Sunday, October 15, 2006

JAck GA sigining off from KGM

By sunday , we will be moving back to KL . Will be starting new assignment by monday. Some claims that once u r back in kl , there will be less oppurtunity to play golf. Maybe there are some truth in it considering the amount of time I have to spend at the office while waiting for the two new candidates coming in. New challenge in a familiar territory. Surely will miss those jolly and cheerful miri golfers. Met a few doctors , politicians , local bussinessman , some ceo's etc etc etc. Some happy memories on the golf course. CJ with his hole in one on hole 12th. Become a caddy to a fellow golfer in the first Miri Masters during the inauguration of Miri status as Tourism City. Some good tips from some good amatuers.

JAck GA sigining off from KGM.

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