Monday, February 27, 2006

Eastwood Valley : GA Course review (uncertified)

The course should be the best course to play in Malaysia. Why ? Try it and you will get the answer. But here are some hole to hole review incase you are flying over to Miri to play the course. It is a must for a golfer to play at Eastwood if you are in town.

Hole 1:
Par 5 - Quite long but adviseable to play it safe. Your tee shot should avoid the bunker on the left which is only reachable if you hit your tee shot beyond 220m. Your second shot should try to aim the right side of the fairway making it is more green to play your third shot. The green is elevated , protected by two bunker on the front left and right with a small access to the green and you have to play high loft approach shot to make sure of any chance to make a birdie putt.

Hole 2:
Quite short par 4. Again the green is quite similar to previous green. Except that it can be a bit tricky if you are faced with headwind. Since the green is elevated , playing from 100m with PW can end up with a deep bunker infront of the green. In the bunker you will have to raise your bunker shot beyond 7 meter.

Hole 3:
Short Par 3 , protected by two bunker on right and left. Usually you will have wind blowing from left to right which can be a bit tricky at times. Two tier level green but each pin location should be either front or at the back of the green.

Hole 4:
Short par 4 , fairway protected by a bunker about 180 m from the tee. And another bunker awaits for the long hitter if your shot fade to the right hand side of the fairway. Aim at the trees of the left and playing a fade or straight shot should reach the front green easily. Again two tier green , with bunker on the front left.

Hole 5 :
Another short par 4. A big pond awaits you infront of the green. Your tee shot shuld not go beyond 180 m coz you will end up in the water but if can hit it beyond 250 m , why not give it a try. At 180 m mark , the fairway is protected by two bunker on the left and right , making it difficult to hit your second shot to the green if you end up in the bunker. The green itself is elevated two tier protected by a deep bunker on the right.

I 'll continue later...besok nak kerja...(got to work tomorrow)

Friday, February 24, 2006

The week before , this week and the week after

Some notes after a long lay off from the blog:

  1. Some air crew offers me meal but me want coffee. And guess what , she could have just pour a cup of coffee , instead she served others first and gave me that cup of coffee 10 minutes later.
  2. Played Labuan , 9 hole , but pulling the trolley on that course is not that easy. But I did enjoyed the company of some local frens.
  3. Played Nilai Spring and gross 85. Did enjoyed the game. Was struggling on the first nine but managed to pull off some good second shots on the back nine. One birdie and no triple bogey this round.
  4. KL-Miri-KL-Miri-Labuan-Miri-KL-Miri... catch the drift?
  5. Pok Ya has yet to decide whether he wants to talk to me or not. Dunno why ? Maybe he has some wrong perceptions abt me...
  6. Liverpool games , Arsenal and Man U are some clubs with stars but this season , they did not make enuf effort to beat Liverpool.
  7. Did managed to catch the game against Benifica. Still feels that they played quite well but yet to blend in in the strike force.
  8. Alya is getting chubbier each day.
  9. Me getting a job in KL ...... maybe?
  10. Rest day saturday. But will fight for a top 40 place on Sunday.
  11. Next weekend Miri will busy managing some top professional golfers playing in the Malaysian Ladies Open at Eastwood. Could have register for some caddy job , but a bit weary this week.
  12. Tired.
Do you have a penny to spare?

Monday, February 20, 2006

Off to KL again

Yes I am flying again tomorrow and gettin a bit tired of it. The weekend was nice , earned some bragging rights for playing par golf gross 72 and secure some golf vouchers. The reason for making 72 is simply because we are playing Texas Scramble format with a four man team. Me being the captain , do all the tricky stuffs , eg chipping it close to the pin and making the long birdie putt. We could have do a lot damage but after only three holes in regulation and coverting only two birdies , nothing much to brag about anyway.
Still suffering from the heat wave on Saturday. Liverpool finaly earned their results in the FA Cup. But the freak fall by Smith is not any football fan would like to see especially on TV when they put it on replay mode for a number of times.

Has anyone seen Tiger...?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Week that is.

A bit busy this week. Business travels , Interviews , catching up with some old frens and some other stuffs. Business travels is now beginning to make my golf swing a bit edgy. Even the job interviews at times makes me more edgy. Was wondering at times whether I am making the right moves or not.
Will not be able to make it to KL this weekend. Zed and Zuhri , sorry guys , wish I could make it up to both of you. But I will be watching from far and hopefully both of you will enjoy the weekend there.
The business trips have been rewarding , enlighting and at times provided some avenue to make new contacts espcially in the things that you do at the office.
Liverpool game tonite will be a joy to watch. This afternoon , I will be at Eastwood . It should be fun and dunno...maybe a few prizes to bring back.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Once upon a time...

Sometimes in June this year I would love to celebrate my birthday playing golf at any of the golf courses in Key El with my best foursome. It would have to be Dr R for his witty post shot comments, Mr K for his long drive on the tee and last but not least Anak Iderus who now would be at home nursing his knee injury. At that point of time , I would assume I will be already working in Key El and enjoying my new job. If not then I would be in this same city plaughing thru the cowgrass of KGM.
I would have been in Key El next weekend , tailing the pros at KLGCC. But sorry bro , fulus kureng and I have to cancell the trip to Key El that weekend. Instead I have received an invitation to play at Eastwood Valley on the 18th. That was a big suprise but a nice one though. And yes I am thankful and looking forward for the outing on the 18th. Next week will be quite a week. Meeting on monday and expected to travel again on wednesday for a job interview and off to Labuan on thursday before flying back to Miri on Friday evening.


I am not watching football until the world cup season starts. Reason is simply because I am begining to see signs of low standards of refereeing and some unprofessional conduct by some of the highly paid professional . Nasib baik boleh jugak main golf....


What does 2006 have for me ?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A reminder to all Golfers

After a round of 18 holes , here is what all golfers should do :

1. Wash your hands before you consume any food or drinks.
2. All your golfing attires are wash seprately from your daily laundry items.
3. Golf shoes must be clean and wash before you take them home.
4. Take a good shower at the club before you go back to your family.
5. Clean your grips regularly.
6. And also clean your irons.
7. Do not let your children plays around with your used golf balls.
8. Or even your golf gloves or your golf bags.

Why ? The amount of pesticides and other chemicals used to maintain the golf course , if you know them , you will not regret doing the above.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Football at its worst...

I think I knew very well now why I can't support teams like Chelsea. First most of them players use dirty tactics to get another fellow footballer to get the boot simply by falling off too easy. It may a bit difficult for referee to judge it but it is highly and timely for football associations around the world to reconsider using video playback.
They may be the team to beat in 05 / 06 season but with such incident like that , I wont be supporting them even if they were the last football team on this very little earth. Yes they won the premier league last year and they might make do it again this year. But would they be making headlines like being European Champions. No way jose.
The English Premier league might as well crowned Chelsea as the best foreign based team in England and Wales. And them to win the premier league ... woohhh what is there in such league anyway. So other teams may have a blend of local and foreign players as well.

Ehhh....might as well go play golf. Football now sucks....

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tiger 2 for 2

I did jump up and down on the couch when I saw Ernie hitting his drive into the trees during his playoff with Tiger. Then when he shoots into the water , I knew Tiger will definitely gets it this time. And true enuf nothing can stop Tiger from making 2 out 2 this year, and I think more is yet to come.

Congrats Tiger....

Friday, February 03, 2006

Dopie, the putterhead cover

I had never use a putter cover since I have lost the orignal cover back in 2003. But then last year I found Dopie , a dolphin spongey and use it as my putter cover. There are a number of animal like putter or wood cover available in the golf industry but not many are available in Malaysia. How I wish those toymakers starts to manufacture more for the local market.

If anyone have come across any other unique putter or wood cover , wanna share some pics ?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Major events to note...

Miri will be hosting the Malaysian Ladies Open tentatively in early March this year at Eastwood Valley. Hopefully the event will attract more travelling golfers to Miri. In April the Miri Masters will be one of the event sanctioned by MPGA also to be held at both KGM and Eastwood Valley. So if you are planning for your holiday locally , why not book a date to see both events in Miri. If you travel early to Miri , you might want to play a few rounds at Kelab Golf Miri or Eastwood Valley. At KGM it will cost you RM 120 for peak rate and RM 240 for Eastwood.

Tiger won Buick Invitational. But I am pretty sure that wont be his last.

Fowler returns to Anfield . Almost a miracle but if he is given the chance to prove it tonite , then 2006 will be such a joyful year to watch Liverpool plays.


I am travelling to KL next week on the 7th and will travel back to Miri on 8th evening. Planning to meet up with an old fren whom I have not met since 1996.
Pick of the day : my short game is brilliant today . Plays the back 9 , 41 and blew up 51 on the front nine...