Monday, November 28, 2005

GA weekend 25th Nov 2005

Ten reasons why GA is smilling over the weekend:

1. Alia is safe and sound .
2. Also wifey dearest recovered well from the op.
3. Liverpool won ! Again !!!
4. EPL start to show actual results ie Wigan and Wigan will do that again.
5. Hani and Shasha accepting their new lil sis very well.
6. I am back in my cooking mood again ...
7. House get cleaned up plus we have someone clening outside the house as well.
8. Loose piping in the bathroom get sorted out.No more loose joints and leaks.
9. Alia sleeping well in the house , first 10 hours.
10.My midnite craze of Alia , Shasha and Hani screaming isw officially started last nite.


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Golf Addix announcement

Today is officially my last golfing day in 2005. Dearest will be undergoing another c section tomorrow morning. Dr Aida and Dr Philip (another golfer) will be in action tomorrow morning.

Boy or gal ? any bets ?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Amateurs ...

The main reason why sports in Malaysia is not consistently comparable to other countries in this region is simply due to the ethnic background and perception. The biggest culprit is negative perception. Imagine why we have not been doing well in games like snooker , golf or any sports which are not football , hockey or other mainstream sports in this country.
Parents are namely the only hope sports can grow in this country. Evidently squash , bowling and golf have more youths playing the game compared to 10 or 15 years ago. Parents are now spending time with their kids at bowling alley , golf courses and squash courts to give invaluable support for their children mental development in the sports they played. But do we go and watch our sons playing football or hockey ? Most of us don't and we took things for granted. Think about it !!!

Who gives you the right ...

If you can't draw , is that means painting pictures are waste of time ? If you can't read law , is that means lawyers are boring people ? If you dont have the cute face like Dewa , does that means you are not man enough to live in this world. If you can't get to become the prime minister in this beautiful country is that mean managing the country is a boring task. Then , if you can't play golf , is that means golf is boring game and total waste of time.

The point I am trying to make is , all human being in this world ar born with one gift unique to others. You may have the strength to read and talk back and argues infront of the court of law. You may have the face of the most macho man on earth and have all the women on the street admiring you from far. You may have all the skills to operate a human body to save his or her life. You may have all the skills god given to you to make everyone close to you laughing for the next 24hrs. You may have all the skills to make other people look bad with your bloody stinking comments, You may have all the ideas in this world to make this place a better place. Why on earth when some golfers like me who are good in this sports are being penalised with negative and bloody sarcastic comments ? Is golf a god made curse sports event in this so called DEVELOPED country ? Is golf really for "golongan org lupa family" , or is golf really that difficult to play ?

Lucky enuf , I have the company of a women who understand my passion for golf and lucky enuf to have her to share 2 beautiful gals with me.

Am I that rude enuf ? oh boy , i may have cross the line what ?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

KK monday

flown to kk on sunday evening. bagai nak rak sebab flight delayed. nasib baik tak duduk promenade kalau dak sure no room for you sir! stayed at le meridien , KK, new hotel in town right infront of the filipino market. for me , I would rate it as the the best option in town even after sutra harbour and tanjung aru, simply because the katil is so comfy.
but the trip balik to miri was a bit tiring again. flight delay lo. 9.30 pm baru depart from kk and to make things worse those people on board can't wait to get off the plane after the plane stop at its slot. Rasa macam nak lepuk but then again , I would end up at the wrong place , so biak pi lah nooo. Anway , wanna let of some steam in due course.
Those non golf enthusiast ada yg have negative perception about us golfers. But then again can't blame them if they have boyfren or hubby yg main golf but can't manage their golfing hours. Or even those yang dah patah hati dgn men yang main golf. Komen ni pun sebab ada lah org komen pasal golf.
But let me set the record straight here. There are golfers who manages their golfing hours appropriately. There are golfers who dont monkey around after their 18 holes gruelling walk through the golf course. And just because we have unique interest , it does not makes us another alien on earth. And the game is not only for rich people OK. Plus I dont spend that lavish amount of money to play golf.
so basically , points to highlight today :
1. u wanna go to kk , best hotel - le meridien
2. think nice about us golfers.
3. mas management of domestic flights serving intercities or town in borneo , please buy a new foker lah brader ... swith that new airbus and buy more fokker , so that people can travel more in this region.

eish banyak hal lah minggu ni. lain kali cerita. wa calo. roger and out. tak suka wa tak gerenti wa layan lu.

GA on golf season 2005

Golf players for the season ?

I would pick Jack Nicklaus , Tiger , Anika and Wie. Jack for his grand exit at The Open at St Andrews , Tiger for taking another two Grand Slam title this year , Anika for her consistency and more trophies this year and Wie for his magical blunder on her first pro outing. In Asia , I would have to pick our very own Danny Chia who has put up some good show this year. By making the cut to The Open is already a history created for Malaysian Golf . For non golf enthusiast , this might not be of any important but believe me , it is something that Danny will never take off from his memory bank.

Tournament of the year ?

I have to pick The Open for its variety in outcomes and headlines.

Which clubs would you pick as the best equipment ?

Driver , it has be the ever best in the market Titliest 983 series. The rest are drivers which are forgiving and more bought on the market simply because they can’t give Titliest enough time to prove its worth. But recently I have switch to Nano 2 Maruman Exim 10 degrees driver for personal reasons . Irons , like it or not Mizuno has produced irons of the decade. Its MP32 and MP33 series has done enough to impress me .
Wedges , is there any other than Titliest Vokey designs ???
Putter , if you have money , you wont need to look on further. For me PIng Pal 4 has been the best putter I have used so far. The two ball butter did not stay long with me.

Things that gives you troubles on the course ?

Slow golfers. Not because he took so many shots , but taking longer time to make a single shot. Pathetic golfers. Those who can’t make the shot but mumbles around and makes noises but do not put effort to practice at the practice range or even consult a teaching pro to make golf more enjoyable. Golfers with non comforming wives or girlfriends. In other words the other half usually nags to them golfers whenever they depart for a golf game or when them golfers are in a game of golf.

2006 Season , predictions ?

Wie is going to have some minor adjustment on her touring exposures. Then she will get positive remarks on her winning some titles. Anika will remain as LPGA most decorated golfer and winning the Grand Slam. Tiger will have to sort out some of his 2nd place finishing blues. Phil will remain quiet. Some young golfers will make new headlines. Drivers with non confirming rules will have some remarks to be published. New golf courses with lengthy designs. Grand Slam in the PGA …. maybe ?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

GA outstation trip

It was a tiring adventure. ERL not in service due to flood. Can't meet with Zed , coz suddenly the boss need some extra time discussing about work. Panic at KL Sentral with no taxi turning up for a simple trip to KLIA. Traffic woes at KL on a friday evening , ha ha ha, the usual stuff. Some fan club quoting something in the press , somehow I felt it was a quick way to get some attention . Of which in the first place I was amazed at some how malaysians treat someone supposedly very talented.
Talk about talent. I have some reservations about quality of malaysian artist (not all) of which the main reasons why I did not buy local artist CD. Until one day I was walking at the concourse level at KLCC, a song sang by one of the new talents search programme suddenly gives me goose bump. It was vocal quality which makes me turned around and wanted to pursue who is the face with that vocal. Thats is quality as I said to myself walking towards the crowds at the centre of the concourse level. It was Jac , and gosh , at last what a beautiful vocal to spur the local music industry to another level.
Back to KLIA rush , reach the airport on time. Asked for a seat for me and mum close to each other. Let me say this out loud, that person who seats behind the counter should be one of those who should be fired. "Sir , your flight is fully booked and we can't allocate seats to you and mum together". OK . fine. But not until when I board the plane and later found out that at least more than 15 seats are empty and no one is sitting next to my mum. Car**i*e , you are caught for being the worst crew behind the counter at KLIA for 2005 awards.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

GA is away

A bit tight up this week. Travelling on 17th into the city and flying back with mum on 18th evening. And a few more days before the 25th.

Monday, November 14, 2005

No he did not

A local newspaper posting about a national golf amateur who will represent the country in one of the regions prestigous game . In the biodata it was claimed that among the latest titles that he won was Miri Open .

I honestly believe , that particular newspaper should be more responsible in making such posting and do actual groundwork. I did not recall him winning this year Miri Open. If my memory serves me well , it was a golfer from neighbouring country who took the title from his fellow countryman in a playoff.

If he won the amateur title , that is a different claim altogether. But claiming he won Miri Open , is way way way way not a way to potray a national golfer. That is way way way too much.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

96 and 92 , I might as well quit golf now...

Yes it was the worst score of the year and I am not proud of it . At one minute I was hitting the par 5 on regulation and missing birdie putts and on other occassion , I was desperately hitting 6 to reach a par 4 hole.

This must be the worst weekend to sum up 2005 season. Maybe at the same time , I was not supposed to make any drastic changes to my grip and back swing , which I did right after the month of ramadhan.

But , not feeling too bad at it. Simply because I am now able to hitt the ball on higher trajectory esp the approcahing irons and hitting the hard green without too much bouncing effect. This time , I can play the ball high and had it stop right after its first bounce and usually it stop about 1 feet from the landing spot.

Next weekend will be busy attending my mother in law visiting us in Miri. And the weekend after that , I will be busy attending my dearest Zalita at Columbia Asia Hospital in Miri.

Tiger seems to be losing the fuel to make the kill on the final day and he lost to David Howell for the title. I must congratulate England for winning against Australia 26 - 16 at Twinkenham. I did not watch the England vs Argentina game , but happy for Owen who scores twice to win 3 - 2 against the world 2nd ranking team.

Until then , if you have not participate in any active sports , might as well bring along that pc to your bed...he he just kidding.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Miri Golf Club , Practise Range

Panoramic view of Miri Golf Club Practise Range and Chipping Green behind it , on a late friday afternoon at about 5.46 pm. Featured in the centre is a golfer , Mr Boniface one of the single handicapper in Miri.
Please click the photo for larger view.

Short game tools for Zed @ MiNdblog

There are a number of ways to improve your short game , but keep sticking to the basic tools will also helps you to lower your scores. If your have no problems with the driver or the fairway woods , then try the following:

Short game 50m - 100m to the pin.
  1. Lean on your left leg.
  2. Slower and shorten backswing but consistent and follow it through to the top and stay there.
  3. Make sure your backswing is parallel to the target not going beyond your legs. Usually when amateur golfers execute their backswing , the tendencies is that you will swing it more than you turn your shoulder.
  4. Right leg , keep it there , don't move an inch.
  5. When you bring your iron towards the ball , keep your eyes on the ball not the ground behind the ball.
  6. If you go the range , practise more on the grass , not the turf. The feel is not the same. Thus practising more on the grass will make it more easier to remember.
Shorter game less than 50 m to the pin , high loft attack esp when the green is higher than where your balls lies:

  1. Of course higher wedges are to be used , 60 degrees or 58 degrees is a must buy to play this shot.
  2. Ball is place on your right leg.
  3. Shorter backswing , moderate downswing and follow it thru up to the top , not behind your shoulders.
Shorter game less than 50 m to the pin , lower loft attack esp when the green is flat or level to where the ball lies:
  1. It varies with the distance .
  2. Much shorter backswing but controlled downswing with follow through just like when you use a putter.
  3. Imagine from 50m , you are using a 7 iron with a putting stroke.
  4. Then move down 8 iron at 40m , 9 iron at 30m , PW at 20m.
  5. Even shorter putting stroke if you decide to use 8 iron at 10m , but it will more roll effect on the ball.

Try those on the practise green. It always boils down to how you control your backswing and follow through your downswing. The truth is I do controll the distance for my short game by estimating the distance for each irons , in three main speed for my backswing. Full backswing which is now not more than my right shoulder height , half swing and putting stoke swing.

Good luck Zed.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

why wear Titan "Minus Ion" wrist bands

Titan Minus Ion Wrist Bands

Titan "Minus Ion" wrist bands, as seen on the PGA tour, the LPGA tour, the Champions tour and the Nationwide tour, are made of specially processed soft silicone rubber, titanium, tourmaline and ceramic.
About Minus Ion (Negative Ion) Technology
Our body generates Positive Ions as we absorb Negative Ions (Minus Ions) into our system; this gives us balance. In Japan they have concluded that electricity, machinery, and human beings all compete for Minus Ions. It is believed that a low level of Minus Ion intake can cause an inbalance and may be the reason that some people have stress, nervousness and
discomfort. The compostion of our Minus Ion Products attract Minus Ions to your
Depending on your ionic balance, they may offer you relief. We are all different. Minus Ion technology is not medicine (like aspirin), but could be compared more to vitamins. Minus Ions are sometimes referred to as the "Vitamins of the Air."

Now, benefit from Titanium "Minus Ions" and its' inherent ion balancing power! In a soft, comfortable, pain-easing wrist band that really works!
Here's what it can do for you:
? Ease wrist, hand, back and shoulder pain
? Restore important ion balance
? Warm cold hands and feet
? Improve concentration and focus
? Help recovery from sports fatigue

They are comfortable to wear and can be worn all of the time. They are unlike any other "minus ion" product manufactured in the world. How do the wrist bands and bracelets work and what do they do? Titan wrist bands and bracelets make use of the negative charge and ionization characteristics of specially processed Silicone Rubber, Titanium and Tourmaline. These characteristics attract negative ions to your body . Once you wear our soft "Titan" ion wrist bands or Ring Bracelets the semi-permanent power of the negative ions can help regulate the ion balance within your body and refresh you inside and out.

People have worn these Wrist Bands or Bracelets and have experienced the soothing qualities. One of the advantages is that they can be worn practically all of the time. When you are working on your computer, playing sports or working out. You don't have to take them off!
Should I wear more than one?
Wearing more wrist bands may increase the soothing effect. For example, would you take more Vitamin C then your body requires? Some people prefer 2 or 3, others prefer just 1. The key is to have an ionic balance. The wrist bands act like a conduit to attract the negative ions and help bring negative ions to your body. How we react from it is different for everyone.
How long do they last?
You can use them until they break, wear, fade or you lose it. It's as simple as that. They do not lose their ability to attract negative ions. Sometimes, howevver, if you get too much absorbtion (Sweat), that can cause them to lower their "charge". If you take them off for about twenty
minutes, they will "recharge".
Is their any medical evidence?
This is not medicine but a way to attract and generate more negative ions to your body which can help balance out the positive ions our body already has. There are however, extensive studies on the importance of negative ions. You can find some of this information in the "About Minus Ion" section of our website.
If I wear it on my wrist, how can it help my back?
The reason why they can help your back is because when your hands are at your sides, you are attracting negative ions to your lower back. The necklaces can help the upper back, neck and shoulders.
What size should I wear?
Available in two sizes, Medium & Large. Medium (Inside Diameter: 6 1/2") is preferred by Women, Large (Inside Diameter: 7 1/4") is preferred by Men.

If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Miri Golf Club photos : Hole 1 , Green

Green , Hole 1 , Miri Golf Club , Index 13 , 194 yards
Click on photo for larger view.

another 9 holes

Ayub putting for his ddreadful 6 at hole 4. OB the tee shot and me hitting par.

Abg Aji Ken at tee box 9th. See the right leg. Almost perfect except for the back swing and the way the back swing finish at the top.

Hole 8th , hitting 3 on the green and first birdie after long ramadhan.

Another finish by Aji Din at tee box 9th. Quite a unique swing but still favourable result. Almost comparable to Jim Furyk but you might as well knew well , Jim made it but Aji .... still thinking about it though.
The three amigos walking off the tee from tee box 8th. Interesting crowd to blend in. Among the hard core locals in the game. All three spent their raya in Kuching and I had to endure listening to their raya adventure on traffic woes in Kuching.

$340 million jackpot ....they won it

One family in Oregon won $340 million Jackpot money. Details here.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

GA new blog header

nice or not ???
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Tee box no 2 and Green Hole 8th , KGM

On the left is the Tee Box for hole no 2. Yes those two trees and the fairway in between them can be very hazardous to your tee shot. Hole no 1 is a par 3 , and soon after that you will have to make a good shot right in between those trees on left and right of the fairway. Most golfers will opt to hit it hard and make a left right turn and end up on the Fairway hole no 8th.
Those golfers on the 8th green , can be influenced by those teeing off from Tee box no 2. Depend on the crowd. Most golfers will make minimum movement at the tee box especially when golfers are on the 8th green.

Nice panoramic view huh !!! Learn new tools everyday... Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 07, 2005

2005 the year that was...

I did not made it to the team. ( sigh , again for the same reason ). For a reason after another , I have decided to let it go. Not that I have ill feelings to a number of personalities . For me a leader should walk the talk. If you brag about leadership and developing talents and leaders among those within your supervised groups , then doing things that are against it is totaly unforgiven. Yes I don't like that character or that person in question and there is no two way about it.

Then out of the blue I make the biggest mistake of all , making a nasty remarks to another fellow golfer. Well some may have argued it is for the right reason but not the right way to do it. Funny enuf an event which happened outside the office was being higlighted to a group of people in the office . For what purpose ? Bull !!!.

But one thing for sure , the following are the achievements throughout the year:
1. Corporate game for that organisation , win the cup for the second year in a row.
2. Play badly in Labuan.
3. I won Lyder title.
4. I hit top five in Muhibbah stint.
5. EArn fourth prize when Chris left.
6. Qualify for the Open.
7. Handicapp reduced to 11 ( target 12 )
8. Regrip the MP33 and the vokey wedges.
9. Regrip the Titliest 983e
10.Played in the Miri Masters with a pro.
11.Make 80 gross.
12.Played a number of rounds outside miri. the old Ping Pal 4 putter
14.STarts golf addix blogging.
15.Acquired Mid 4 Taylor Made rescue.
16. etc etc etc

I did not make the cut for the Champions Trophy which will be held on 26th and 27th November. Plus I will be in Columbia Asia attending my dearest , near her bedside and looking after our new born to be baby. Well , this the the second time I have to make way for a golf tournament but this time , it will be much easier simply because I did not qualify for it anyway.
But on the other hand , I might grab the last spot for the champions trophy if I can play below 80 , in next weekend November monthly medal. It would be something aint it? The new grip are performing as expected. A few tuning on the back swing have proven to be very promising. And it took a young caddie to sort it out for me. I am thankful to the young man anyway. I am now making a slow upward backswing and able to coil at the top of my swing by forcing minimum movement on my lower body especially the right hip.
Looking back on the game last sunday , Ayub has been quite a golfer. All this time when I am in miri , I can safely make a point about him , a true gentlemen and a true golfer. He might not have the best swing in this earth. But he does somewhat make it up with this attitude and his friendship. Probably I can safely regards him as my elder brother in golf. He can be funny or serious about things and yet , he will never make anyone feel bitter or bad about his conduct. Of which I have not been able to adopt lately. he he he .

Tiger , u are hopeless but yet a true money maker.
Vijay , not bad huh....
Phil .... where are uuuuuu...
Retief ? what happen to that putt.
Ernie. errrrrrr keep smiling bro.
Sergio is growing up.
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Sunday, November 06, 2005

18th Hole post Ramadhan...

It was the best weather to play golf. The first nine was a cloudy and no wind at all. The course was a bit wet and soggy. We finished the first nine at around 9.30 and had breakfast at Warung Pak Hassan after the 9th hole. To continue to the 10th hole after such a heavy breakfast is quite an effort.
Above is the tee shot at hole 17th . Aha ! Which one is GA ? and what did he score for this hole ? It turns on not to be the best hole for one of us.Hitting the tree at the tee box and another before making his shot back to the fairway on his 4th shot. It was almost like playing two par five at the 17th.
For another golfer making the tee shot at 17th is quite an effort. 150 m thru the fairway , water hazard is on the right. If you fail to make a good shot to carry 150 m , then it will be water on the right and a number of high trees on the left.
Which one is GA ?

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Golf around the world today

Tiger will be going into the third round at joint third place with the leaders only at three stoke ahead. Now he had overcome the second round jinx of scoring par after playing in the red on the first day , will he strives and take the title? In my playing mind , yes he will.

A golf course in Thailand decided to build a par 6 hole and it is currently being used for an asian tour tournament. Airil is there and also Steven Tan . I do know the rest of the names from Malaysia but I did not recognise Steven Tan . Does anyone know him ?

Double A International Open - Round 3 St Andrews Hill (2000) Golf Club, Rayong
Thailand November 3 - 6, 2005
Malaysians after 3rd round:

12 8 Steven TAN MAS 70 70 72 -7 (212)
39 39 Airil Rizman ZAHARI MAS 74 71 73 -1 (218)*

In due time we will recreate the "Nicol DAvid" factor in golf. I believe in time , that is in next five years we will Malaysians playing in the PGA TOur and European Tours. Not only that , they will be among the top finishes as well. But who ?

Jack GA

Friday, November 04, 2005

Patheticly speaking...

So when is the world will be a better place for everybody who lives in it ?

I used to be a pathetic kind of guy who keeps on complaining about this part of life which are not so kind to me. But then I get up one morning realising , I have been wasting all this time wondering when good things will happend to me. So what did do next. A lot of things actually.

There is no point bragging about things which you could not possibly change especially history. You can learn to walk forward but do not let it hold on too hard to you and makes it hard to walk to the future.

In my younger days , I did not understand what a degree means to me. And still I don't actually. But those things which I have to go through have made me of what I am today.

Really ?

Tour Championship and etc etc etc

Bart hits 62 and took the lead . Can he sustain his game to take the tour championship title ? Some says its quite difficult in the modern golf game . But some may answer with examples from the way Tiger or Vijay lead from day one and take the title.
But lo and behold , when Tiger is hitting red numbers on the first day, it usually triggers good results at the end of day 4. Unless on day two he plays par golf. That is when all the trouble starts to comes in.
I don care whether Tiger won the Title or make more money , but if he plays -4 on the first day , players like him should not go out there and plays par golf on the 2nd day.
Retief is on 2nd place followed by Kenny Perry and Sergio Garcia. Sergio has been quite consistent in 2005 but yet to capture any major. When will that happened Sergio ? Dunno hhuh...

If only I can go there and watch them plays ...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Buat mak abah berempat yg kini di Kuang and Segamat ,
Adik kakak abang sedara mara di Segamat , Rawang , Cheras
Kemaman , Batu Pahat dan Keluang

Sinar aidil fitri , semuga dilimpahkan rezeki dan nikmat buat ,
Adi Jin ( senyum selalu ye bang ),
Acat and Senorita ( raya ni mesti sweet punya )
Adam and Ez n family
Hardy n Zaza
Khairzul ( wherever u are dear )
Zed and his MiNd
all Miri Golfer
84 boys seremban
Golfers alike in key el
Z , adam and anjang
adik 2 yg baru habih belajor kat melbourne n glasgow n sheffield
all last but not least to those who has commented
and visited this blog.

Jack GA n family

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

European higlights

Monty takes the Order of Merit - geee , 8th time

Liverpool won 3 - 0 , hey....como'n LIverpool....

Chelse lost 1 - 0 to R Betis. he he he.

Besok dah nak Raya. Me still going to office this morning.

JAck Ga