Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ain't going ahead neither moving back

So they have predicted another economic meltdown but this time around as if everyone is so damn sure it is just around the corner. Yet most crowd are still patronising golf greens and other daily routines. And evertime I raise the idea of moving jobs, others reminded me of job security.
So where do i go from this point. Should I move on to another job and gets to play more golf, or should I stayed on and the world starts rolling backwards as the calendar year starts shortened day by day.

I am beginning to think we should all play golf during office hours and start working at nite....hows that?

Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 and a lot of good golf to come

I have ended 2008 with some terrible golf adjusting to my new MP67. I have only myself to blame anyway. With one month resting over ramdhan and busy managing new workplace and new home for my family to settle in Bintulu. The scores have been in the range of 101, 99, 98 and 97. And most of the time it is simply because I am not hitting that green on regulation or near to the greens anyway. 
The Bintulu Golf Club is quite a challenging golf club. You wont get adapted to the course in one visit for sure.

Only recently I have managed to play 45 for the first nine and still hitting 8 for the first hole Par 5. I have decided to let go all the new gadgets for fairway woods and so called friendly rescue woods. More on making good impact with iron 3 and decided to use old wilson wood 3 which most golfers would have thrown to the junkyard.

Thus adapting to the new strategy proves to be fruitfull nowadays. I dont have to use the driver regularly especially for the short and tight par 4. Course management enhancement will be the target for 2009 agenda. On the driving range, I will focus more on hitting the driver longer and hitting good shots on those iron 3.

Last but not come it is too much rain this month.......grrrrrrrr