Friday, March 23, 2007

somewhere in europe

Sunday, March 18, 2007

non golf weekend

Not playing golf this weekend. Probably have to stay in to recover from a long week of fever , flu , coughing and bad alergy week. Plus by tuesday evening I will be on the plane moving up europe for a day or two before flying into another continent for two weeks.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ist Visit to KGSAS

KGSAS, 10.3.07
Alam Shah Nine - 43
Quite a roller coaster ride but I do enjoyed playing the Alam Shah nine with no knowledge at all on the golf course. But the iron swings are getting back in motion and the driver did not let me down except for some over swing on hole par 4 , 6th. The green speed are noted as 8.5 and on the real green it is pretty slower than that. At times you can't really predict how the green will react to your putt or chip to the green.
President Nine - 43
On hole 12th , I hit the driver so hard that it hits the slope on the right and it roll back into the fariway and left me with only 100m going downhill. The second shot was not that good , trying to ounch the ball to the middle of green , I end up pushing it to the right. Then it was the fairly consistent chipping game which make it a simple tap in for a par.

Handicapp for the day - 14
Nett for the day - par golf 72.
Final words: Food was fairly good. The crowd was quite fairly friendly. Houses are located next vey close to the fairways. Not much water hazards are in play but blind hole are quite common. The yardage is a bit out of its original yardage. No keys for the lockers. One golfer was quite rude when I try to wear my shoes in the locker room. I guess , guests are not treated that friendly after all. Maybe he had a late nite and cant get over it. The layout are not that interesting and they could better with the greens.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bangi...and sneezing

Bangi Resort, 4.3.07
Front nine XX
Not to be declared cause we were playing social golf. There more talking than hitting the balls. Plus it was the best chance to get acquainted with old buddies. Funny enuf all this years we never had the chance to play together.Started Kajang nine well with a par and then it was mubo jumbo high roller coaster ride.
Back nine XX
I was lucky enuf I brought along my face towel. Not for the face though this morning , coz I end up covering my nose from excessive sneezing echos. Manage only a couple of par , while the rest was like drving our buggy for a ride in the park.

Handicapp for the day - unknown
Nett for the day - not registered.
Final words: Food was good in Bangi Golf resort. If you prefer eating more than shower , then go there and eat as much as you can. Services are OK. The boys and gals there are in abundance and they wont let you die starving waiting for your food.

Me, putter and the flag

Glenmarie Subang , KL 3.3.07
Front nine 47 gross
Can't figure why iron games are not as usual. Were hiting left and right and can't get it on the green on regulation. Most at the time hitting it too thin leaving the ball scrambling over the fairway.
Back nine 41 gross
Found out the why second shot was not working. Finally get a birdie on 15th. The last three holes were quite scary cause next door at Hyatt Saujana the lightning siren has been heard and it was not the best golf to play at that conditions.

Handicapp of the day - 17
Nett score for the day - 71
Final words " Not that brilliant but the birdie on 15th , a consolation price for the day"