Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hole 18 Green : KGM

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Between me n my tools

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GA not going for MPGC this year

tahun ni org tak ajak aku. tak pe. wa tahu wa org bawahan dan tak berkepentingan.


Monday, August 29, 2005

Asia Pacific Junior Masters : Malaysian being the future LPGA tour winner ?

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Dianne recently won the Asia Pacific Junior title at Kuching. She is only 14 , with handicapp 5. Recently GA manage to talk to her dad (Joseph Luke , who works at Sarawak Shell in MIri ) who was posing a big smile when GA congratulate him on her recent success. Only now ,some golf governing body has ecame forward to sponsor her travelling and competition expenses.

Dianne is a success story of Kelab GOlf Miri Junior programme. And she is not the only one. Other rising stars like Alvin , Calvin , Abg Izzul or even Dianne little brother are also starts to shine.

GA is a bit concern on the Govt role in developing young talents in golf. More have been said and done. If only talents like Dianne are being notice in the USA , GA is pretty sure she will be enrolled into a sports college. But not many malaysian parents can afford to that. Some even stop school to concentrate on golf.

Is there ayone out there willing to put your money on Dianne ? I would. In time , she will be the household name in Asia. My prediction is when she reaches 18 , she will be in the LPGA circuit. Now some might call me a dreamer . Hey ! why not...

Come on Malaysians , dont just sit there and say Malaysia Boleh !

Personal particulars

Name : Dianne Luke Jia Zhen
Sex : Female
Date of Birth : 14th December 1990
Place of Birth : Miri, Sarawak
I.C. NO. : 901214-13-6324
Race : Chinese
Telephone : 085-652198 (Home)
Weight : 54 kg
Height : 155 cm
Home Address : Lot 755, Jalan Terung, Pujut 2A, 98000 Miri, Sarawak
School : SMK St.Columba School, Miri, Sarawak
School Address : Jalan Dato Abang Indeh, 98000 Miri, Sarawak
Class : Form 2
Telephone : 085-437532
Fax : 085-420519

Club Handicap : 5 (with effect from 21/08/2005)
USGA Handicap Index : 4.7 (with effect from 21/08/2005)

Achievements From 2003-2004 :

Year State/Country Event Placing
Dec 2003 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia 5th Sarawak Junior Chief Minister's Cup (76,82,78) 2nd , Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Winner of various monthly meda1

2004 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Datuk & Datin Jimmy Lau Challenge Trophy (89) 2nd
May2004 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia May Monthly Medal (88) 1st
May2004 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Club Championship Stroke Play (83,86,83) 2nd
2004 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Winner of various monthly meda1
June2004 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia Sibu Amateur Open (92,81,86) 3rd
July 2004 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Pharmaton - Malaysian Ladies Amateur Open Championship 2004 (85,87,98) 7th

Sep 2004 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Datuk Peter Chin & Datin Ruby Chin Challenge Trophy (86) (Best Gross) 1st

Sep 2004 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Shell world Wide Trophy (82) (36 Stableford points) 1st

Oct 2004 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Kelab Golf Miri Amateur Open (Tan Sri Datuk Tan Sri Datuk Amar George Chan Challenge Trophy) (95, 78, 87) - Qualifier (2nd day Best Gross and best net – 1st) 7th

Nov 2004 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Ta Ann Classic (89, 97, 95) - Qualifier 7th
Dec 2004 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia 6th Sarawak Junior Chief Minister's Cup (91,82,82) (lost to 2 National Players) 3rd

Dec 2004 Brunei Pantai Mentiri Golf Club Junior (B Division) Championship 2004 (89 Gross) 1st

May 2005 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia May Monthly Medal (Gross 77) (Net 68) 1st
May2005 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Club Championship Stroke Play (85,81,85) 2nd

June2005 Panaga, Seria, Brunei Panaga Amateur Open (85,88,84) 2nd
June2005 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Inter-Club Championship, Miri Golf Club Vs Panaga Golf Club (75 Gross) (Net 68) 1st

June2005 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia Sibu Amateur Open (81,89,85) 2nd
July 2005 Sutera Harbour Sabah, Malaysia Pharmaton - Malaysian Ladies Amateur Open Championship 2005 (86,85,83) 29th

July 2005 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Club Championship Match Play 1st
July 2005 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia Sarawak Golf Club Sarawak Classic (77, 86 Gross) 1st

Aug 2005 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Shell World Wide Trophy (78 gross) (36 Stableford points) 1st
Aug 2005 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Datuk Peter Chin & Datin Ruby Chin Challenge Trophy (73 Gross) (Net 67) Net and Gross Champion) 1st
Aug 2005 Kuching, Malaysia DAMAI GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB Sarawak Junior World Masters Golf Championship 2005 (Gross 79, 77, 83) 1st
Aug 2005 Kuching, Malaysia Sarawak Golf Club CMS – Sarawak Golf Club Amateur Open (Gross 87,83,83) 1st
Sep 2005 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia Ta Ann Classic To be played

Sunday, August 28, 2005

GA 18 hole EGM tournament

Played on shot gun tournament right after we had our EGM today. Weather was great except the ground was a bit wet. Played with Hadi , Ayub and Won Ah Hua.

Hole 3 - good t off. 140m to pin. 9 iron and pin left. but 3 putt
Hole 4 - OB from t box. 4th shot was fat n ugly. tripple bogie.
Hole 5 - Right fairway next to the bunker. misjudged 9 iron n short of the green. two puttfor bogie.
Hole 6 - Good drive. Lay up 2nd shot but enter water hazard. scrapped bogie after good pitch .
Hole 7 - Tshot was flat. 4 iron reach front left. good pitch but again 2 putt for bogie.
Hole 8 - par 5 - miss birdie and get the first par.
Hole 9 - 6 ? ob the shot from the tee.
Hole 10 - 6 again ? bad putt.
Hole 11 - bogie on par 4. 2nd shot was a bit awkward.
Hole 12 - Reach the bunker . Good pitch out but Bogie ?
Hole 13 to 18 - Par all the way bro!!!
Hole 1 - can't figure what happened to the putter ? 4
Hole 2 - can I repeat the above sentence

Front 9 - 48
Back 9 - 40


Saturday, August 27, 2005

So what ? GA response to R&A revision of @006 Amateur Status Rules

Excerpts taken from MGA Online :
"R&A revises 2006 amateur status rules
Saturday, August 27, 2005 - ParGolf Magazine

Amateurs can teach golf for payment; face reduced penalties for breaches of rules

The R&A, golf’s world governing body and organiser of The Open Championship, recently announced revisions to the Rules of Amateur Status that provide amateur golfers with the opportunity to receive payment for giving golf instruction and reduce the waiting time of those who have breached the Rules, but who wish to return to amateur status. The changes to the Rules and their interpretations come into effect from 1 January 2006.
A new Instruction Rule provides that an amateur golfer may be paid for coaching golf for the first time as part of an "approved programme". Under the new Rules on reinstatement, the time amateur golfers in breach of the Rules have to wait before they regain their amateur status is reduced. The new guideline of 1-2 years brings these waiting periods in line with those for professional golfers returning to the amateur game.
These are the principal changes to The R&A’s Rules of Amateur Status which, together with the Amateur Status Decisions book, have been significantly redrafted after a comprehensive, two-year review. The R&A’s affiliated unions from around the world have played a full part in the review and The R&A has liaised closely with the United States Golf Association throughout. The USGA’s decision to make equivalent changes to its Amateur Code and to allow amateur golfers in the United States to receive expenses in individual competitions (which has been allowed under The R&A’s Rules for many years) means that the respective Amateur Codes of The R&A and USGA are more closely aligned than ever before.
The two Codes diverge on only one matter – hole-in-one prizes. In the new R&A Code, acceptance of an excessive prize remains a breach of the Rules but carries a much reduced period awaiting reinstatement. The new USGA Code will allow amateur golfers to accept hole-in-one prizes of any value.
Commenting on the new Rules, David Rickman, The R&A’s Director of Rules and Equipment Standards said: "I believe that the new Instruction Rule will greatly assist the worldwide development of the game by bringing coaching to remote areas where professional tuition is often not available. The R&A and USGA have made excellent progress towards a single Code for amateur golfers throughout the world.""

and what does GA feels about it , SO WHAT ?

New Golfers in Malaysia in the eyes of GA

New golfers are born everyday in Malaysia.

Thus most new golfers who aged 41 to 50 are the smallest number of them all.
Why ? Cause most of them are not good enuf for the game .
Why ? Cause most of them can't stop whinning how difficult it is to make that
golf swing.
Why ? Cause they are too busy with things and can't manage time.

Golf are getting its popularity among juniors aged 3 to 18.
Why ? Mum n dad wants to emulate Earl Wood
Why ? The last World Junior Tournament is Kuching have so
many malaysians in top ten.
Why ? Junior golf programmes are in abundance at most golf clubs.
Why ? Kids dont whine ! They follow instructions and adapt fast.

Golf are also getting popularity among men n women at in the mid aged group.
Why ? Have you heard of RM800 AGN card ?
Why ? New corporate leaders are growing and they are young guns.
Why ? Dont have to beat the traffic to go home early.
Why ? Part of it Tiger Wood mania.
Why ? Golf equipments are getting cheaper.
Why ? Networking.

If you want to take up golf ;
1. Don't buy expensive equipments for your first golf set. Buy second hand.
2. Forget about blades. They are meant for golfers like me (he he he MP33)
3. Get a Pro to start with. Bad tips can make your golf game miserable.
4. Patient enuf.
5. Spend time at practise range. If you don't you will end up buying more golf balls.
6. Dont go to pratise range alone.
7. Call me for good golf tips. Free mah ....
8. Dont blame others if you cant make the grade.
9. Learn to manage time.

10. Golfers are not men from mars. If you dont manage your golfing schedule , tough !!!
11. Handicapp are measurement on how you should improve your game. not how you can
win more prizes.
12. etc etc etc....


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

In memory of my favourite Adidas

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Oh my dear adidas ,someone nab it right infront of the house last was my favourite golf shoes .bought it at Dubai Duty Free on June 2003. sapa lah nak pakai kasut tu other than gi main golf. I was wondering why did anyone want to snatch that poor thing. or maybe it is a signal for me to get a new one .

Alvin takes the Lead in Junior World meet in Kuching

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With score of 72 , Alvin takes the lead at the Sarawak Junior World Masters. This would be his last tournament in the Junior catogery. I would certainly put my money on him to take the title this year. If he did, this would certainly put Miri Junior Programme something to be proud of.
Miri Golf Club and Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Resort are the only golf clubs in town. But if you are a visitor to Miri , you should pay a visit to the practise range at both clubs. Kids as young as three years old are putting on the practise green. Girls and boys hitting irons on the practise range. Parents supporting these kids stands back evidently giving a lot of moral support.

I wonder when are going to build a sports academy in Sarawak?

Monday, August 22, 2005

GA Illustrated : Fairway Bunker shot

GA played at Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Resort last weekend. His tee shot faded into the fairway bunker on hole no 2.  With about 150 m to the pin , GA took out his 6 iron , contemplating on a punch shot to the fron of the green.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Little GA on winning the LPGA first Tournament in Malaysia

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GA : So how do feel about winning the first LPGA tour in Malaysia?
Lil GA: eeee.... I havent brush my teeth....

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GA : Who is the person responsible in bringing golf into your life ?
Lil GA : Actually , no one did . I was born with golf.

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GA : Where else do you think LPGA event should be held ?
Lil GA : errrr...maybe in Segamat Metropolitan...

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GA : Any last words ?
Lil GA : naaahhhh, I am too shy ...

Corporate Golf : Advertising or Official Bribe

Have you seen corporations or group of specific industry organising golf tournaments ? Yeah in fact I was playing in one of them a year ago. What is it really the purpose of such event. Advertising ? Is it really or is it an official route where organisation can use to lure those golfers from corporations into offcial bribe.

I am quite amazed with the number of corporations sponsored tournament in this country. How I wish the money could be used to lure more kids to play golf ....hey its their money..whos cares

Golf Malaysia Iron Tournament

If you have problems with drivers and woods , and are very good with your irons , maybe it is this tournament would be the best way to show off your skill and start winning some prizes.

In a way , I am quite amazed with the effort. But playing it at Palm Garden Golf Club at Putrajaya....I do hope it doesn't rain on the day.

Friday, August 19, 2005

GA at Eastwood Valley

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

n they say Golf is a waste of time

I have come across a bunch of men today who claims golf is a game men waste their time. I have to say yes and no to that. But these are claims made by those who are most of them (sorry to say this out loud) just dont have the aura to play golf.
If you can't make the grade , ie can't make the swing , why do you have to accuse golf as wasting time. If you cant make frens and make more frens by playing golf , you dont go around accusing golfers as human being who do not know how to spend free time.
Some claims , you will have no time for your family. Are you kidding me ? Who are you fooling ? Golf is now a family game. Have you been to any golf course in the country. Kids are now exposed to golf like no one ever did before. Families are spending quality time at the golf clubs with their kids.
Some parents even come to admit , they rather see their kids taking up golf . So you spend more time at home. What do you with your kids. If you are home , but your kids are in their rooms palying vidoe games and you are infront of the tv sets watching CSI repeats or other programmes....ellloooo who are you kidding?

Malaysians who dont play golf ! Wake up and dont blame the game for not being able to spend time with your family. There is this thing they named TIME bloody MANAGEMENT. If you cant manage your time , stop blaming others. If you dont like golf , dont use excuses like not enuf time. If you find it hard to take up golf , maybe its time for you to talk to a golfer or take up lessons from the PRO. Until then .... Go Tiger...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Is 60 minutes enuf ?

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On the 1st Nine KGM

Yusof shouted over the phone asking me to rush to the 1st tee box asap. When I did , we did teeing off with Francis and Steven. On the 1st tee , I was tempted to use the 5 iron but decided to use 6 instead. I have purposely left out wood 3 , iron 3 and 4. Well since I am carrying the bag today , those 3 items won't be of any good.

Landed right to the bunker in front of the green , used the lofted wedge and landed about 10 feet to the right of the pin. The green was in better condition than last weekend when I shoot 95 ha ha ha. The putter was not bad today considering a 10 feet putt for par and I nailed it this time.

On the 2nd tee box I was quite nervous with the 983E. Yesterday on the driving range , I did not hit a single good shot. Hit the drive a bit fade to the right beyond the hump on the 8th hole fairway. With about 165 m to the pin , took out the 6iron again and it drop short on the front of the green. Used the lofted wedge again and hit the ball pin high about 5 feet and saved par again.

On 3rd hole tee box , I was wondering what would happen to the 983e this time. Infact that feeling help in making me more focused and voila !!! a good tee shot smacked in the middle of the fairway. Took out the PW and lande pin high about 15 feet over the pin. Three putted and walked away to the 4th tee box , thinking what did I wasted that hole.

Poor tee shot on the 4th tee box but managed to get the ball in the middle of the fairway . I think I hot the drive using the left bottom sole of the driver. Lucky enuf it is still on the fairway. Again took out the 6 iron and this time , I punched the ball faded to the right of the green. Did not do justice to the wedge and double boogie the hole.

With water on left of the fairway and OB line on the right , hole 5 is not the tee box you want to be after making bogie and double bogie for the last two hole. Fortunately it went a bit fade to the right but fall short of the bunker on the right of the fairway. Used 5 iron to reach the right fringe of the green and pitch in with 9 iron before putting for par.

Hole 6 was a bit annoying . I did reach the bunker right to the green in 3 but the bunker shot don't have enuf spin on it and the ball walked thru the pin and landed on the top fringes. Happy enuf to take bogie hopin the next hole would be better.

HIt a good tee shot on the 7th hole and used 6 iron for my second shot. It flew high enuf but again dont have enuf spin on it and it bounced and flew over the pin landed about 15 feet from the top fringe. Managed a good pitch and saved par.

Hole 8 was not fun when your 3rd shot missed the green. One thing to note today is my 6 iron on the last 9th hole was a suprised gift to me. Nailing the green with 6 iron on a 170 m par 3 is not something 11 handicapper like me do everyday.

Anyway it was fun to strike the ball with Yusof again ...he he he forgot to tell about his game today...ha ha ha. veli teruk wooo...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

GA suddenly got really pissed !!!

10 most ugly thing human can err:

1. Catching up with old frens only to find out they will only call u back if you do drive a merc or a beamer. Something like that...
2. Knowing all this while them politicians can take care of the environment and suddenly now they are using their wives to say it out loud to justify the tax payers money used to buy them shoes etc etc etc.
3. Golfers who only plays with you simply because you can provide him with something in return.
4. Donald Trump !!! Get real man...get a life.
5. To a retiring Prime Minister , go stay in your retiring zone.
6. To an outgoing MP , he he he , why sell cars when u can play golf.
7. A fren publicly proclaimed his vood virtues , when later I found out they are totally the opposite.
8. Golf balls are not made to fly ... are they ?
9. No weekend golf ... But had a great time in the house
10.Tiger missed my 2nd round prediction.


GA Mag Coming out Soon !!!

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Friday, August 12, 2005

GA Prediction for the USGA

Tiger did not play well first round. Didn't you heard of that before and most of the time you do know what happened in the next three round. Yup ! he took the title. But this time around it is a bit unique. In the 2nd round he will play 5 under to take his total 2 round to even par golf.
Then on the third day Tiger will play 4 under and consequently take the title with a final round of 66. You can laugh at me but that will be it. In the Final round Tiger will be paired with one of the top five ranking player .

Is it me or what ? Go will have that title soon enuf on sunday.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

GA stuck in the middle

I was on the plane back from KL last nite. Went in a bit late and trapped in between two gentlemen in executive clothes. Unfortunately once these guys open up and read their newspapers things get very uneasy. In a small space the gentlement on the left open up his newpapers as if I am not there in the middle. Then the gentlemen on the right follows suit.

After being hassled left and right , I decided to leave the papers alone and try to get some sleep. The is the first time , the space in the middle suddenly felt so uncomfortable for a small size guy like me.

Wish I cud take a good hit with a driver on their faces...ha ha ha just kidding..

Monday, August 08, 2005

Golf Addix out of town

GA will be away on official business until 10th August 2005.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Liverpool GA Top Picks

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

GA at the practise range

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

GA on the news

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Do you have Golf Insurance ? What is it about having golf insurance ? Some golfers do take up policies be it provided by their home club or any policies that are readily available in the market. Some don't bother. Some don't care , and some don't have any idea what golf insurance got to with a golfer.

If you travel to Labuan and visited the only golf course on the island , they will charge you RM 10 for insurance for the day. It seems a bit too much ain't it. But if you look around the golf course , and considering what will happen if your ball goes wild away from the fairway , RM 10 might be just what could save you. Good enuf they do accept golf insurance card issued for non members.

Some clubs do not bother to ask. Why ? Just maybe the course is too far away from public dwellings or public roads. Or just maybe they have not encounter any mishaps or they don't allow golfers without proper handicapp card or introductory card. Or some do charges insurance day charges and it could be too small these golfers don't bother to check the bills when they are eagerly waiting next to their buggy waiting to speed off to the first tee box.

Honestly , if you don't have one , go and pick up a policy. You never know what will hit you....

GA laughing out loud

got to share this , even if you dont apprehand , just laugh at it

Subject: milah ohhh milahhh......

> Ada duo baranak tinggal kek hujung kg ni, Pak Abu dan Milah.. Milah ni
> taklah cantik sgt tapi selero jugak lah mato yg mandang kek dio ni..
> Seluruh
> jejaka di kg tu mmg syok abih kat Milah ni lebih2 lai.. satu mamat
> namoee..Ali.. Ali ni mmg dah target..kalau dapek kek dio Milah ni.. mmg
> dio
> nak 'overhaul' habih2 .....Pado satu ari... ali ni tergorak ati nak ajak
> Pak
> Abu bersaing ke surau..alasan je tuh
> Ali : Assalammualaikum Pak Abu......
> P Abu: Waalaikumussalam... ooo... Ali .. apo ko halnyo..
> Ali : Tak ado apo Pak Bu.. den igt nak ajak Pak Abu bersaing ke surau..
> P Abu: Oiih.. baguihlah.. tunggulah kojap.. pokcik nak salin seluar
> dlm...ekau masuklah dulu..dok sini diam2 yo..Sambil berlalu masuk ke
> bilik.
> dan tibo2.. Milah keluar dari biliknya..berkomban ajo membawo.. sebakul
> pakaian yg nak di basuh.... di perigi luar romah ee..
> Ali : Hi.. milah.. jom main
> Milah: Ishh.. apo ko ni Ali.. tak baik ckp cam tu tau..
> Ali : Alah sikit yo..
> Milah: Tak buleh..tak buleh ( sambil terus keluar )
> Ali : (dlm hati) Jago ko.. kan ku buleh..bulehkan...
> Milah : (menjeling dan menjerit). Bapak.. milah kek perigi yo..nak cuci
> kain2 ni hah... tak yah kunci pintu ni.. Bye Ali.Tetibo......
> Pak Abu: Hah.. apo di tonung tu Ali.. dah jom kito poi..
> Ali : Jom........................alamak Pak Ali.. mano selipa den ni..tadi
> ado kek sini..
> Pak Abu: mesti si Milah salah pakai selipa ekau.. gilah ekau
> mintak
> kek dio selipa ko tu.. dio ado kat perigi sano tu hah..pok cik tunggu
> sini..nak sodut rokok ni sebatang..
> Ali : Yolah Pak Abu.. den poi mintak..dan..................Ali pun
> merempuh
> masuk.. dan sekonyong2 ee nampaklah Milah yg tongah telanjang
> bulek..comel..ajo segalo2..
> Milah : Ishh.. Ali.. apo ni.. den jorit kang..
> Ali : Jangan jorit.. bapak ekau yg suruh den dtg sini main..dio kato kalau
> tak main nanti den mati tongah jln..
> Milah : Tipu ekau ni li...
> Ali : Den tak tipu do.. ko dongar ni.. den buktikan (menjerit dongan
> kuat)......Pak Abuuuuuu..Milah tak bori..
> Pak Abu: (dari jauh melaung)... Milah.. tak baik... Ali nak copek tu...
> Ali : Hah..ekau dongar takDan.. maka terjadilah perkara yg sesedap rasa
> adonye... tp kalau dah dasar buaya.. mmg dio tak pueh..
> Ali : Sodapnya milah... eh.. den lupo plak.. bapak ekau kato tadi kalau
> dah
> raso yg kek dopan.. kono raso yg belakang jugak..
> Milah : Den tak cayo cakap ko ni li..
> Ali : Laaaaaaaaa... tak cayo lai.. ekau dongar den jorit ni.. Pak
> Abu.......... Milah kasi sobolah yooooooo...
> Pak Abu : Patutlah lamo bona.. Milah main kan Ali
> rupanyo...(jerit)............. BAGI DUO-DUO BELAH MILAHHHHHHHHHHDan.. tak
> yah den cito apa yg terjadi....Moral of the story.. jgn pakai selipar
> org.........

Second half 2005 GA Targets

GA projections for 2005 season update:

1. Reduce handicapp - achieved ! now officially 11
2. Participate and win the following:
a - to retain title Annual Sdara Golf 2005
b - MPGC - top ten gross
c - KGM Open - Top 20 ?
d - S*****g Invitational - Win ?
e - Muhibbah Cup - Champion Gross ?
f - Lyder Cup - Champion Gross ?
g - 1 monthly medal A title
3. Courses visited this year :
- Nilai Spring
- Kinrara
- Peransang Templer
- Labuan Golf Club
- Eastwood Valley ... he he he
- IOI Palm Garden
- Seri Selangor
4. Change all grips
5. Retune titliest 983e shaft
6. Overseas Course - to be determined ?
7. GA patent ?
8. Gross less than 80 .( minimum 4 rounds )
etc etc etc etc

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

GA at Saujana with a loud , long and hard hitter golfer

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If you think about it , it could happen to you - Car Hijack

Reported by a Golfer in Klang Valley:


Another piece of car robbery scheme. Be it in KL or anywhere else,it is better to take heed. This actually happened to a Man not a woman recently in KL:

You walk across the parking lot, unlock your car and get inside.Then you lock all your doors, start the engine and shift into REVERSE, and you look into the rear-view mirror to back out of your parking space and you notice a piece of paper stuck to the middle of the rear window.

So, you shift into PARK, unlock your doors and jump out off your car to remove that paper (or whatever it is) that is obstructing your view. When you reach the back of your car, that is when the car-jackers appear out of nowhere, jump into your car and take off. Your engine was running, you would have your purse in the car and
they practically mow you down as they speed off in your car.


Just drive away and remove the paper that is stuck to your window LATER. I hope you will forward this to friends and family especially to ladies! A purse contains all identification, and you certainly do NOT want someone getting your home address. They already HAVE your keys!!!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Whats next

So Tiger misses out again at Buick.
Whats next?

PGA ... he will take it home for sure.

GA will on playing grass on sunday morning. At the moment hanging on to hcap 12 , but will be officially declared as 11 soon. Was hoping to go down to 10 next month so that I will qualify for the KGM Open this year. At the same time , anyone who wishes to sponsor GA this year are most welcome to contact me asap.

M Wie is doing well at the Women British Open. I bet she will turn pro by the end of the year and Nike will be all over her with sponsorship worth millions. By then end of 2006 , some film producer will be making effort to film her early days achievements. So what is new huh ...

Monday, August 01, 2005

Some words for the non golfer

I used to have a negative thought about golf. But after ten years playing golf , with handicapp 11 and going better , the game is not that bad after all. Now I am amazed at what non golfers says about we golfers.

Some says , its a waste of quality family time. To be honest , I have a very supportive wife who knows how I managed office hours , golf hours and quality family hours. If you can't manage your time , so be it , dont blame golf for long hours on the golf course.

If you can't beat the skilled golfers dont start with statements like " Ohhh I am only playing recreational golf and only for fun". Hey these are the same guys who are swearing , yelling and screaming out loud on the golf course when they play their worst round of golf.

I hate those who have only recently played golf , trying to make public comments about how the game should be played. And he is the type who shy away from the skilled golfers at the driving range. At the same time , trying very hard to hit balls on the carpet , sweating like a big fat buffalo trying to move a big tank. catch ma drift....