Thursday, December 29, 2005

2005 final posting ....

Playing golf and blogging about it has been equally satisfying in 2005. I have managed to improve my swing and reduced my handicapp to NHS (Malaysian Golf Association : National Handicapp System ) index 9.1 . Driving distance have greatly improved from 180m average to 210m. Accuracy of driving , since I have acquired the Maruman Exim Nano II has improved tremendously. Hitting on average 12 out of 14 fairways in 18 holes round. With the new grip by Golf Pride (pictures and comment in this LINK ) my iron shots are begining to make my approach accurate and enjoyable.
Sticking to the old putter Ping Pal 4 and shaping up my putting routinehas helped me on the green. Instead of buying a new putter , with my new putting routine , I have been able to reduce my putting average to no more that 2 putts per green. And the picture is the living prove how I have improve my putting skills. Yes , my dear Hanie is my new mentor in putting. It sort of gives me a new perspective on how to make a good putt. But with my dearest Hanie helping me out on the practise green , I have been able to spend quality hours with dearest Hanie.
Blogging about golf per say has its ups and downs. I have make comments and photo blogs. Some folks out there make positive remarks and some well , you can't win them all , right. From the early days , I have encounter new blogging skills , making new graphics , adding some cool features and not to forget some useless features as well. Make new frens within the country and some from the other part of the world. One gentlemen by the name of Onn is one nice chap. A true gentlemen and a true golfer. You can never make war with this old chap. At retirement age , he is still an active golfer with a nice swing. At times he grumbles alot about his swing and when he makes that shot , we never fails to congratulate him.
At time I look up to this chap for advice on golf and on life. I wish him all the best in 2006 and am sure he will post some good scores next year. On the blog met some golfers whom I have yet to meet up and play golf together. Zed , one chap who never fails to entertain fellow bloggers. Although until todate , I have to visualise how tall is he or how well is he with his golf swings. 2006 will be a bit challenging. Hoping to get involve with new assignment . Of which , still in between two minds and have not decided which way to go. Hoping I could make that extra bucks so that I can give my dearest another long due holiday. But the pictures of bridges in Amsterdam reminded me of those lovely time I had with my dearest Zalita. Which reminded me of how lucky I am to have her in my life. She has been a true companion and a wife who understands her husband passion on golf. I don't have to make excuses to play golf and I ended up making sure enough quality time are shared between golf and family. For those who are still struglling with your partner at home , better take your time and explain it to her.

So 2005 in summary , best score is only 84. Best 9 hole scores is still 39. Longest drive this year would be hitting a good drive on hole 15th KGM and left with only 90m to the green. Its a par 4 , 399m length. Well you may guess , how far the balls goes on that drive.Anyway we were playing the white tee which was only 376m. Still , a long drive by any standard , right ? Has not played much outside Miri. KLGCC , Nilai Spring , Kinrara , Perangsang Templer , Pantai Mentiri, Labuan and Eastwood.

2006 , will be challenging and I do hope will bring much more golf to me . And last but not least , surely hoping it will a wonderful year for all fellow golfers and bloggers , wherever you may be.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

2005 wishes : reviewed

I have some wish list back in June 2005 and below are some updates:

1. I want new grips for my irons and driver before November. - did change those old grip with new grips by Golf Pride ( the combo red and black colour and it has helps a lot in improving my grip and also my iron games )
2. I want those nippon steel shaft as well. - errrr still can't afford to change it , maybe next year ?
3. Maybe changing 984 driver with the latest driver 950 series - I have dump my titliest 983 e for Maruman Exim Nano II driver with 10 degrees loft. Consistent driving accurancy and distance as well. Top strike remains at 255 m mark.
4. Whole year supply of Titliest Pro v or Callaway ...or even Maxfli A10 series - still under negotiations with some ball manufacturers.
5. Augusta , 18 holes with Tiger - Unfortunately I have to wait for another year. Tiger schedule for 2005 has been fully booked. Last I checked , in 2006 he wants more time to be with his wife , errrr who's preference is that ?
6. Saujana , another 36 holes with Yusof Daud. And this time win the title MPGC 2005 - No I did not get the chance to do that . F*&5%$#$%^&.....err
7. Qualify for KGM open this year. HEEYYYY I DID QUALIFY FOR KGM AMATEUR OPEN FOR 2005....
8. Handicapp less than 10 before end of 2005. - Technically National Handicapp system at 9.8
9. Wins a monthly medal event. "A" medal would be just fine. - I did not.
10. 2007 Playing tour wild card awarded.- still working on it ....
11. Make a living out of this. - still on the right track..hopefully someone do take a note...
12. Owns a golf repair shop .- have yet to decide whether I should quit accounting profession
13. Buy a trailer for a equipment repair shop and follows MPGA tournaments venue. - unfortunately they cant afford to pay me , so wait for another year ...
14. Save my tag Huer - NO I did not manage to save my dear TAG.
15. A new house... - well , still working on it though...
16. RX90 for me and CRV for wife - we are saving our earnings...he he he

Jack GA

Saturday, December 17, 2005

86 today at Eastwood ...

7 am , driving into the Golf club......

Chalet on the left.

Then , on the right is the practise range........

Thinking about it at the first par 5...second shot

At this point my second shot has reach the 30 m mark to the green , on the par 5 , 6th.

And end up playing 86 gross for the day. Feels good about it . Except for two double bogey on the first 9 , not a bad outing after a week away from the practise range. The Maruman Exim Nano II driver is simply the solution of the year. Hit 13 fairways out of 14th tee shot today. Next stage is to work out consistent iron shots to the green , esp for 150 to 100 m marks.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Quite tight up

Been busy lately. Plus the part time work is beginning to demand extra time nowadays. No more weekdays golf , coz most the time , using it as quality time with sha sha and hanie. We went to the beach yesterday and the two of them went beserk.
On two jobs at the moment , so wont be making much posting for the next two or three weeks...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Of everything and sorts of ....

Bravo to Nicol. Here is the living prove why malaysians can excel in sports. And in due time we will be hearing more about Malaysian young sportsman and sportswomen in the world events.

Liverpool has proven its spending over the summer and a few more will fit in comes January. I am not suprised with MU failing to make it to the last 16. Selangor miss the chance to prove their worth after making the headlines last season. Perak is definitely relishing the guidance of SD.

Sea Games is over and done with but I did not hear anything about malaysian golf team. I guess they did not do well or do anyone knows what do they won in the Sea Games ?

Maruman Exim Nano II is definitely the best driver I have come across for the last 10 years playing the game. If you have any doubts go and try it , but try it on the range not in those small space inside those golf pro shops.

Some personality making headlines by making public announcements about their marriage status . Well , do they have to do that ??? I guess thats the price for being famous...errrr...

Golf has been quite interesting this year. Tiger takes the PGA Player of the year again. I guess he will continue making headlines in 2006 until 2008 unless some new swing styles comes in again.

2006 will be quite interesting. To frens over the atlantic ... have a merry xmas. To frens in the region , enjoy the long holidays.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Maruman Nano II Exim.

Yes I have tested it and loving it. It gives me more accuracy much better than my old Titliest 983e. Playing an extra 0.5 degrees loft gives me a better distance and rolls. Plus I can shape every single shot easier and with much ease.