Wednesday, June 29, 2005

2005 wishes

So far , handicapp ahs gone down to 13 which is quite OK considering the amount of work put into it and time spend.
Equipments , have yet to upgrade the old 983 e to 905 , which actually resorting to a bigger driver head.
Irons are well suited , except need to change the shaft to nippon steel shaft and better grips , maybe ping.
Putter , tried the two ball putter but uncomfortable , maybe stick to the old pal 4 ping or maybe if budget permits , tries the new scotty cameron putter.
Golf bag - New mizuno bag.........
Tournament - MPGC Saujana 2005 , at least top ten , gross category and paired with usop.
Golf courses - Empire is not that impossible. Next is mission hills.
Other gears - good gloves , sponsored would be nice.
Golf balls - titliest pro v...maybe.


And it would an honour

I have dreamed of a better place to work and new oppurtunities to play more golf at various beautiful golf courses in the south east asia region. An old fren ask for email address in the morning and in the afternoon end up listening to a job offer down south . Oh ! Man.......... Well the offer is yet to be substantiated by any physical document and details. Suddenly I have come to realise how much I have had gone thru all this years . And no one actually gives a damn about it.

I havent been playing for the last 90 hours , to be exact since last saturday afternoon. That is the longest record for this year. This weekend the club will be preoccupied with bunch of guys and gals from Labuan visiting KGM and having a friendly game among them and I was not invited. Bahari will be coming over from Labuan on Friday and Miri will be ready for you mate. If not me , then I will send my dearest chief entertainment officer to paint the town red.

The Open will be up and running soon. Our dearest Danny Chia will be the sole malaysian who will be there. After some positive stuff he shown last weekend at Empire , we are all behind you Danny....

Thought of the day : Dont sell of your gears yet...


Monday, June 27, 2005

Si Adie went on playing without me

Oh boy ! I have missed Pulai Spring again. And that Adie goes on without me. Never mind I will get there soon mate.


GA : Putt routine

Often I have witness golfers at various amateur are guilty of not making the most of it when it comes to putt the ball to the hole. Simply none of them fix to a routine. Most are stuck with the usual viewing of the slope and then stays behind the ball to have a last look on the line before making the horrible putt.

At the putting green , I have also witness amateurs practising their putt as those putts are worth nothing to them. Again they simply roll the ball with the putter in front of their branded shoes and putters and then tries different putting strokes before they finally make the putt.

What GA do when practising at the putting green.:
Take an iron and place the iron horizontol to the left of the pin. You also can do this by simply standing infront of the pin and place the iron infront of your shoes and go back to the spot where you want to make the putt.

Place a marker from a spot where you want to make the putt. Do make sure that the marker are aligned to the pin.

Now imagine you are on the green. Bent down to put down your ball and replace the marker.
Take two or three steps back and recheck the line.
Stand with your feet closed and place the putter at the back of the ball. Now move the left leg a bit to the left and aligned the right leg to the right of the ball as much as you feel it is not hurting your back when you bend to make the putt.
6. The rest is history......


Sunday, June 26, 2005

I have been Tag

I have been tag by a fren , a lecturer in North Peninsular , probably now thinking on whether golf is something he should pick up or not.

What are the things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play?

GOLF , Sleep , The NET , Attending the young ones at home, spring cleaning , home cooking , EAT at home , creating unneccessary blogs etc etc etc

What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?

SLEEP , GOLF , singing out loud in the bathroom , etc etc

Make a list, post it in your journal, and then tag 5 friends and ask them to post it in theirs.

anyone bothers to join in ?


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Labuan challenge 2005

Tomorrow flying off to labuan.
22nd 1st practise
23rd 2nd practise - full 18
24th 3rd practise - full 18
25th The D day

look set to repeat last year feat. with 84 gross and a blown
hole no 8 , trying to set target to go lower than 80. will be
home by the 26 th , hopefully will bring along good news.


Monday, June 20, 2005

Is he for real ???

What is happening to dearest ernie ? In asia or in the middle east without the presence of other top five in the tournament , it seems that this guy is hitting all the greens perfectly and at the end of the day gets the biggest paycheck.

On the other hand , when other top five are around , it seems that ernie lost its flairs . Is he intentionly letting all these guys take the leads. A fren labelled him as a big bully in the asian and midlle east tour circuit. At time I tend to agree.

Hey Ernie .... show us your true colours , I am beginning to get bored with your fancy swing.

Driving range...

I have discovered today with slower backswing and extra downswing speed with full shoulder turn towards the pin have benefit me an extra 20 m . 58 degree loft now have easily reach 100 m. 54 degrees loft at 110 m and full swing PW now reach 120 to 130 m.

Tomorrow , I will be checking out the rest of the irons and especially the long iron for the long par 3 and the long par 4 second shot.


10 reasons

10 reasons why golf is not improving in this country:
1. Some who feels that playing golf is not as important as the people
who manages them.
2. Too many love to brag about their work on the tee box.
3. Some claim they knew a lot about golf but still taking time to finish
a hole.
4. Ettiqutte ? what ....
5. Due to previous experience , now want to show to the world...
6. emails....kah kah kah
7. Good players have to be from their breed, outsiders...nahhhh
8. Must love them , hate them then you are out of it.
9. Due to some reasons they don't like you simply because...
10. Someone else manages their golfing time...he he he...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Best equipments in the eyes of an amatuer...

Titliest 983 e with regular shaft , never had any second thought about changing it to another so called the new breed and shunky drivers. I will get the same distance and even at times another further 20 m . The most important thing about handling these titliest is your speed and body turn. Name your other driver and see if I bother to look at it.

MP33 is the ultimate blade. Though MP32 might offer a better option , I dont think I can manage without MP33. Most golfer that I met often question why do i bother to use blades. The soft feel and knowing the where you can direct the ball is the answer. Yesterday I hit the three iron almost soft and crisp as if I was handling a 7 iron. Long par 4 , hitting a weak drive with 210 yards to the pin I took out the 3 iron and wooo... it landed perferctly next to the pin. With the head wind , I guess I wont be changing guns as of yet in this century.

Not a good thing to comment.

Noodle Maxfli , long and soft... interestingly it is quite an experience.


First hole , KGM...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Miserable saturday

I did not have the drive to make anything impressive today. Plus I was a bit late to the club . Rushing to the tee box on a shot gun format is not a way to make any good score. Arrived at the club , get the caddie and parked the car close to the half way hut next to the 16th tee box.

From the tee , the drive was OB. Yes I did not commit full swing and the left hand was struggling with the grip. The rest of the game was history. Made a number of pars to make the score respectable.

Anyway tomorrow a dear fren is coming over from an island nearby. Book the slot at 1.34 pm and will be hoping another fren turns up to make it.

Quote of the day : " Not all men are Man enuf"

Eastwood Valley

Eastwood Valledy : Friday 16th 2005
Front Nine - 45Back Nine - 39
Started the front nine a bit edgy yesterday. Most probably did not warm up properly. Anyway , I have never played the front nine before , maybe thats the reason for uncomfortable teeing off. Most of the time I was trying to check the distance and testing the green speed.
The most interesting green would be hole no 8 , par three 186 m to the pin. And to add salt to the wound , the green is elevated with a deep bunker infront of the blue pin . The bunker it self is about 7 m height .
Second nine is like hitting the fifth gear and cruising to the last hole with a birdie. 18th was good. Hit the second shot clean and reach the fringe of the green and left with a 10m chip for an eagle. I missed the pin to the left and finish the game with a birdie.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Welcome to new Golf Addix

Welcome to the new golf Addix blog. This will replace the previous Reasons why ? nahhh it will a waste of space and time to discuss it here.

I will be opening posting column for anyone to post. But you need to email to me first. Then I will consider registering your name as posting partner.

This new blog will based on the following concept:
1. Anyone who wants to write about their gold experience anywhere in the world.
2. Anyone who hated golf also can write esp if your spouses are a golfer.
3. Anything with relates to golf.
4. If you wanna sell any golf attires, equipment or anything.
5. Wanna share new golf courses...etc