Sunday, January 21, 2007

Congratulations to Airil

GA wish to congratulate Airil for winning in Pakistan earlier today. Congratulations and Malaysia is on the map again.

short snaps

Pretty hectic next week. tuesday to thursday will be tight up with some programme somewhere in Bangi. Sunday next will be travelling up to Houston and will only be back in February.

Bloggers vs Press. Errrr....I tot last time it was Press vs government authorities. Now it is the Press who feels offended by Bloggers. I guess in years to come it will XXXXX vs Bloggers. Who knows ?

We have managed to clean up the computer aka reading aka library aka small store room. What pictures ? come over and tengok sendiri ....

A fren trying to sell some child fund schemes early saturday morning. And he gets a bashing and pathetic response from me simply because he does not have the right to sell those things to me thru sms. Nak jual dtg visit lah !!! Only because you have gone to the same school with me back in the old days does not gives you the right to assume I am going to treat you like good frens. YOu have to earn that right man!!! Plus I don't remember you being nice to me anyway...ha ha ha me with old grudges.

Liverpool won again !!! as if i have any points to say about chelsea...nahhh I m not going into that.

Books to read on the plane to houston:
  1. Working out Working within , The Tao of inner fitness through sports and exercises by Jerry Lynch and Chungliang Al Huang.
  2. How Children Fail by John Holt.
If not .... try to get some sleep mahh...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Out on your own...

I had a tough few weeks due to the fact that a colleague left for an overseas assignment and his unfinished shots are left on my desk. Not enuf trying to sort out the current portfolio , the additional portfolios are keeping me wide awake. Within those big stacks of steels, an old fren drops a line. At times I wonder how many of all those old frens have I called over the years. And most of the time I am guilty of not making the effort to call.
Last weekend , Tasik Puteri on Saturday and then another 15holes at Glenmarie. Why 15 holes ? It rains and we decided to finish early right after seeing the big clouds hovering the skies of shah alam. Saturday was not that bad. 86 gross and two stupid double bogey cost me , errr ... we were not putting up any bets for the day. After a couple of bogey and a par on hole 12th, I was trying to make the distance ont the tee at 13th but end up shfting the gears too early and push the ball to the right.
Hit another one and follow it up with a good hit with three wood but still end up in the rough next to the green. Hit a poor chip shot and had to make two putts for a double. Next to the 14th tee , I was trying to think deep why those irons are not adjusting to my swings. Again on a short par 3 , my shot went dead left but lucky enuf not to went into the pond. While the other three golfers are on the green , I had to make a good chip next to the pin just to make the four of us make par on that par 3.
On sunday , the game is purely social golf. Entertaining few frens coming over from Japan and another golfer decided to take time off from his part time MBA classes. Glenmarie was not that tough but the green sitting on top of your shoulders and undulating fairways , makes it a bit frustrating hitting the green short by 10m.
I will be away from the office for two days this week. Not to mention friday is another given public holiday, to replace the rest day on saturday. There will be no golf this weekend. One of our cousin is getting engaged and a frens daugther will be getting married and this time I will try my best to make it. Still can't make the trip back to Johor to visit my parents with the flooding conditions over there is getting worse everyday. How I wish I cud lend all my hands for them.
If you can contribute by all means , do lend a hand or donate anything you can to the nearest donations centres. Till then .... have a good week ahead.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another day playing golf....

Last saturday I was lucky enuf being invited to play at one of the exclusive golf club in the country. Mind you it is not that easy to find my way to the club at 6.30 in the early morning. Soft greens and good turfs but the fairways are not that kind to my MP33.
Playing thru 9 holes I was amazed at the course set up but could not help wondering if we were to play without those buggy. With the view of nature and bungalows all the way next to the fairway, playing golf is like walking in the park. Anyway I was not focusing too much on playing golf but instead could not help my self admiring the bungalows and the course set up. Which actually explains why I played 95 on the day.

Note - Next venue , courses in South East Asia...or Houston if that permits...

Monday, January 08, 2007

Plastic mens

I have to admit I had enuf of old school reunions. Those are the days where if you are lucky , you will among the popular, if not you might be regarded as one of those nerds. If you don't falls into both you will be like me neither popular or among the nerds. I was one of those who either other dont make frens or me my self not to bothered to make frens with others.

In those days , kids smokes. Where do we get the supplies ? Backdoor or skipping class to buy ciggy from secret exit points at the back of the hostels. Hey ! I was the only who brings in ciggy thru the front door and no one notices. Reason why it is still a secret how I did it ? Well I dont share it with anyone.

Some of those popular ones tend to strikes it high in their life. So they make thousands and millions and they drive fancy cars and big houses and so much alarms and very concerned of their safety if the alarm went dead. I guess the more you earn, safety becomes priorities. I guess thats why I not too bothered for not earning that much. Still have six kids and earn a decent living.

Some of the nerds do turn out to have some wild side in them coming out when they grew older. Why ? probably too fed up of being nerds I guess.

well there goes , the plastic mens strikes again.....

Friday, January 05, 2007

Of human whom I wonder why...recently on tele..

Some VIP ladies with with a mock cheque of a mere thousand ringgit donating to the victims of the recent flood in Johor. The media present it in peak time news .

Jack GA comments:
Phathetic way of showing your concerns for those victims.

One gutsy lady spend USD 40 billion out of her own pocket to build a school for a group of children in Africa.

Jack GA comments:
Thats the best news I heard on tele...

A dictator hanged.

Jack GA comments:
Go on .... I guess its another way on making a point..

Monday, January 01, 2007

Got tagged....

Mediaguru ask me to blog “5 things you didn’t know about me” and tag 5 other blogs . If I can find one anyway....

1. I hates taxes , but now I am now working as a manager tax planning and management.

2. Other than golf , sleeping is almost the best to nothing.

3. I love to use Titliest , but can't afford to do so...

4. My MP33 is the only set I can afford...

5. K8001 is my best phone ever.....

Another 5 blogs tagged are.....nahhhhh. If you read this , why don't you take a dive...

Buggy and their flags

I have not been blogging for quite some time simply because , its a bit hectic at the office. Golf has not been given priorities these days and I am still working on the right golf club to join in KL. Quite a number of golf clubs to choose from in and around KL but most of them are about 30 minutes away.
Last week we had a go at Bangi Golf resort (white buggy). 27 holes and its pack on friday afternoon. Tee off at around 2.45 pm and only managed to finish the 18th hole at 8.30 pm. Right after the game I had to dash back home just to beat the traffic.

A few days earlier , we went to Tasik Puteri (green buggy at the bottom) in Rawang on Xmas day. If you were to play there , dont choose a public holiday. Caddies are limited and to make things worst , it was the hottest day for the week. A nice golf course which I make that 79 in 2004. Did not play that well but managed to make others pay for the drinks though.
Lo and Behold , two greens are not in good conditions and to be honest , I wont play there for the next two month not until those greens are back in good conditions. Plus it is about 40 km away from where I stay at the moment.
Perangsang Templer at the moment has the best looking buggy in KL.
With extreme red , those new buggy are strong at hills and you wont have to push on the brake so hard. But with heavy rains it can be quite an experience to play there.
In 2007 , golf could be even more limited than ever. I am travelling out of the country and be lucky if I can play even a single round of 18 holes. Frens quite close to Houston please write to me , coz I might be heading there for a day or two by end of january......A round of golf maybe ????