Monday, January 30, 2006

Golf over the long weekend

Did played on saturday and today. Managed to dig below 90 again and 8 pars per each round. The only problem is when I do make a mess of my approach to the green , it will hurt me so bad and I end up playing double or triple bogey for that hole. Hitting the ball with the driver from the tee is not so much of a problem . The only problem now is my approach to the green. Only 5 green on regulation today and also for saturday. I have got to make that time with club pro to check on my iron shots.Anyway , I won 8 balls today, he he he...with one sandy par on the par 5 6th.


Liverpool won against Portsmouth last nite and honestly I almost went to sleep watching the game. Not much of a good passing game but they went through to the next round.


Hate reading the news today on cases of child abuse.

Pick of the day : French toast in the morning....

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Does Malaysian have what it takes to becomes a pro golfer...

Yes and No is the answer. But most of the time it is not simply because malaysians cannot do it but those who manages them are at fault. It is either you know them or you don't. In a conversation with a friend from KL over the phone , the number of registered golfer in this country has grown to almost 300,000 and those without proper registration to club members or any Golf playing packages you add another 300,000. Is it a good ratio to 20 million malaysian in this country.
How many school in this country has any golf development programme? Or have many boarding schools do ? Or have many universities undergrads take their time off their books to play golf?
Lucky enuf we have various development programmes at various golf clubs and some selected schools. But it only involves those kids whom parents are golfer or some of their closest relatives own a golf club or work at a golf club. And some kids who are not lucky enuf , they take up golf simply because they work as caddies at some of the walking courses in this region. A mere RM 20 for 18 holes , they get to witness various types of golfers hitting it while they carry their bags or drag their trolleys. But can you count how many golf courses in this country which does not have buggy ?
On the positive side of it , compared to 10 or 20 years ago , we do now have local dailies with some golf sections in it. We do have malaysians playing in the asian tour. We do now have Airil (in the picture while taking part in Miri Masters 2005) taking part in the Japan Tour . We do now have our very own Danny Chia who have made it to The Open last year. We do now have malaysians growing in numbers in the amateurs circuit. Yet these guys did not get the support they dearly need from us malaysians. How many of us watch them playing in the amateur or locally held MPGA tournaments ? I did , when Airil was playing in Miri. But how many took notice of him playing on the last day. Hey ! I am the only guy with the brolli who went all the way watching him make every shot on the final day.

Guess what I wish for 2006 ?
1. All golfers adopt a young boy or gal whom are not related to them and take them to the practise range.
2. All Malaysian Pro Golfer in this country gets a sponsorship , especially for their local travelling expenses.
3. All Malaysian Pro Golferin this country gets ball sponsorship or equipment sponsorship.
4. All registered amateurs are given the chance to get into top 50 amateurs and get sponsored to play in all amateur tournament in this country.
5. Schools to offer golfing hours for kids
6. Boarding school to get a chance to get adopted to nearby Golf Clubs for Junior development programmes.
7. Those undergrads to start learning about golf before they start become yuppies which will help to reduce the number of lost balls when they started to play golf when they get their jobs.
8. All caddies in this country gets to enroll in a registered organisation and they must be given benefits so that they can also grow and join any junior or senior development programmes
9. All film producers start to make films on the success stories like Danny and Airil.
10.All clubs in this country make an open day for the public to play at their clubs.
11.Sport body start channelling the sponsorship money to the young not to useless costly banners.
12. etc etc etc etc...
Can we do it Malaysians ? There you are , most of you will make their nasty cheeky smile to me and say.... dream on Jack. I havent given up my hope and will not stop dreaming either.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

If you are out there, thinking ....

Someone used to tell me that I am not important to the organisation. That was like 6 years ago. Someone used to tell me that I will never make it to handicapp below 15 or even equivalent to it. Someone used to tell me that I am nothing but only a small time executive who will never make it to the top level management unless I took all those proffessional qualifications. Well , from today onwards I will the effort to meet those people and start telling them off that they are totally wrong. I will make them suffer by making them witness the fall of their great legacy. I will make them suffer by showing off my USGA Index handicapp card and I will gift them a lift in my new chaffeur driven merc.
Isn't that something ? Well ......


I did played at Eastwood last week with Dr R , his friend S and Dato W from KL. Dr R was admitting after few years playing golf , Eastwood Valley has its own unique features which had caught his attention. The course looks easy and flat but the raised greens are a feature not many golfers love to play. At the end of the game , I was bit taken away when someone compared my swing to Fred Couples . That is the first time someone did that to me , and why not whoever out there who knows Freddie , maybe ask him to drop by Miri and lets compare both him and my swing. One of them later that nite was making a exceptional statement about accountant playing golf which is quite rare for them. Maybe I am one of them ? am I ?


I did handed a cv of a fren to someone last month and today he was offered a high position job which he had dream to earn all this while. I felt good about it . It was a nice feeling though and I am hopefull that mr B will make it all the way to the top corporate world. Maybe 2006 is not that bad after all after a year long miserable 2005.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Guess ???

GA awaits for other golfer to play their shot . Why ?

GA waiting to make his putt on the green , why ?
GA is thinking about what ?
Ball is on the green , what is GA waiting for ?

Who's golf bag and brolli is that ?

Weekend Golf Jan 22nd

I did not take part in a traditional Festive season based competition at my club yesterday , only simply because I am too tired. After a full 18 hole with some frens from KL , I deserved a break at home with my family. On Sunday morning , the weather was glorious. Perfect for golf except for the last two holes, it rains.
Pic was taken on the fringe on hole 7 , when I did not make a good chip from the right hand side of the fairway , about 30 m away. And the short pitch to the green was even horrible , when I have to make a 10 feet putt to save bogey. The first nine was better than what I have played at the back nine. We started on hole 10 , good tee shot but can't get that second shot going to the green on regulation. Thus I ended up scoring bogey almost for thewhole 9 holes. Secod shot short of the green , then miserable chip to the pin with long putt to par the holes. The driver Maruman Exim Nano II was the only reason why I can make a good shot from the tee. Hitting 14 out of 14 fairway can be a reason to cheer for some pro but not for me simply because I did not make it count with poor second shot to the green. Then things started to go a bit better playing the front nine. With pars on par 4 , 3rd and 4th , par 5 6th and par 3 9th, eventually managed to score 43 for front nine. I will not have to do anything to the putting routine. Except when I am playing at different courses and playing different ball of course.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Miri Golf Club : Satelitte view google

Malaysian Open 2006

Malaysian Open will be held at KLGCC this year from 13th Feb until 19th February. The sponsor will organise a trial on the 26th January for those amateurs with handicapp 0 to 2. If only I am in KL , I would then register and try my luck.
But then again , it would take a miracle for me to qualify anyway. But I am going to watch that one. A new venue and most likely going to be an interesting one. It will be quite interesting how they will have to manage the crowd. Parking areas will be quite tight , unless they are willing to use the playing field before the club as alternative. With new sponsors , they still need volunteers ? So if any of who lives in Klang Valley , click HERE for details.
I am hoping to see malaysia very own golfers to perform well this year. Steel and Chia would be our main bets. MGA strong amateurs like Sukree and Siva ( pictured with fellow golfer after practise round , Miri Masters 2005) can use this to prove their worth. And there are quite a few more , like Saiful , Rashid , Steven and probably some from the junior ranks. Dont forget MPGA top earner in 2005 Airil . ( above pic in orange with Kalana at Miri Golf Club Practise range , April 2005 ).
Shown also google satelitte view of KLGCC. Having played there both east and west course , I do think lower score should be posted this year. Unless they are thinking of hitting it long to the green from the tee box. It should be an interesting course to play. Undulating fairways and tricky hazards can be a bit tricky for those who have not played there before.
Thongchai won it twice in 2005 and 2004. Both at Saujana. This year will be a total ball game. The green wont be that fast compared to Saujana. But it will be on a different slope speed. It will interesting to see the pro hitting the ball from the tee at hole 16th and 17th. The 16th , from higher tee box , they would be tempted to hit the green from the tee, unless the organisers pull the tee box far back. I would definitely wanted to see how they tee off from the tee at 17th. Either they hit it to carry the small ravine in between two fairways or even hitting it straight to the pin. The slope rating will be 133 compared to Palm Saujana at 142.

Zed and Zuhri , please book tickets early and book your annual leaves now!!!

2005 the whole season

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Golf Wallpaper

If you are looking for nice golf wallpaper , clink at this LINK.

Where r u

If you happen to be playing this weekend , I sincerely hope the heavy rain have not spoil your game. But If you are at home like with no one to play with , it is sickening right. Suddenly I fail to find anyone to play golf with this weekend.
So I ended up waking up quite late and preparing food at home and eat , eat and eat.Maybe the cloudy and rains have something to do with the mood for this weekend. For those who are battling the showers out there, well , you guys must have been having fun.

Met with some MGA golfers on friday afternoon at KK airport. They have just completed the freindly match against SGA and SGA , well Sabah and Sarawak GA. And next month the Malaysian Open will be at KLGCC. Maybe I arranged for a trip or two to KL during that weekend.

Nude golfers ? Naaahhhh , I am just foolin around...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tgk bola

Liverpool almost loose it this morning. After Luton took the lead 3-1 I was switching channel to watch Sergio and the rest of the pro making shots at Mercedes Open in Hawai. Then when I switch back to the football game , the score suddenly was 3-3 and LIverpool at the end won 5-3.

It is a bit funny to look at cosmetic adverts nowadays. Some personalities making statement how they fall i love with a product , when everyone knows that money buys and for those who dont have the bucks , keep that original skin intact. ha ha ha ...

Monthly medal , gross 94 and nett 82. That is definitely not cool at all. Suddenly all the par 5 becomes par 6, except for the last hole 18th. A birdie on the 14th sort of cures the pain. The weather is not favouring anyone today , plus most fairways are still soft and a bit soggy.

John labu is in town , and if I woke up on sunday morning , I might drop by his hotel and catch up with him.

Word of the day - News reporting is equivalent to politics.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

40 gross : back 9 KGM

Playing 40 gross back 9 KGM today. Good signs for 2006.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First week Jan 2006

Of those noted events :
I went to Local Petrol Station for full tank refill for my ever dependable wira and paid RM50 using their " card ". To my amazement the women at the counter did not give a receipt and when I did ask , reasons came out in the open and those behind me have started giving me the look. Still the old malaysian attitude I guess , nothing change in 2006.
I watched a football game , one of those highly rated league in the UK and saw the standard of refereeing is at its low level compared to 2005. And not to mention some local football scenes which have enlighted some public in this country to make comments. We have so many leagues and competition and a handful number of proffessional footballers , yet we have yet to win anything in the local scenes.
I was playing golf over the weekend and am still amazed at what people will do to win the bets but still do not adhere to golf rules. In other words , the scores are tampered with and not reflective of his actual scores for the day. Some golfers will never change.
Meet up with a fellow golfer who has made the trip to play 4 rounds of golf at Mission Hills. I am saving up some cash for that trip , ha ha , I might ...
More cars are on the roads these days, scenes of parents sending their kids for schools for the first time or making sure kids are actualy going to school . ada lah balik ....traffic jams !!
Year ends are approaching and humans on this earth with the same proffession are starting to punch numbers to the fullest and office works are growing in numbers.

In a way nothing really changes in 2006...

errr one more thing , the poor are still not treated with respect and the rich went all the way to the bank shouting out loud what 2006 will bring them...

Monday, January 02, 2006

When is the last time you take time out...

Mental strength and physical fitness are two important features which amateurs forgotten to add to their practise regime. Most appears to go to the practise range to sweat out and hit 100 balls a day only for the sake of makin the time for it. Hoping it will have some drastic effect on their swing , the next day the same amatuer will cursing his or her swing everytime the ball went left or right or even into the unforgiven hazzards.
So how do you develop mental strength. Some religous offers some solution but for me , learning to ignore my little daughter mid nite chorus is one way of doing it. Or you can try sit next to a boiling kettle which has that whistling features and ignore the deafning sound when it boils. Or you can try sitting infront of a busy street, trying to ignore the vehicles thats passes by and focus on an object across the road without blinking an eye.
Mental strength is the one thing that good professional golfers has. Tiger may not be the 1st in long drive but he is one of those golfers who can hit it hard and long with thousand spectators standing close to him. Even for me on occasion , I will sort of stumble on my drive if I have more than 10 golfers waiting behind me.
The other factor would simply be fitness. If you are not fit enuf then you wont be able to repeat the same swing every time you use that driver on the tee . Or even walking 6000 km could be quite a challenge. But nowadays amateurs are done with walking. Most golf courses in Klang Valley or in most other parts in Malaysia are equipped with buggies. Lucky for me , Miri GOlf Club still remains as a walking course. A bonus point for me when playing in other non walking courses. But walking 6000km is not the only fitness factors. A number of proffessional golfers spend 2 to 3 hours in the gym , working out . Now when do I last visited the Gym ?
In 2006 I am determine to put some effort on this two factors, developing mental strength and also my fitness. Hoping this would be the key to reduce my handicapp to minimum 4 by June 2006. Maybe ....?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

1st Jan 06 and its wet ....

Woke up as early as 5 am, morning prayers and the usual routine , hot water and cleaning the kitchen and cook some breakfast for dearest zalita. Had a cup of nescafe , strong black and gazing at bbc news on sports. Liverpool won again , although last nite I was a bit agitated with the performance of the cikeding Garcia.
Hit the road at 6.30 am and stop over at the local wet market for some "currypuffs". Had to have something to eat right to get the ball going. The course is still suffering from the wet season and the rain last nite does not help either. It was wet and the fairways are still in a very bad and soggy conditions. Most of us spend more time searching for the balls rather than practising and making that swing. I did not make a good putt on the first hole. Tee off with rescue 4 and went beyond the pin. Chip it in short and did not read the putt well. Ok its the first hole , 17 to go right. The tee shot on hole no 2 was promising. As usual Maruman Exim Nano II has not let me down. The only problem is now I am having inconsistencies with my second shot. I can be hitting 14 out of 14 fairways for one round but unable to convert it to birdies or par simply because I choked my iron approach shot to the green. And yes the soggy fairways did not help either. Lucky enuf those new footjoys are waterproff and this time around performs as what it is written on the box. But it is still not mud proof anyway. So I hit a bad second shot with a 6 iron and had to chip onto to the green with a 58 degrees Vokey. And again I did not read the putt well and did not anticipate the break from right to left about 3 inches to the pin. True enuf the ball move to the left and bogey is not a score I adore at the moment.
The same script went on and on again until hole 9 . The ball was on the green and only managed the first par of the day. With 46 on the first 9 , I was playing some new sript deep in my head. And it did not went well for hole 10th and 11th. With double bogey and triple bogey score for those two hole , I was tempting to walk back to the club house and had an early drink. The 13th , 14th and 15th was not that bad. With Par par and bogey score , I was back in my golfing mood. The following pics are t shots at hole 13th.
Our dearest DA with his usual easy senior swing.
The usual MH with his unique swing under repair.
And yours truly , your favourite golfer 2005 , Jack GA.

We finally have breakfast at half way hut next to the 15th green. Nasilemak and some meehoon goreng was on the tray with some boiled eggs. That explains why the tee shot on 16th was a bit heavy and slow. Lucky enuf managed to bogey that hole after a few stupin chipping and had to make a long putt to save bogey. Walking to the 17th tee , I was counting the current damage. After making 18 over shots and considering a handicapp 12 , with possibilities of scoring over 90 kind of make a bit edgy. Hey ! I am not going to spoil my new year with plus 90 scores. Thinking again , then I had to make par for the next two finishing par 5 holes. It is not something impossible and true enuf , although not regulation on the green , my long putt makes my day. Finishing par and par for 17th and 18th , leaving me with 90 gross and 78 nett score for the 1st day in 2006.
In summary , I know I can hit the ball solid on the tee with the Maruman Exim Nano II. And ping pal 4 will be my only putter for 2006 , with that new routines which helps a lot in making those long putt. I admit I have to make adjustment and more consistent iron approach shot to the green. Especially with the mid irons. Happy new year everybody....