Sunday, July 31, 2005

GA , Miri Masters

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Golf Addix - In depth views...

Recently Astakabguhih from Planet Kunotuih landed on earth to cover on a story about a Golf Addix who one captured the Kunotuih Open Championship last year defeating thousands of Kunotuih golfers. Parts of the story covers below :

Astakabguhih : Do you a personal mentor in golf or do you adapt any golf guru techniques?

GA: Not a single golf mentor , but with a single attitude. Hitting the golf balls on the range with another golfer who are able to looks at swing faults . Usually dont spent too much time on trying to play as much as possible. In the early days used to look at David Leadbetter videos to learn tips and drills on how to improve your golf swing. But then again since I can't bring the video player to the practise range .... watch at home and to remember those clips at practise range ... are you kidding me ?

Astakabguhih : In your planet , is there a future in golf ?

GA : Yes. Golfers are now earning millions compared to mere thousand in the old days. But on the other hand , there will be problems. People always argues inflations rate in the purchasing power for good and services. But why raised money prices ? This actually contributes to the falling world economy. Look at Tiger , and how much money does he earn this year. Too much I guess. There will no future in golf in this planet earth. People will have to make another Tiger in the next decade or two. Or three.

Astakabguhih : Ok , I am heading back to my Planet now , but I will come back very soon to talk to you . Anyway , could you tell me where I can park my gigantic spaceship on next visit . I think I have burned your house down during my landing yesterday.

GA : errrr...

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Golfers Sin

For those who wanted to embark on a journey to learn and play the game , there are one or two things that most of us golfers forgot to tell them. In the game , you will be exposing your true attitude be it positive or negative personal natures.

Once a golfer that I knew , loves to move his ball into a playable position whenever no one is not looking. It does not take long when everybody who knew him started to talk about it and begining to stop playing with him or against him.

I have seen greedy golfers. Using their status to gain the exclusive rights to play for corporate games. I have seen other greedy golfers using their positions to ask some other organisation to pay for their green fees . I have seen much much more greedy golfers who do not pay much attention to skilled but unrich golfer likes me.

There are also hot tempered golfers. Yelling , shouting and screaming at the ball seems to be their god gifted skill which no one else seems to understand . Are they really mad at the ball or is it because they are mad at themselves for not hitting the ball. Or is it a cover up of their ego for failing to hit the ball or they dont want to look stupid.

Non golfers ,if you want to start playing golf , please leave all those negative personality at home of throw it all away. The list is not exhaustive. I will write again about this later. If you want to play golf , be positive , get a pro to teach you all the basics and spend more time at the practise range.

Used to read an article in one of the posh golf magazines that quotes " The difference between a pro and amateur is , pro will be hitting the balls at the practise range before playing 18 holes , but an amatuer will be rushing to the first tee box to play 18 holes".

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It's a lovely day and its wednesday

Its a lovely day today !
I work all day and have no regret about it.
Did not have the time to play golf or to the
driving range but yet no regrets about it.

Its a productive day today.
I love and loving every single minute of it.
Those mizuno blades in the bag must be wondering
what really happened today.

It is a beautiful wednesday.
I learn life can be very lively.
I learn golf is becoming more lnteresting as ever.
I learn I have friends to lean on to.

Oh what a good wednesday.
I woke up and suddenly I love wednesday morning.
Looking around and smile at those loved ones still in their bed
Looking around and thankful I still have them

I wish everyone in the world would have a beautiful wednesday.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Of news golfers hate to watch on TV

Ten things that I hate today:
1. Watching a british lashing out brutal comments on Malaysian Car producer.
2. Tun on the news ... bla bla bla ...aren;t they all the same.
3. Seeing Retief and Phil taking the USD1 million pot for winning 5 and 3 at The Battle.. , wonder how much was the appearance fee...
4. Cant afford to buy a plane ticket to see a dear fren down with dengue and wife loss 17 weeks baby.
5. CSI ... god knows what are they thinking ...
6. Enjoying my time at the office ? really ???
7. Running all over the city to pay dues...and when I reach the counter "System Down" , might as well they close down the bank. More like they do not know how to reboot.
8. Motorist who drive on the road as they are on the golf buggy looking all over for their balls.
9. Some CEO bragging and some old man , bragging abt his own past.
10. Seeing yuppies from YPC : looking like ?@#$$%^^^&&$#@&**

But what I like most today is I am damn good. So what !

GA rating on Nilai Spring Golf & Country Club

Sincerely I was expecting more. On other hand not much can be said about it. It is an interesting course to play. 27 holes with 3 nines named Mango , Island and Pines. I can really figures out the reason why they named it that way , but I do hope anyone of you out there who knows do tell us.
The changing room is quite standard. They have all the basic facilities and all the things you expect from a changing room. Right infront of the changing room , the pro shop is widely publicised by a local Golf Vendor. I guess sponsorship has its price. Buggies , well , I have an exceptional nasty comment on it. But I wont take the pleasure of mentioning it here in the public eyes , its for you to try it and have fun with it.
Most of the distance are quite short par 4 and par 5 and can be easily reached if you are handicapp 12 and below. Those beyond 13 to 24 and novie golfer might have problem to cope with the slopes on the fairway and some tricky hazards location. But come to think of it if you can't hit it straight , it won't helps in any course you played. I have special interest of the 10th hole on Island nine. It is interesting when you asked a golfer to lay up on his tee shot and asking them to make a good second shot from on top of hill facing a big pond infront of you.
The green are well maintained and I took a bit of time to get myself familiarise with the green speed. It looks slippery but it bites. Which explains why I managed to get two birdiesw on the back nine. Playing from the blue tee box , the course looks interesting. Variety of slopes and dog legs.

Overal I rated the course 7 out of 10. Good facilities except for the buggies. Nice course layout and good varieties. Restaurant services are not bad. and last but not least a good course to visit . GA says go there and enjoy your golf.

A fren and true gentlemen

I wish to extend my gratitude for two fren who have spend their sunday afternoon with me on a golfing trip at Nilai Spring. Unfortunately we were unable to capture the experience on camera. But they have turned up despite the traffic jam entering the looby of the hotel where I stayed. We reach the club at almost 2 pm and managed to start on the front nine by 2.10 pm.
It takes a while for me to familiarise with the course and it does tell after two birdie at the back nine. Managed to improve a bit the golf swing for both my playing partner and yes they adapted soon enuf. If only I am working in KL then I would be able to spend more time with those two and improve their games in no time.
I think that is the irony of golfer living in the Klang Valley. Not all have the time to spend hitting balls at the practise range. Plus they don't have frens to look and monitor their swing fault. And not all can afford teaching pros. If only these teaching pros are available at modest fee, the game would gather more newcomers to the golfing fraternity.
Last but not least , I wish to thank Nik and Azman for their time. Wish I have more of these two guys. I will definitely make up for the time spent.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

MPGA ! are u for real ...

" THE recently launched Malaysian Professional Golf Association (MPGA) Golf Academy will be the centre of excellence for training the country's future golfing stars. "The Malaysian PGA academy will be mainly a centre of excellence and will also serve to attract foreign golfers to come and train in Malaysia," said Sports Minister, Datuk Azalina Othman Said after launching the PGA Academy at Seri Selangor Golf Club in Damansara yesterday."

Is it really happening ? Where is the website ?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Is either rain or shine

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The following are golfers which at the moment I love to drive a golf ball right thru their balls:

1. A group of leaders calling themselves leaders but acted like ?$#%^&**
2. A slow golfer with brains of desk top which still owns floppy drives.
3. A loud golfer who brags about his golf but cant tell where his ball went.
4. A local golfer who had never lived or work outside his hometown.
5. Another slow golfer who show off their useless and knackered brain.

why ? guess what , let me drive it then I will tell all.

GA prepares for Nilai Spring

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GA will travel to KL on early sunday morning. Not to KGM but to the airport heading for KL. Was contemplating of asking someone to pick me up from the airport or is it better at KL Sentral. Or should I check in to the hotel first. Maybe later they will call to reconfirm. GA had never played at Nilai Spring. Someone must have did. The slope rating is 128 , my assumptions are , the green are fast but soft. Maybe quite short and less challenging , less trees and most probably a number of water hazard here and there.

Whoever has played on that course , please do lend me a hand. Write abt your experience playing there. tolong.....

Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday blues

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It was actually raining from early morning. Did not plan to play today.Work at the office was a bit tight. A lot has to be done to catch up with the guys and gals in KL. Some of the guys in the office were rambling and quite shock with the number of staff that was awarded with brilliant evaluation for their performances. I was not complaining nor I have time for it. So what , these guys are good with dealing with their boses , what can I do about it. Don't expect me to follow suit ,coz me GA got my own style dealing with people. Maybe no one likes it now , but who knows I might be somebody in the future and then , only then they will start to say something nice about my work.

Anyway , shoot off from the office on time , as usual. Upon reaching the first tee box , I saw Azam waiving at me with his three fingers on the air signalling 3 balls and I think asking me to join to complete the foursome . Without hesitation , swinging my precious wira aeroback thru the curves and parked behind the first tee box. I did a bit rushing with changing shirt , wearing the shoes and taking the golf bag out of the car and hey I did not bring along my trolley. Guess what ,no caddies , coz most of them have finished walking off with visitors from Kudat Golf Club. Sorry forgotr to mention Kelab Golf Miri is having a interclub tournament with Kudat Golf Club and me handicapp 12 was not invited . Lucky me huh !!!. whatever...

Poor start with triple bogie on 1st hole ( and you called yourself handicapp 12 , hellloooooooo!!!!!). Then bogie the 2nd hole. Now then I was thinking at the 3rd hole tee box , are you sure you want to play golf today. And the drive from the 3rd holes answer the question. With consecutive par for the next three par 4 holes , I was walking high again. Mind you at this juncture I am begining to feel the weight of my own golf bag. Then the concentration went away at tee box hole no 6. There you are another triple bogie at par 5 hole 6. Not happy with myself I began to put my mind to the golf thing and followed with another 2 par for the next two hole . Hole 9 was a bit funny. Hitthe shot with 6 iron on a par three 183 yards with a solid shot and hit the green. Hellooooo three putt after a good shot is not something I like to brag about.

Not a bad day though considering I was not playing well the other day.Saturday will be off without golf . Maybe will be at the driving range , practising . There will be guys from titliest doing some demo at the driving range from 4 pm to 7 pm. If any of you are around the area , do come along and lets whack those balls with titliest clubs. catch yer later dude...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

One day if my day comes out strong...

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I imagined myself owning a range of golf products and outlets all over Malaysia and South East Asia. I imagined my range of products on shelves in my very own GA outlets all over Europe and accross the USA.Imagined that and one day I will make it all comes true. Go on and imagined me pictured in major tournaments together with all the golf legends parading and using my very own golf clubs and balls. GA Balls ? GA Wedges? GA putter ? GA blades ? GA drivers ? GA fairway woods ?

Imagine that , will yer !!!

Addix Strong 13'degrees

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One of the items in my golf bad is the strong 13'degrees loft spoon. Nowadays most of the modern era golf club makers and golfers alike , name it as fairway woods. For me the name spoon is still one of a kind. Not many uses 3 wood with 13'degrees loft. If any of you can name the club maker for the above club , you can be named as one of the Golf Addix. Anyway, not usually the main tools during my game. Unless I want to push for second shot to the green on a par five.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Golf in this region

Is there life in Golf ? I have seen MGA Online operating for a number of years now. But how many of these golfers knew about it. I can tell you , not many of them. They even do not realise that MGA Online can even notify changes in their handicapp on a monthly basis. Anyway , when they play golf they don't bother about internet . Should they ? or why not ? Come to think of it why even MGA bother to provide the services.

How many golf clubs in Malaysia has their own website ? How many of them know thats there is so many ways they can promote their clubs through the internet. But how many of them realise there is this thing called website , blogspot , modblog and so many other free or easy ways to promote to other golfer. I have heard claims , where on earth is this country called Malaysia ? Is there such thing as golf in Malaysia ? Does ayone realise what DAnny Chia has achieved for qualifying for The Open recently. Not many huh...

So what is the prospect and the future of this game in this region ? For me , I am currently venturing into a deep space where I dont even realise where it will bring me. But a couple of weeks ago , another felllow blogger invited me to join a sports blog based in other continent. Maybe I should turn this thing into a fulltime basis carreer or maybe not . BUt I am hopoing I could promote the country called Malaysia and its golfing facilities to the world. Also to make notes to the world , there are some good golf courses other than Mission Hills , ST Andrews , etc etc etc.

So , I was hoping other golfers to note this. Come and join me . Write to me at . We can share ideas , we can share comments , we can share pictures or etc etc etc.

If you can't improve your golf , why not together we bring greater names to the country.

Golf Addix

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I have to admit ...

Give me ten reasons why you should not play golf. Most answers from friends who does not plays golf are the following :

1. I dont have the time
2. I am too lazy to wake up early in the morning.
3. I dont like the idea of walking in the hot sun.
4. What swing ?
5. Excuse me ! How much it cost to become a club member ?
6. Come again , how much did you say the cost of one golf set ?
7. Hang on a minute , one ball into a hole .
8. What dont you use a base ball bat ?
9. I prefer sleeping.
10. etc etc etc etc

Now ten reasons from a golfer who wish he could play golf 8 days a week :

1. I wanna try that new driver.
2. That new clubs I bought , it is perfect for me.
3. Someone is paying the green fees...
4. Meeting clients on the green...
5. Winning almost all the stakes...
6. Nothing to do at home .
7. Too much hassles at the office.
8. He owns the golf club.
9. Everyone loves to play with him.
10. Golf Addix..

Monday, July 18, 2005

Golf Addix at MVN

Please visit my new column at MVN Sport Blog

Golf Addix

10 most gentlemen Golfer I have met ! so far....

1. Abg Usop - Handicapp 7

He is somewhat the most loud golfer I have yet seen in this part of the world. He may be loud but deep in his heart he is a true gentlemen. He hit the ball hard and long. The only problem is he can't figure out why is it so difficult to make the putt at Saujana. There is no mistaken about Abg Usop. Dont underestimate his power , strength and most of all his jokes. I would go anywhere with this guy.

2. A Doctor CJ - Handicapp 12

What a true gentlemen. Despite the pain suffered at his left leg , he keeps on going without regret. At times I wonder I could have let this guy stop at half way and let him out of his misery. But he never did complained and asked to be excused. Instead he keeps on going and plays on and enjoy the 18 hole walking with friends. I wonder how many of them are out there in the real world.

3. AdieJIN - Handicapp Unknown

He is a gentlemen but most of the time mistakenly identified as a harsh and a bit cocky guy. His words are actually words of wisdom and most of the time are honest and true comments. He will never go wrong in this world except this world is not that kind to him . How I wish one day he would get a beutiful princess . Someone who will marry him for what he is and take him 100 % Adiejin. ...

4. A cocky Chicken Called Ayam - Handicapp irrelevant

He may look a bit weary when he plays golf. He does not have the right basic simply because he is not phisically fit to play it anyway. But his determination to play and to accompany those friends who wants to play with him is something that I admire. He is definitely not a keen golfer neither he likes to play the game. How I wish he would be able to play the game better.

5. Other than golf He is a go cart racer - Handicapp errr...15 ?

He is one of those leaders whom I look up to and has all the charisma as a leader. He has the ability to talk to people whithout hesitation. He do listen. His characteristics is something which is no longer commonly available in the organisation where I work full time. How I wish I could work with him again. Soon enough I hope...

6. Banta - Handicapp 5

Played with him during my early days of playing golf. He will not hesitate to give out tips and willing to keep an eye for mistakes when I make that swing. His full time job was handling helicopters and fly them from time to time. I have not met him for almost 7 years now.

7. Anton... - Handicapp 7

What can I say ? Need I say more about this guy....

8. KI - Handicapp + 3

Most of the time he keep reminding me of having to call me whenever I am playing my 2nd shot. Simply because he is always about 100 yards infront of us. That is a way now history. A bit closer to him whenever hitting my 2nd shot.

9. Tom - Handicapp , no one knows

A squash player who thought golf is somewhat quite similar to golf. Until today I have yet to play a game with him. Why I like him so much ? He is a leader.

10. Me myself and I , do you really thinks I will write it down here now...nahhhh

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Of course it is The Open

Thinking of playing golf at St Andrews. Many did and that includes others but not me. Always wanted to save the game at the old course , not now but one day with some playing partners. What makes the course so special. Is it the first place where golf is born ? If it is , so what. I was born at a hospital somewhere is Rengit which I don't take it that special. No insult to the current population of Rengit but , why should I regard it as something special.

Lets move on to The Open. Now thats the way to do it Tiger. And guess what , now I do know I am right when I say Big Ernie is a big bully. He is that good in a tournament where all the big guns are not around. So when he is in a big crowd , so Ernie , I did watch you played that shot on par 4 was it 11th or 12th. Hitting it with a driver and end up in the bunker when your playing partner are hitting it with iron and fairway wood from the tee.

Not very long ago I used to have a different perception of the big Easy. Not anymore. Good swing but not a good tactician. Your time is over sir. So who do you think will carry the claret jug on the 18th hole this year. Many predicted Tiger will do it again. But if you looks on his statistics, Tiger never fails to win it when he is in red in his first round. Immelman might just sneak in with some magic and Luke Donald could spring in some suprises. Chris Riley , hey you got some lucky breaks today my man.

Who ever wins it ... you're most welcome to visit GA.

Of kings and good horses

A tale that had never been told to the world of golf. But it does exist almost in every part of golfing greens in the country. Which country , it is up to you to decide. King decides who gets to play and THe King also decide who gets to ride the horses.
One day , on a fine away on a greeny pastures , The King was playing golf with its good horses. The King hit a very bad shot and ended playing the worst game in his entire life not even kncking a single par on the day. One of the good horses started to play like a pro and begining to show what golf is all about, passion and skill.
The King gets irritated with its horses. The King call upon other horses which among them who likes to shit and brag about it all over the city. So the Kings and this shitty horses beginning to realise their dreams on joining the Dungeon Open will not materialised if the good horses started to play well.
The the command is given to the shitty horses. And they have executed their job very well , shitting at every single corner in the city and started to brag about it , except this time brag it with the good horses name. Then the good horses gets popular in the city but now with shitty clauses. For the rest of the epic...hit your tee shot first , the group behind us is already waiting .

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Go Danny ...

Danny will be teeing off in the The Open this weekend. That will be his first and the the first Malaysian to qualify from the Asian Circuit. Enjoy the weekend pro.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What is it all about ?

A fren whom I have never seen him playing makes a rude remarks on the efforts that I have put into making this blog alive an kicking. How rude it was or whatever , I have seen much worse. Proabably the person do not have the chance to enjoy golf the way I have enjoyed golf for the last 10 years.Or he himself might have gone thru a torrid experience in trying to play golf. Well I have seen characters screaming out loud on the golf course , cursing the weather , the golf set , the caddie and even the golf course for his blunder.

Yes , in Golf the more effort you put in especially on the practise range , the level of satisfaction will be synonym to the effort you put in. However if you practise without the supervision of another better golfer or at least a teaching pro , you might end up making stupid remarks on the golf again and again.

For a fren who is somewhere out there on top of his corporate dreams , you may have the best job , but does not means your golf is much better than mine. ha ha me me.

The Open 2005

I have no favourites this year especially when for the last 2 years , no one in the top ten are close to the winner. I must admit those big guns tend to make out reasons and most of the time blaming the conditions for making bad tee shots etc etc etc. Hello.... you guys are big lazy pros. Why cant you guys accept the fact that the weather is not going to be friendly at the Open. You wanna bright sun light go to the asians countries.

I must admit I hate those guys on the top ten ranking. I believe they all should be taken away from the ranking if they do not perform well at the majors. Start making the majors as the main critieria for world ranking. Plus start taking of those players who plays the open simply because they play well in the past. Stop it once and for all.

Well simply my honest opinion is these guys are not that good anyway....


Monday, July 11, 2005

Great Balls of fire....

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Other than the usual golf balls I have seen on the course , among those above are some of those unique golf balls around. I have yet to establish the right golf ball for my games. Most of the time srixon soft balls are quite cheap and affordable. At times with some extra budget , Callaway and Titliest can be the good golf balls which can be tricky at times.

My preference is still Titliest Pro V. It may a bit costly but much manageable than other balls. However one must take note different golf courses may suit different golf balls type. Hard green may requires you to play soft balatas ball. Soft green on the other hand may be usefull for soft greens like the one in Labuan.

Still , if you mess up with your swing , any balls produced to suit your swing may not be of any help.


Sunday, July 10, 2005

Saturday morning Monthly medal at KGM

Started the monthly medal at 7.24 am and had to tee off from the tenth tee. I was doing well on the first nine holes , scoring 42 with some silly mistakes on both par three and a lousy tee off on par five 17th.

After missing birdie on hole 18th , I was determined to put things right on the 2nd nine. Hit the tee shot at hole no 1 perfectly an it landed on the front green and roll into the green. With only 15 feet to go , I pushed my putt and the ball ended about 1 feet to the right.

And what did I do , missed the easy putt and the misery starts to push in.....a 54 on last nine hole........

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Another 79 at Tasik Puteri

Congrats to a fren who scores 79 at Tasik Puteri last saturday. Did remembered I had the same 79 at the same course but on a different tournament.

Had a 83 today. With some silly mistakes on the last two par five. And officially on the board today effective 1st July 2005 , I am now handicapp 12 with USGA index of 9.6.


Friday, July 01, 2005

Golfer on the mat

I have recently undergoing the most trying time in my golfing years. The swing is aint there. Sunddenly after a trip to the driving range has enligthened some of the mystery.
Pick up the PW and put everything in perspective. I have come to learn that , I have been using a drag shot rather than follow through shot. On the backswing , the grip went all the way to the back and too fast.
The downswing was too relaxed and no punch in it. The shaft fixed on the blade requires a bit of speed for a swift execution. Then it is the grip and the ball position. The grip was ok at times but the end product was fade shot.
Adjusting the grip a bit to the left of the ball solves some of the problem. Slow upswing and more upright rather than beyong the shoulders and strong downswing with followthru made all the difference.
Hey ! I feel good now about making more trips to the driving range. And it feels good.