this life and hereafter.

Do I need to go with these comments....errr dont think so. nite ti nite, where ever you may tee off...

Can (or should we or why not ) we send another Malaysian to next year The Open, 2006?

Have you look around and pick up 10 malaysian golfers who can make it to The Open next year ? But if you are from the local pro or amateur circuit , maybe you can name 20 or more. On the other hand , out there , the public might not even know that we have a pool of pro golfers in the local circuit.So does, most of the playing golfer or those recreational golfers. The point I would like to make is , how much the so called governmental sport agencies do to promote the game. I have heard of MGA and their website. And I have also come across MPGA but their website is yet to be found.
Now ! Yes it now that we malaysian have to act. I am more willing to create a blog for MPGA if they cant afford to maintained their own IP address. I am more willing to write and managed it for them.
We have seen asian golfers rising to the occassion recently with young talents coming thru. But can you name Malaysians among them ? I have seen some local papers trying to market the game via some special columns on golf. Sadly most of are focusing on things that are happening in Klang Valley. Elllooooooo!!! There are golf courses and good golfers also in this part of Malaysia.

So , are we ready to sent another Danny Chia to The Open ? My guess is .... dunno .

Monday, September 19, 2005

GA on September 2005

Miri Golf Club , Amateur Open 2005. GA met hias target this year to qualify for the tournament. Now it is up to GA to make preparations and to reach final 40 if possible. That would certainly amend for not showing up (or rather not invited ) for the MPGC at Saujana this year. GA was about to be given a slot , but since he dearly wanted his old partner to be with him , GA waive the slot , not knowing , the other has been given the slot and bla bla bla....

Rather disturbed with the way some international news gator giving some air time to review some president remarks over women. Hey ! dont you guys had enuf. What is the fuss about remarks. If we live in the world of taking notes of what other people talked about us , gods willing , you will turn out to be just like what other perceived you.

Malaysians always make remarks that other nations at times look at us with no respect. Hey ! do you realise that (although I am a malaysian , I have to admit this) we usually dont have enuf respect for our own people in the first place. If we check in into hotels , who gets first class treatment ? Who gets the room first ? If we were asked for assistance at the airport , do you think being malaysian will help.

But dont take me wrong. Most of the time we do have some level of respect for one another. If not , how come different races can live in one country with minimum confrontation about one another.

My honest gratitudes for all malaysians who have worked hard fighting independence for the country and those who lives on to maintain it. If not I wont be able to write about golf or even playing golf...thank you Malaysia

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Full swing ?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Can u do that ?

Friday, September 16, 2005

GA seriously thinking on teaching golf..

Maybe GA can turn pro, but that would take a few years of touring and ups and downs. GA was thinking , maybe GA could teach. Golf Swing Guru , GOLF ADDIX. Wouldn't that be nice ?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

GA on this week activities

Adam Scot won the Singapore Open , which I thought was quite impressive. Even better watching him playing alongside Asian fellow pros. He came to the tournament with high world ranking and positively won the title.

Solheim Cup was a bit of let down for the Europeans. At times I was wondering with the rising stars from the USA team , the Europeans has a lot to look at in the years to come. The USA soon will have better players like M Wie to join the team and the rest in the junior level are coming up at a very fast rate.

GA have gone thru some major changes to his grip. After a bad round on saturday last week , GA decided to put some extra hours at the Eastwood Practise range. Joseph Mawan was kind enuf to observe and soon enuf to highlight some faults on GA swing and grip. Soon after that GA has finally found its long gone swing and felt that GA will be ready for next week KGM Amateur Open.

Also starting next week , GA will open some basic golf clinic at some organisation pitch and putt fairway in Miri. GA will aim to attract some 20 odd new golfers in that organisation and build up the new golfers community. Some Senior Managers have shown some consent and appreciation and would love to join.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

GA back from KK

The trip to KK was quite a successfull one. Ample time spent with a fren looking up for tips to buy new golf sets. Spent also some time giving some golf tips to a fren who recently decided golf is something new he needs to indulge in. Not too late though.

At the airport , I was quite amazed looking at malaysians waiting to board the plane. The crowd was so eager to rush to the gate upon hearing an announcement about the flight. It was an announcement to inform passengers that the flight was delayed for 20 minutes and these crowd are already lining up infront of the gate.

Me and Madi was laghing at the crowd instantly. They can be such a stupid crowd. I was wondering why malaysians or non malaysians are so eager to enter the plane and at the same time cant wait for the seatbelt sign is switched off to ruch up from their seats. Some even cant wait to open the overhead compartment and start to lower down their luggages.

At times when I travel to play golf , one golden rule used when travelling. All equipments and luggages are checked in. Travel very light inside the plane. Last in and last out. Take the oppurtunity to greet the nice smiley stewardess , at least it lessen the stress of travelling , n nothing more than that. Bring a book cause if the person next to you are clumsy type or the silent type , then u can move on reading.

Last but not least the crowd in the plane nowdays are too bias for men passengers. The other sex are giving the look when a men sits next to them. Hellooooo , we dont ask to be seated next to you. The minute they sat on their seats , some even sliding to the other side as if we men are going to mauled upon any women who seats next to us. you wish.

now I hate travelling esp on the belon...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sha sha so depressed she won't smile...

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Golf - what it means....

Image hosted by
Golf - Golongan orang lemah fikiran
Why does malay have to make the game as negative as that? Is simply the game cost too much ? or the game separates wife and husband too often ? Is it because the man who plays golf cannot manage its time ? Or is it because those who are not playing golf do not know the fun of playing golf ?

I will continue after the September Monthly medal...

Friday, September 09, 2005

Last nite I dream of ...

25 more days to go before Ramadhan starts. Then GA will be resting during the month of ramadhan. Tomorrow , another KGM monthly medal and this would be the last chance to grab winner title for A medal. From next week onwards , it will be practise range and practise green.

penat lah...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

GA request to readers

I would like you to comment on my golf blog. The following could be use as a guide.

1. How do you find out about this blog?
2. Any comment on GA personality ?
3. Any other graphics you want GA to post ?
4. Do you like GA tools ? If you are not a golfer , what do you think about his new golf shoes.
5. Do you think GA can do well in the KGM Open on 23rd to 25th September ?


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

GA strikes again Eastwood Valley

Image hosted by

GA will be participating in the KGM Amateur Open from 23rd to 25th September 2005. It will his first tournament in the Amateur circuit and promised to put a good game. With scores like 80 gross last saturday and consistently hitting 40 to 42 on 9 holes since sunday , GA aims to put himself into the top 36 to qualify for the third day on 25th September.

Achieved target for 2005 :
1. Qualified for the KGM Amateur Open
2. Handicapp below 12 , USGA index lower than 9.8
3. Hitting 80.
4. Extra distance on driving and improve number of fairway hit.
5. New putting grip and new putting stance.

GA .... 4 plus 2...boleh ganti grip , yeah yeah....

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ain't it funny ... or is it ?

Image hosted by
Finished 18 holes today on a mixed notes. Played the back nine first and I knew it was not going to be the day. 47 on the first nine holes and it does not look that good. But on the fron nine , things got pretty good. 5 pars and bogies for the rest. We finished at around 12 but were left waiting at the clubhouse for the rest of the groups to finish.
Took a shower , one ice lemon tea and a few ciggy. At around 1 pm , we saw the second group approaching the 9 th hole. From far I can see the last flight waiting at the tee box. What on earth happened to these guys ? Too slow or what. All questions were answered after we finished lunch.
Some argued the slow group should be disqualified for their ( or is it one of them ) slow play. Well I have encounter such problems before and did lost my temper. Although I did not take pride in doing it , but at least I have all the nerves to say it out loud to the person in question.
Maybe golf can be a bit problematic when frustration starts to affect your game. In the car , I was smiling on my own. Or is it that funny ?...naaaahhhhh

GA New Bag Tag , New golf shoes and GA tools

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Its the new golf tag on GA golf bag. Personalised and hand made by my lovely wife. The hand made stich tooks only 2 hours to complete. Her next project is to make GA own driver head cover. If any of you are interested in having those tags on your golf bags , you can visit my lovely wife blogspot.

Image hosted by
Below are GA golf tools. Titliest 983 E , Adam Redline Fairway Wood 3 ( 13'd loft) and Nike Fairway wood 4 (17'd loft ). My irons are MP33 , with Titliest Vokey design wedges 54'd and 58'd . Putter is Ping Pal 4 covered in a dolphin putter head cover.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Image hosted by

Last but not least , remember last week , me losing my adidas golf shoes ! It has now been replaced with Footjoys golf shoes. It does feels a lot comfortable with the new age golf shoes. Plus it cost me only RM 180 . ( actually someone else paid for it ... he he he )
Image hosted by

Saturday, September 03, 2005

GA 18 holes : 3rd Sept KGM

Splendid. Marvellous. Significantly improved.
Partners - Onn , Yusop and Rosdi

Hole 1 - Bogey 4. Chipped fluffed
Hole 2 - Par 4 - Nice 8 iron pin right
Hole 3 - Par 4 - PW and pin high
Hole 4 - Par 4 - 8 iron pin left
Hole 5 - Bogey 5,Fairway wood 4 in long grass right , pitch back to fairway.
Hole 6 - Bogey 6 , 3rd shot into water hazard.
Hole 7 - Bogey 5 , na na na na
Hole 8 - Birdie 4 , nice ....
Hole 9 - Bogey 4 , miscalculated the iron shot.

Hole 10 - Bogey 5 - bad t shot
Hole 11 - Par 4, missed birdie
Hole 12 - Par 3 , 9 iron missed green on right
Hole 14 - Par 4 , nice par saved putt
Hole 15 - Bogey 5 , miss hit t shot
Hole 16 - Bogey 5 , the ball stopped on the lip...ish ish ish
Hole 17 - Par 5 - It took 7 seconds before the ball eventually drop in the cup.
Hole 18 - Par 5 - wish I nail the putt

Front 9 - 40
Back nine - 40
It wasn't that bad , ain't it....ahak....


Hole 14 : Walking away from the tee box

Image hosted by
Hole 15 is located parallel to Hole 14 at the other end of the golf course at KGM. You have to make a good straight tee shot or you will end up in the bunker on the right side of the fairway.
The wind usually blows from left to right. You dont have to tee high, as elavated tee shot will make your balls blown away to the right. Either you tee low and make a low descending shot or use fairway woods from the tee box.
A good tee shot will usually force you to use 9 iron or wedges for your second shot. The green is bit bumpy. Those using hard balls will find your balls bouncing away to the back of the green. Soft balls users may find it a bit tricky as the wind does blows from left to right on the green.

Friday, September 02, 2005

GA 42

At last a better 42 for front 9.
1st-par (sandie par)
2nd-bogie (stupid short putt)
3rd-bogie (top second shot with 8 iron)
4th-par (regulation on)
5th-bogie (stupid short putt)
6th-bogie (three putt?)
7th-double bogie (4 on-where is the green ?)
8th-par (4wood, 5iron, 8 iron , 2 putt)
9th-par (6 iron,wedge and a short putt in the dark)

Foursome - other 3 from local water board.
New Shoes ... Footjoy !!!

Thought of the day - Management should smile more ? Wishfull thinking ehhh.
Food of the day - ABC
Colour for the day - blue
Ball for the week - Callaway Blue Big Bertha (not lost after 27 holes)
Best shot - Driver is working quite well this week.
Partner of the week - Ayub Anuar ( a gentlemen and a scholar )
Boss of the week - Sharil , welcome to Miri
Course of the week - where else , Eastwood Valley
Player of the week - Faxon , Howell. Luke will win it at Omega