Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do not play golf if.....

Do not attempt to take up golf lesson or even try to play golf if you are the following :

1. Do not understand what slow play means.
2. Fail to remember how to count 1 to 10.
3. Swearing too much to golf accessories when things does not go your way.
4. Do not understand why golfers wear gloves.
5. Wrong attitude.
6. Can't stop talking.
7. Do not know how to judge time.
8. etc etc etc

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Misconceptions , most golfers are often perceived....

In Asia golf has not been able to market the game yet. Even in Malaysia , many associate the game with the rich. While it is still quite an affordable game for some , many have not ventured to the game simply because , miscommunication with their other half , mismanaging of their own income , misconception of the games itself and last but not least not even enuf public golf courses around them. But despite all the reasons above , many have blame it on slow rate of catching up with the swing for the game and also time to spend on making those swing at least looks like a good golf swing. Having someone to coach you on how to make the golf swing can at times emberassing. Often heard it is either the pro or even the golfer themselves yelling at each other arguing what would be the best golf swing. I do frankly feels that not everyone can match Tiger golf swing. While I have been compared to be more or less having similar swing like Fred Couples , a fren of mine argues his swing is much more influenced by Tiger.
Often we heard , golfers dont have time to spend hours on the practise range due to working hours and workloads. But they have time to play 18 holes during weekdays. Dont ask me how they managed to do that. It is often said , professional golfers will spend at least an hour on the practise range before they tee off on the first tee , wherelese , an amatuer will be rushing to the first tee right after they park their cars . Is it misconception or rather wrong attitudes. Amateurs often I witnesss , blame on either the weather , the grip , workload or even irritating phone calls when they make that shot way right into the hazard. Most even will not tolerate any other golfers making comments about their golf swing. Some even can start a fight simplly because one is making funny remarks about his or her golf swing.
Nowadays golf are making headlines in Asian Countries. New young breed of ladies pro are emerging often with their dad as their caddie. This has been quite a remarkable trend. They are a bunch of hardworking young golfers , starting to make waves of headlines not only in Asia but also in the LPGA. It is happening in all Asian countries. But golf is yet to make positive impact in Malaysian sports communities. If only wives are more supportive of their husband efforts to sweat it out on the golf course or even bosses make more oppurtunities for their peers to pick up golf. The game needs a big hand. If not ... all the efforts will remain on the plan worksheets....

GA is so happy today

I have not been playing golf for the last two weeks and yet I am feeling good about it. Why ? First because today I have just been informed on my evaluation at the office and for the first time in 14 years I will get a merit evaluation. I was jumping up and down like a small kid deep in my heart. For the first time I felt I was being evaluated throughly and feels good about my performance this year. Wonder whats in line next....hepi nyer...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

it is a funny world we lived in...

Malaysian Hockey Team making the nation proud by winning the bronze medal in Melbourne. Plus they defeated the country which scraps their ticket to Manchester 4 years ago. Well done boys...


Everyone knows HFMD is currently unstopable in this region. On the way to the town centre today , we were amazed at group of people making public functions with families and children involved. Guess what ... The red cross society building organising public functions? What were they thinking.


I don't have the energy and drive to play golf this weekend. Simply because it is too hot. Kids are recovering from fever and they are back in business. i.e. making the house more or less just like a jungle...


Watching LIverpool plays with 10 players and win 3 - 1 against Everton was simply breathtaking.

Melbourne has officially handed over the Commonwealth Flag to India. Wil there be cricket during the Commonwealth game in India 2010 ?

Can u guess the three places GA sits..

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The next tee...

Friday, March 24, 2006

non golf week...

I have not even touch the golf set for a week and its hurting me . Not mentally but the swing was almost not there last week when I venture eastwood last weekend.


Tiger is not winning simply because he misses his father so much.


I am not having enuf sleep coz the gals are not well. Hanie will not take her medicine. Shasha struggles but yet we managed to feed her with those syrups.


Liverpool is winning again. Guess what ... Chelsea is beggining to show how money can make things worse for a club...


Boss is looking for someone to replace me at the office. Anyone interested ?


Saturday, March 18, 2006

1st Quarter 2006 : Targets reviewed

1. I want new grips for my irons and driver before November. - did change those old grip with new grips by Golf Pride ( the combo red and black colour and it has helps a lot in improving my grip and also my iron games )

Status : Those grips are amazing...

2. I want those nippon steel shaft as well. - errrr still can't afford to change it , maybe next year ?

Status : Saving some money...

3. Maybe changing 984 driver with the latest driver 950 series - I have dump my titliest 983 e for Maruman Exim Nano II driver with 10 degrees loft. Consistent driving accurancy and distance as well. Top strike remains at 255 m mark.

Status : Nano II doing well...

4. Whole year supply of Titliest Pro v or Callaway ...or even Maxfli A10 series - still under negotiations with some ball manufacturers.

Status : Under negotiation.

5. Augusta , 18 holes with Tiger - Unfortunately I have to wait for another year. Tiger schedule for 2005 has been fully booked. Last I checked , in 2006 he wants more time to be with his wife , errrr who's preference is that ?

Status : Tiger wants to call back after Augusta..

6. Saujana , another 36 holes with Yusof Daud. And this time win the title MPGC 2005 - No I did not get the chance to do that . F*&5%$#$%^&.....err

Status : No invitation for 05 , but will not play in 06 anyway.

7. Qualify for KGM open this year. HEEYYYY I DID QUALIFY FOR KGM AMATEUR OPEN FOR 2005....

Status : Will not play 06 open. moving to the northern states.

8. Handicapp less than 10 before end of 2005. - Technically National Handicapp system at 9.8

Status : aaaaa....13 is good what ?

9. Wins a monthly medal event. "A" medal would be just fine. - I did not.

Status : What monthly medal ???

10. 2007 Playing tour wild card awarded.- still working on it ....

Status : Working on Northern States titles...

11. Make a living out of this. - still on the right track..hopefully someone do take a note...

Status : Decided to focus on current accounting carrer.

12. Owns a golf repair shop .- have yet to decide whether I should quit accounting profession

Status : Negotiation pending.

13. Buy a trailer for a equipment repair shop and follows MPGA tournaments venue. - unfortunately they cant afford to pay me , so wait for another year ...

Status : Paperwork on its way to the Financiers.

14. Save my tag Huer - NO I did not manage to save my dear TAG.

Status : NOt wearing watches anymore. What the use of time on those mobiles anyway ?

15. A new house... - well , still working on it though...

Status : Currently no urgent requirements.

16. RX90 for me and CRV for wife - we are saving our earnings...he he he

Status : Still saving for it , I guess...

Friday, March 17, 2006

It all now suddenly fits in the jigsaw ... Chapter 2

I do admit for the last 13 years at times I can be such a nasty office mate , one who can suddenly screams out of nothing. I can a big jerk most of the times and at times make statements which many have labelled me with sour reputations. But it all now is history. Since I got back from over the sea posting , life have been fiiting in well. I did recover well in my golf swing. Two more beautiful gals. Non hectic routine on a daily basis , but at times switch to KL usual traffic hassles. My other half have been patient with me . Standing tall and stood by all the decisions that I have made for the last 32 months. I have come to realised , you can play positive office politics. You also can instill good positive work ethics by making sure all your bosses needs are attended to. Hard work - work smart - Positive external party lobbying - Managing your subordinates needs - Never stays late beyond 5 pm - Clear in your ideas - Grab oppurtunities to project my capabilities - and guess what ............

I am now reaching for the stars.....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

moving on...1st chapter

Time will come when I have to move on. New place. New job. New employer. New boss. New golfer mates. New golf courses. New house and new new new new etc etc etc etc....By then , this pic will reminds me of all those days when I recovered from 4 years of no golf while being posted to northern africa. All those days playing at KGM and Eastwood and some of the golf courses in Borneo. Pantai Mentiri , RBA , Kinabalu , Dalit and hopefully some of those near Kuching in may before I leave for new assignment.
I have met a number of new frens while in Miri. Most of it simply because Miri Golf Club (KGM) is one of those friendly golf club whom golfers do not have to have 4 balls to come to play. After their success in handling Miri Masters last year , I have no doubt the club will be able to handle another similar event this year. Eastwood Golf and Country Resort has resurfaced from a swampy piece of land , to become one of the finest golf courses in this country. With the inaugural Malaysian Ladies Open being held there recently , Miri City is on the right track in attracting more tourist to this tourism city. Bravo Miri , you certainly have make your mark on the world map.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Rumbles in Borneo

Early tomorrow morning , Battle of the Giants commences at Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Resort. I will be leading a foursome , playing texas scramble. This time I will make sure we will make all 18 hole on regulation and at least half of all the birdie chances are holed. It will interesting , some of us will be playing a 2 man team and others on a 4 man team.


Not watching football for the next two weeks . Why ? Nothing much to watch anyway. Astro ader , but tired of it anyway.


Moving to the northern states in June ? Maybe. Depends. If we did , then I will do more golf courses review this time .


Does anyone really watch TV3 after 12 ? Not me....


Flying over to KK on Sunday . Not bringing my golf set. Why ? No one dares anyway.

Quote of the week : What is F1 ? yeah it is not a golf ball...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Day out to Malaysia Ladies Open - Hanie n Dad

After a miserable 18 holes scoring 96 gross, yes not a good score for a handicapp 13 golfer, Hanie took me to the Eastwood Valley Golf course to watch the final holes at the inaugural Malaysian Ladies Open. Hanie was excited to watch the ladies hit the shot from the tee and at times was caught mumbling , "thats a good shot , isn't Dad". There I was smiling on my own wondering where did she learn to say those words at the very young age of 3. We did not follow the crowd but instead wait for the final group to reach the final hole. During the closing ceremony , Hanie was already started to signal some discomfort and later I found out she was thirsty. Then we rushed to the clubhouse , bought some can drinks and the smiles returns to Hanie cute face. We were on the 18th green during the closing ceremony. Hanie was smiling gazing at the crowd and also at the prize presentation. "One day she will be among the winning crowd ", me indulging into the world of unknown thoughts . Maybe yes maybe not , but she has taken the first step to watch golf at a very tender age. Wonder whats next ....?
After the prize presentation we went back to the clubhouse hoping that some golfers will sign her new cap. But upon reaching the stairs , I was greeted by some frens and qucikly poised the question to me , " Another 9 hole , shall we , KGM 4 pm sharp? ". Hey ! its 3.30 pm and I look at Hanie , smiling and signalling that we have to rush home . Lucky enuf Hanie did not hesitated and was smiling all the way to the car , and all the way home. Not realising her dad is already driving almost F1 driviers lookalike rushing thru the afternoon sunday traffic.
We reached home at about 3.40 pm and quickly guide Hanie to the door and wave goodbye. She was still with her smiles and wave back. After a quick look at the front gate hitting the other end , I did not waste another single second and rush to KGM. We managed to finish 9 holes and guess what , I played 40 gross with 1 double bogey and 2 bogey with the rest of the holes on par. Then I was thinking ...... play more golf lah....

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Final Leaderboard -Malaysian Ladies Open - Miri

It was a one of those events that would put Miri on the Golfing world. Malaysian Ladies Open 2006 title was won by a young korean , JI EUN HEE returning score of - 2. Miss HEE was determined to win the title even after hitting 7 at hole no 14. Earlier she was leading the scoreboard with - 3 , but after hitting triple bogey on hole 14 , she scores two birdies to take the title. Miss Russamee , Miss Lee Jeong Eung and Miss Eleanor Pilgrim tied for second spot. The amateur title was won by Miss Kristie Smith from Australia.

Below are some snaps from the prize presentation.