Friday, September 21, 2007

SSG Links ... full blast for 07-08 season

And I thought I was not that excited about SSG Links. Until last week, I have decided to link myself again with it and aiming to complete every single monthly medal after ramadhan. I have been able to score between 80 to 84 again recently and start collecting 2 longest drive medal this year. A 249 m at Bunga Raya hole no 1 and a 260 m at hole no 25 at Bangi Golf Resort. My new Ping G5 made it to 260 m and it does make a lot of difference in my game. Funny that I have started using my long irons on the tee especially on the short par 4.

Target for post ramadhan season:
  1. Top 10 in the first 3 SSGLinks monthly medal.
  2. Top 5 in the next 6 SSGLinks monthly medal.
  3. Top 3 in the last 6 SSGLInks monthly medal.
Which also includes:
  1. Minimum 2 birdies in the first 3 SSGLInks monthly medal.
  2. Minimum 3 birdies in the next 6 SSGLInks monthly medal.
  3. Minimum 4 birdies in the last 6 SSGLinks monthly medal.
  1. Should be registered officially as USGA 12 next month.
  2. Should go down to 10 within the next three month.
  3. Should go down to 8 within the following six month.
  4. Should go down to 6 before September 2008.

Course to play outside KL within the next six month:
  1. One in Melaka.
  2. One in Johor.
  3. One in Pahang.
  4. One in Perak.
Inside my bag for 07-08 post Ramadhan season:
  1. Putter - maintain PIng pal 4.
  2. Wedges - 58 degrees Spin mills Vokey and 54 degrees Voke.
  3. Irons - should regrind the MP33 irons and new grips.
  4. Rescue 4 Taylormade.
  5. Adam Strong 3 wood.
  6. Ping G5 driver - probably with better shaft.
  7. Golf Bag - to refurbished my Ping I3 golfbag.
Balls to use - Stick to Titliest Pro-V. Srixon Zurys are not performing as expected.

The rest is up to the time spent on the driving range and gym. Have fun....

next to the tee...and its green fee?

Monday, September 17, 2007

A month ago, Hanie broke her arm n dad can't play golf

17th. August. 5.30 pm she broke her arm.

Doc showing off the x ray from side.
n her x ray from top.
And the day after she's off up and running and jumping again. But dad still did not play golf on saturday..........( a month ago)

Tak lama lagi nak raya....(Eid Mubarak.....)

Most moslem golfers take it easy for this month of ramadhan. Some still hitting it hard but most probably only 9 holes in the evening. For me this is the best month to practise your endurance. For example try walking through the "ramadhan stalls". If you can go through the crowd without feeling agitated then you would have improve your mental strength against your betting buddies.

This would be the best time to cook at home and have a quiet evening together with your dearest family. Not that I don't do it in other months but in ramadhan it have its special ummph attached to it.

But then again.....who wants to play next weekend sunday???? 18 holes then buka puasa???

Saturday, September 15, 2007

36 hole to close it for Ramadhan

Sunday 14th September 2006. 18 holes at Bangi Golf resort in the morning and then another 18 holes at Nilai Spring tee off at 1.50 pm. The morning session was merely a networking game and to introduce myself to the freternity. Hit 260m on tee box 25 and won the longest drive. Earned top 5 placing but the prizes was only up to 3rd. 1.15pm started my car engine and drove like mad to Nilai Spring. Only then I realize my Proton Wira can really hit 160 and made it on time at Nilai Spring.
Tee off at hole no 3. It was not fun. Legs are getting edgy and the grip is simply not there for the game. Started hitting way to the right on the tee.

hey I did not defend the title but I get a 29inch tv for lucky draw.....hows that!!!!

White over green...