Monday, October 31, 2005

bior benor ...

Your Blogging Type is Kind and Harmonious

You're an approachable blogger who tends to have many online friends.
People new to your blogging circle know they can count on you for support.
You tend to mediate fighting and drama. You set a cooperative tone.
You have a great eye for design - and your blog tends to be the best looking on the block!

betul ke ? really?...but thanks a million to Mediaguru for the compliments.

Interesting test 1

You Should Get a MBA (Masters of Business Administration)

You're a self starter with a drive for success.
You'd make a great entrepreneur.

macam aku ada duit nak gi belajor lagi ? ada org nak sponsor ???

jgn macam tu...(dont lah...)

If you don't like the game , don't blame those who are now enjoyng the game. It is common to find answers among us , golf is not a game for all. Even some brand it as wasting time and effort but funny enough you see these gentlemen popping up at the driving range from time to time. I know a person who blatantly branded golf as something which is unthinkable, very difficult to master and almost a boring game. For info , he is not even a golfer with proper handicapp. And he dont use his own money for a golf club. Yet , in the public especially when I am there , negative remarks about golf tend to be his main agenda.
That is why , I tend to lough out at him when I sees him at the driving range , let alone me giving advice to him how to make that proper golf swing. No way ....

There are some who are inteliigent enough to ask for help. Even myself at times especially when I am at the driving range , always look up for any golfer to scrutinise any improper moves. The only reason for doing that is simply because you won't be able to know what is wrong with the swing unless someone else is right there behind you watching you at close range.

err malas rasa nak gi kerja . Raya oii..............

Sunday, October 30, 2005

New grip by Golf Pride

When is the last time you have cleaned your grip or even changed it ? Do you know that grip should only last not more than 2 years for a recreational golfer ? Even the touring pro and touring amateurs do changed them regularly. Same goes with me , I have recently changed the old grip for my Mizuno Mp33. But it is only up to iron 5. Iron 3 and 4 are not officially stuffed into the store.
With the arrival of the Taylor Made Mid 4 , those 3 and 4 iron will no longer be useful in the bag. Infact it helps me a lot in the range between 190m to 200m. Wood 4 in the bag will give me distance from 200m to 215m and hopefully the new driver Maruman Nano will help me to drive over 230m very soon. The new Golf Pride grip is a joy to use. The feel is much better compared to my old grip. With the monthly medal coming soon on the 13th , I do hope I can shot a good score and qualify for the 2005 Champions Trophy which will be held at the end of November.
Maybe that is the reason why I dont want to travel to JB to defend the title I have won in 2004. But then again who knows ?

A word for golfers out there:
  1. 1. Clean your grip , it helps.
  2. If you wears white gloves , that golves wont change colour that soon.
  3. Before each game , clean your grip with wet towel and let it dry before you reach the first tee box.
  4. If you buys asecond hand golf set , it adviseable to change the grip straightaway.
  5. In Malaysia , use all weather grip , leathers are good but they dont last long in our hot and stuffy climate.
  6. Use rubber grip , dries faster when you plays in the rain.
  7. Don't leave your golf set in the car parked in the hot sun for more than 8 hours. In long term it will shortened the life span of your grip.
  8. If you wanna change grip , get good advice from a local pro. Be extra careful , some golf pro shop have different reasons why they want to sell you each type of grips.
  9. Last but not least , love your grip , you are going to love your round of golf....
Jack GA

Jack not going to JB to defend his 2004 title

ref :

lmost abstiffposulutely , this year Jack GA will not defend the title he won in 2004 . The tournament is planned to be held sometimes after the festive season and the venue will be some golf course near JB. In reality it would be asking GA too much, after all the hassle last year.
IN 2004 , at Tasik Puteri Golf & Country resort he played 79 gross to beat a fellow golfer from his alumni. Lucky enough "GA handicapp for the day was 10 compared to 13 to the runners up.
Jack would love to defend the title but events leading to the tournament and taking into considerations certain priorities , it would not be adviseable to take on the challenge. First the date and venue is yet to be finalised and tournament committee is not even formed to date.
Second after a month lay off from golf , it would a massive task to get into shape especially when Jack is expecting his new maruman nano driver very soon. With the grips changed , it would take some time for GA to get use to the new accessories.

It's a pity GA could not defend his title this year...

at last Liverpool wins 2 - 0 against West Ham

At last , after much awaits , the line up looks promising and the results tells its all. Since the start of the season I have have this funny feelin' everytime I watched them played live on telly. Almost most of them they keep on doing the difficult part of playing football i.e. trying to win it in style. Whereelse the rest of the teams in the premiership are hitting the net with the basic tools i.e. again teamwork.
How often do you see Cisse and Morientes keep on looking at each other gasping what could have been done. How often do you see most of them playing the ball to one another and end up losing it. To tell you the truth , at times I get bored watching them playing passing football but no goals.

ehhh sejak bila aku buat commentary on football game nie ..ish ish ish...

Friday, October 28, 2005

Final monthly visit to the gyno

Yes , its Zalita Final monthly visit before the final countdown on 25th November 2005. The baby is healthy and did moves around during the scan. Even Dr Aida is not amused when she can't figure out whether the baby is a boy or a gal. And as usual whos gets the first attention in Dr Aida's office , obviously that cheeky little Shasha.

Jack GA

kalau nak buat cerita org main golf....

Bukan nak kutuk , cuma nak komen. Al tukang buat drama or wayang kita nie kalau nak represent a story with golfers winvolved , kindly take note of the following :

  1. Golfer wears cap playing golf in hot malaysia ... kalau tak pakai cap tu nampak plastic betul cara depa main golf. Panas beb in reality , yg tak pakai topi tu jenis yg kepala batu ade lah.
  2. Golfer dont talk that much on the green or while hitting the balls. Unless they are playing at an empty golf course. Banyak cakap nanti org jerit bola dtg dari belakang...
  3. Putting biasa nya org tak pakai glove. But kalau ada pun jenis yg dah tak sempat nak bukak glove coz dia dah chip on to the green very close to the pin and sebab nak habihkan cepat , tak payah bukak glove.
  4. Golfers selalunya berpeluh lebat bagai nak rak kalau main golf. Kalau tak basah tu , al maksud samada memang baru aje main or pukul bola atas angin...
  5. Bila dah main golf ni tangan tu gerenti ada sun tan sikit. so suruh lah tukang makeup tu buat touch up sikit bagi nampak ada stripe sikit tangan tu. Ini putih melepak punya lah cantik lepas main golf , all the way pakai payung ke ???
  6. Kalau nak tunjuk actor tu pukul bola , kalau actor tu tak pandai pukul carilah double yg boleh pukul bola tu. Nanti org yg tak main golf salah faham bab main golf nie.
  7. Golf is not for the rich people only OK !!! So buat lah citer org yg middle income group ni main golf. Jadi tak le bila aku balik kg , org kg tak lah mcm ingat aku ni kaya benor main golf.
  8. Beg golf tu kalau buat citer org kaya main golf , jgn lah pakai beg golf yg sengkek ... pinjam lah kejap mamat golfer yg ada beg cantik sikit ekkk elehhh...
tapi jgn mare ye kalau aku tegur nie. bukan apa , biar citer tu nampak lah reality sikit. We golfers from the middle income group ni kdg kdg naik meluat kalau tgk citer kao org buat tu tgk golfer dalam tv tu macam haprak aje ....

Jack GA

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cairo , Dubai and Khartoum

Those were the items we bought while we were in those cities. The big is made of crystal , bought at Asfour Crystal in Cairo. We were quite amazed sitting inside the gallery sitting next to the Asfour Crystal Plant. It is much cheaper to get from there than to buy it anywhere else on shopping malls or souvenir shop in the middle east. So if you are thinking about visiting Cairo , visiting the Asfour Crystal gallery itself is a must. The cheapest way and safest route to visit the city is to get some assistance from brother and sisters studying or works there.
We spend on about USD 100 a day for meals , accomodation , a car with someone to drive it and someone who can speaks the local dialect as well as negotiating the prices. We visited the city twice , first during aidil adha in 2002 and on the way back to msia during our summer holidays (with my other half). Personally I have visited Cairo more than 3 times while I was posted in Khartoum. The city is self , as one of the malaysian student describe it as a city with hidden treasures. Those places where most people visited was not in our priority list. Little that we knew , makam Imam Syafiee was there ?
The second jug was bought in Khartoum during one of the international fairs and the item itself is made in Pakistan. You wont see the real colour in the pic but I can assure you , it is a gem. Kharotum it self is a city with so much wonders. White Nile and Blue nile and the hospitality of the locals which we wont see on the news. Then there was Dubai. A city with its own gems. Many would brand it as the modern part of the middle east. So much can be said and be told about the city. If you have that extra cash and thinking of going somewhere , try Cairo and Dubai or even Khartoum.

ps Acat n Senorita , Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
ps2 Adie Jin - we love yer forever....
ps3 Adam and Ez - good luck ...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blur images of sports personalities

IN golf two main personalities have made to the headlines with bad images. One playing the ball three inches closer to the green and ended up being disqualified and another fails to make the cut in a tournament which I would have thought should have been won easily. The two are having some major problems with their game. One fails to focus on the rules and the other fails to observe the basic tools in playing golf. I would have put as being stuborn , over confident and thinking too much about winning rather than making a good solid game.
In football , I have some bad remarks on a football team which I have been supporting since I was 12 yrs old. How could they spend so much on a number of strikers who do not know how to strike the ball into the net. These players should be ban and should consider stop playing the game once and for all.

In politics , a number of MP's are playing with other MP's issues in pressing their influence. These MP's looks very aggressive , louding their thoughts on how and what should have been done. On the other hand , what have they done to their own playing ground. They are talking about policies and yet there are still starving kids next door. ALmost on a daily basis , organisations and some individuals are seen and potrayed in the local dailies or local screen showing how they spend money for those who can't afford to spend money for the local festive season.
Is that neccessary or is it simply a super dooper one off showscreen and will have to wait for another 11 months for a sequel ?

At the same time , ada 2 org tgh bercintan dgn lentuk nya over the blog of which me and my darling managed to point out their actual identity. Mana tak nya all the clues are there in each blog. AT times it reminds me of the time I met my dearest . A door opened and ish ish ish tak leh lah citer.

One tips for golfer out there. Ni dapat from local top amatuer yg recently baru aje dapat sponsorship from Maruman. I am happy for him. Putting on various type of green. For fast and speedy green yg macam simen tu , all you to do is putt the ball at the khatulistiwa line of the ball. That is striking the ball at the centre , putter tu kira is not touching the ground. Reason logic nya is that for fast green , you need to strike the ball smoothly and make it roll.
For green yang berat , tebal and slow , then you have to putt the ball at full moon. The putter is much closer to the ground. This is to create more spin and make the ball roll. Kalau at centre of the ball , then the ball will have some spin effect and yes tak lah ke depan bola tu.

Last but not least , bila aku punya nano maruman nak sampai nie ...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Tips for men

Kalau tgh berkasih:
1. never make promises ...
2. dont meet the other half more than 3 times a week.
3. yr mum and dad should not know her until ur are to marry her
4. ponecall , dont just say hi , say hi beautiful..
5. play golf as much as possible while u have this chance.
6. start golf before marriage is better than while in a marriage.
7. suprises are nice , but flowers are top list.
8. dont go shopping with them...
9. dont even play golf with them ....
10. learn how u handle the things that u dont like ..

kalau yg dah kawin:
1. ample notice to your other half about yr golf schedule is a must
2. spread golf and family time evenly
3. dont play golf at nite ... bad bad bad habit
4. dont forget yr anniverssary or yf golf set will melt
5. make sure yf other half knows a bit abt golf...
6. share yr round of golf results when u are at home
7. etc etc etc... tbc

kalau yang dah duda:
1. gasak lah bila bila kao nak main golf...

Jack GA

Sunday, October 23, 2005

kenapa lah depa tu tak sedar diri

Permerhatian GA dari luar kotak : kalau tak suka jgn baca or komen.

sibuk nak naik kan sorang ke bintang persada , semua org sibuk sms habih duit berjuta. walhal ramai lagi yang seagama dan sebangsa masih lagi melarat mengharapkan belas kasihan.
sibuk nak jadikan org felda bertaraf tinggi , kenapa mesti sorang aje. ramai lagi anak felda yang melarat ,tak dapat peluang dan tak dapat pengiktirafan. kalau ada pun yang berjaya , balik kampung kena kan org felda balik.
aku pun anak org felda. aku pun pernah menoreh. aku pun pernah membaja pokok getah yang berbukit bukau. tapi pernah aku sibuk betapa terer nya aku ni di sanjung orang. tapi aku tak blame org tu. sapa yang untung sebenar nya ekk.
sapa yang buat duit sebenar nya ekk.
sapa yang dapat profit juta juta ekk.

mungkin org marah dgn pendapat aku. tapi peduli apa ye dak. ada yang glamour sebab komen pasal 12 budak dalam tv bercakap sama sendiri dalam satu rumah. ada yang glamour dalam blog ni sebab bergambar dengan depa. eh aku jeles ke . maybe kot . but bukan ke patut di cari benda yang boleh represent diri sendiri. contoh nya kao pandai buat baju ke. kao pandai niaga ke. kao pandai lukis ke. ish entah lah.

depa ni bagus. tapi alangkah bagus kalau di buat undi tu tak payah dibayar. mesti lagi ramai yg undi punya , ye dak. yang pi mengundi tak payah bayar tu berapa ketul yang pergi mengundi. bila org dah pilih wakil yang tak buat kerja sibuk cerita kedai kopi merata. tapi tak gi mengundi.

eeee jahat nya mulut aku bulan puasa nie.....jgn mare ye.

A swing that went wrong ...

Its a par five and I drove my tee shot to the centre of the fairway. It did not go beyond 200m marks simply because I did use the mid four rescue iron. Well , why ? simply because it is the first hole of the day and I did not get to do some practise swing at the range before the game.

The rest is history ...

To Dave , somewhere in Florida , I am hopeful the storm has ended and you are not affected other than not able to go for your usual 18 hole.

Extreme force

Have you ever hit a ball so hard it breaks into pieces? Obviously I have never did that or ever come across someone who can hit that hard enuf to make the ball breaks into two.

GA - mcm batu belah batu bertangkup pulak..

Saturday, October 22, 2005

GA new goodies

My new golf bag. Anyone can guess the brand ?

Mr Aly keNok, the Dolphin who covers my putter now has a fren Mr Has Keris a.ka. Dimpy.

Meet Mr Dimpy , who covers my wood 4.

Working and polishing

Ga has never felt this down. Unfortunately as of today suddenly all the efforts and hard works thrown at workplace is taken away by circumtances. Someone is going to get all the credit by not making a single effort, and yes I feel like hitting 1000 balls at range today keeping in mind the ball is someone I really want to hit and smack hard.

Maybe on monday GA will respond with the following notes :
1. Ohh , sorry those files that I have been working on since 2003 , oohh it has been deleted and I cant figure out where I file it.
2. errrr I think I have deleted those files , hang on , there may be some hard copies , but then again it would probably have been outdated and I would not know how to update it anyway.
3. Do it yourself lah......

The first time today I am taking it all as cool as I can be. By not saying a single word , I walked away from the crowd and went home as early as I could. ha ha ha , life is that fair...

GA - I am definitely not in the mood to come back to the office on monday.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Four sides of GA

The top right I wish I had the speed power drive and length of Tiger. But I don't need the blonde wife though.The the top left , maybe the putting consistency of Vijay . But then again I don't have the height. Bottom Left will be the skill and game plan of Anika , who masters her game perfectly in keeping her name in top form almost week in week out. Then bottom right maybe some new blood of Wie with some extra attractions so that people will watch me play.

On the other hand , who am I kidding ? I still can't figure out why I can outdrive yusof daud. Although at times I do know I am damn good on the green. At times , I do have the tendency to start well and then losing it at the fourth holes. For example 2 weeks ago at Eastwood valley , after three holes , all three on the green on regulation. All three miss the putt for birdie and all three hit centre of the fairway.

And then what happen on hole 13th . I hit the ball into the water hazard and had to settle for a double bogey. Making it worse I snap the tee shot at hole 14th and drive the ball way out to the left and into the jungle. Need me to tell you what happen to the rest of the game ? It suck.

Maybe I need that four heads to make it thru full solid concentration on 18 holes. Or is it ?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Another stiching product for GA

My dearest Zalita did that for me recently. However I have yet to decide where to place that. Maybe with the golf towel hanging on the golf bag or on a plain tshirt ?
And who says playing golf is bad for a married man. A number of men I have met citing reasons for not playing golf is that they can't find the right reasons to argue with their spouses. Well , I dont have to argue with my other half nor did I have to find reasons. If you have good intent on playing golf I don't think your other half will have any ill feelings towards you.
But then again , if you keep on playing golf every single free time after work and on all weekends that is definitely inviting arguements and giving your other half much reasons to argue with you.
On Ramadhan month , I dare say , it will no golf or it would be minimum golf. Despite that , I have to spend some time on the driving range next week or week after that to get the swing ready for tournaments after the festive seasons.

Question for the day ? - When is the last time you have a good routine for your putt ? If you dont have it better start one coz it will bring more consistent results...


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Golf Addix on a new template

Wanted a fresher template. Would luv to get a new header but maybe next year. Was quite suprised with what Wie had to endure in her first pro outing. But then again , I am not suprised to see Anika getting another trophy.
By next I should be able to hit the balls at the range. Got to get myself prepared for tournaments after ramadhan. Pretty sure that I should peak at the right time this time.

Nice layout aint it ?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

2005 so far so good

2005 is almost over and so far it has been quite a journey. From handicapp 16 down to 11 this year. The best score at KGM was 80 gross on a saturday outing with Rosdi and some other frens. Other than that nothing much to brag about. Got myself a new mid 4 rescue Taylor Made which have contributed to consistent approach for distance between 200m to 180m.
Qualified for the KGM open and did not do well and peak only a week after the tournament. I guess I should have put three weeks of training and more 18 holes rounds. The putter is working well , nothing much can be asked from Ping Pal4 though.
Not many outstation golf this year. Pantai Mentiri in Brunei , Rahman Putra 3rd and 4th Nine , KLGCC West Course , Palm Spring and thats it. Hopefully next year if I get to get a job in the city , I would be able to explore more and play better. I was hoping I could defend the title I have won in 2004. But I would probably give it a miss since my other half will be delivering our third child by end of November.
Tiger has clawed back to the title contenders. Wie is doing well in the tour. Danny made it to The Open but miserably missed the slot to the World Cup. I did won the SKO competition this year but the organiser claim the winner should be based on the last three holes rather than giving it to the lower handicapper. B?!&*()$%^^....Labuan was a bad outing. Got injured and playing with injury did not serve any positive notes to me or to the team. Did not make it to the team in KL again this year , after all it does not make any sense fighting for it.
Hani is three this November. She is begining to show some interest in golf with her toyset. And seeing her trying to imitate my golf swing , does give some indications what she would like to do in the future . Or otherwise ? Shasha is now two years old. Watching these kids grow do makes you ponder and wishes to have more , he he he ....

2006 will be a another beautiful golf year. I do hope it will turn out ok. Lets do more golf ehh...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

razr v3

yeahhh. earned my new moto razr v3 at last. the cost is much cheaper than the market price. if you want to have it I am more willing to guide you to the place.
so much have been said about new gadgets but after four years with t65 sony erricsson , that razr is worth the wait. it does not have the largest memory storage but fits my needs.
I took the model in black colour and its certainly one of the most best looking mobile phone in the market at the moment.Bought it with a bluetooth piece and woooo , driving and making phonecalls are that easy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Golf Addix on the rest of 2005 seson

Wie is managing her route into the pro events by now. Some doubts it and even questioned her ability to sustain the challenge in the tour. Some secretly voices their frustration why she don't have to go through qualifying events .

Woods is making up for 2004 season. And I would think 2006 would be a clean sweep for the grand events. All four majors ? Why not ? You won't have another Tiger for another decade or two or three.

Someone called me up last week, apologizing simply because he is leaving the local golfing crowd and moving back to the key el. No comment....(err......).

End of November will be a bit busy with wifey c section. Boy or gal ? Any predictions ?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

GA back in hot miri...

The journey back home was pleasant. For the first time I have good words to say about govt agencies. Arrived in Miri after 7 on ramadhan month is not that easy. While in the que an immigration officer approaches us and letting my wife and kids to go beyond the line and wait for me at the baggage claim lounge. I was suprised and smile back to the nice gentlemen plus a little thank you.
While on holiday we took the kids to new Aquaria at KLCC Convention Centre. It was nicely built and a bit small compared to the one in Langkawi. However the big tank was wooo , brilliant. Pictured left is Hani infront of one of the tank . I do admit this is something positive for tourist and
also for KL. And me myself and I in the big tank myself.
I thought it was nice to see divers in the tank entertaining the crowd while feeding the fish. Hey those sharks are not that bad either. It was a good break for the four of us. Too bad the other three could have join us in the party.
And guess what ? I did not use Sony IP7e, but instead my new motorola v3 razor. NIce quality pics .

It's ramadhan and dunno when I will pick up those irons again....

Saturday, October 01, 2005

GA at Eastwood Valley

Today , morning flights at Eastwood Valley. Results later.

Evening , catching the flight back to KL and will only be back by the 10th Oct 2005.