Tuesday, April 25, 2006

BBC Sports , European Tour and BMW Asian Open

First BBC sports make a blunder on reporting the 1st day results of the BMW Asian Open. Instead of reporting third place DANNY CHIA of MAS (generic shortform for MALAYSIA) , they put up D CHAI of MYN ( which is usually used to denote Myanmar).

Second , if you watch the live telecast , BMW Asian Open , is projecting European golfers more than the Asian golfers. OK it is European PGA Tour sactioned tournament , but what the heck is that in promoting Asians to play more golf. I was hoping to see the likes of Mardan , Danny and the Thais.

Third , if you watch the playoff , isn't a bit funny when you see the man who carries the results signage following the players. During a playoff do we really need to know what is their current scores . NO !

Saturday, April 22, 2006

If you have make a promise

Golf is never a game that you can master in a day after reading the hitchhickers guide to golf. Indeed you need the skills , passion and a lot of patience. But what hit me today is something other than the game it self. I was approached by a fren , who wanted to play over the weekend and ask me to get the bookings done for the four of us. So I did. And make the bookings with sms flying around for confirmations. Even on friday evening , another golfer reminds everyone of the tee times and where to play.

At 6.30 am , a golfer called me to inform that a fren who should be playing with us is now at the tee box playing with some VIP. Oh boy !!! I guess we golfers with no magic titles in front of our names will not get priorities and the liberty to be informed that he could not make it.

well .......... I guess we know who you are now.
played 89 today with one long birdie putt. The rest of it .... nahhhhh u don't wanna bother .


A boy was beaten to death again this week at a government properties , in a so called "making yourself proud of your country" programme. Two things I have to say out loud. Parents , you should fight to the courts against sending your kids . Second , where is the so called regulators in those programmes. Sleeping over work ???


Pollution in malaysian rivers ! Ello....whom are you kidding ? Everyone are to be blamed. Why ? Go out there and take a good hard look at those rivers and the surroundings developments . Dont tell me you are not among one of them ...


ha ha ha ha ha ha...playing another 18 hole tomorrow morning ...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hectic week for golf

44 on front 9 on Monday
94 at Eastwood on wednesday
89 at KGM on thursday morning
41 on back 9 on thursday afternoon.

and i am back to the office on friday.
will be playing again on saturday morning...

now that's cool for a week of golf.

Friday, April 14, 2006

My iron swing is back...

>Fairway Hole 11th Miri Golf Club
Hole 11th Par 4 , 401m (today blue tee at 390m)

Tee off with Maruman Exim Nano II 250 m

MP33 Iron 8 , 140 m to the pin.

Iron shot end up 5 m infront of the green.

Saved Par with 6feet putt.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Watch that swing...

We had just recovered from augusta and some are still making fuss about Tiger's statement. M might have just won it but some others prefers to make unneccessary headlines. After seeing golfers going thru paces in a hectic final day , I was amazed at some who attempted to paraded beautiful lass making putts on the green. Geeeee ... what are they trying to do ?
Anyway , back to the swing. I am back to golf swing after hectic year end closings. Being involved in accounting , with your financial accounts ending in March , I have not been golfing much lately. Making it quite difficult to maintain that swing. But after a round of 84 gross on Tuesday , I might be able to make it back to low 80's again.
KGM is organising Sarawak Amateur Open at end of April. I am not into it this time simply because my handicapp have been demoted to 13.1 (MGA NHS). Making things worse , when marking my score on the card , I get this eery and nasty look from my fellow golfers. What ? you are playing 14 ? Among other reason why I have not been golfing much is simply because of our beautiful "alya". She is now about to reach 5 months old. And most of the time , after work , I have always caught up with either making it to the first tee or turn right and head home to see our dearest "Alya".

anyway , dad is playing again early tomorrow morning.....(miri cuti beb ...)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

School Wardens are not trained to become School Wardens...

It is plain and simple. School wardens are not trained to become school wardens. The growing number of school hostels and boarding schools in this country has grown since I left my boarding school almost 2 decade ago. In those days school wardens are even worse. There are no such things as being a caring and sensitive wardens. They are specially breed to be a fierce and most of them are not much different to prisons wardens.
Funny enuf these has not been taken seriously. While some wardens are fatherly figures and responsible to the kids under their care , now we have come across so much news on irresponsible wardens.

But who is to be blame for that ? I won't send my kids to any of those boarding schools or hostels for sure .... Will you ?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Golf Addix leaving miri...

It is ironic that government counters are still in the dark ages on how to treat customers esp when young families visited their counters. They have special consultations rooms which is not used and left unused. Or maybe when some dato or YB or mentiri visit the offices , only then such facilities will be used.
They could be more caring to customers who have to bring along their small child with them. I dont have any maids at home , so I have to bring the whole package to the counters. And when I can't reproduce a copy of some document , I was asked to go out of the que and make copies. I did went beserk searching for a nearby facility and left my kids in the waiting chairs.

Pak Lah....I am not voting for your offices next election for sure...


Floods in KL .... ? Who is to blame ?


Pindah KL yahooooooooooooooooooooooo..........................................


Liverpool win again . Tiger misses out the Masters. Phil Mickleson won it and it will be the biggest fluke of the century. World Cup....errrr.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Some Sat view Golf courses in kl

Went there twice back in 2004 and 2005. Sri Selangor has some tight fairways. The water hazards on the first hole can be a bit tricky. Some of the greens are elavated , which simple means the yardage can be a bit funny.

Heard so much about UKM Bangi. Have not ventured to the course yet. So I dont have any idea what the course looks like . Unless anyout out there willing to give us some clues on what to expect from the course.

KDE Ampang. Since I will be moving on to Desa Pandan very soon , I guess I might buy a club membership close to me , which is actually KDE. Played there with some Ampang frens. But it was not a good outing. Maybe being new to the course , I had some hesitation on hitting a few shots here and there. I like the short par 3. The par fives are reachable in two but both needs a good tee shot for you to play a good long 2nd shot to the green.

IOI palm garden. Played there once back in 2004. Short and hilly. Very undular fairways, at times you might end up not liking your straight tee shot to the fairways. The fairway is a bit softie when it rains , which explains why many dont like to play there at nite.
I had never seen BUkit Jalil gour course yet. But in few months time , hopefully I will have that oppurtunity to try it. By end of the month I should know when I will be moving back to Metropolitan key el...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Which 4 will make it to The Open this year ?

Can u make a guess which four will make it this year?

1) Shiv Kapur, India
2) Andrew Buckle, Australia
3) Jarrod Lyle, Australia
4) Terry Pilkadaris, Australia
5) Marcus Both, Australia
6) Scott Strange, Australia
7) Jeev Milkha Singh, India
8) Yeh Wei-tze, Chinese Taipei
9) Prom Meesawat, Thailand
10) Chapchai Nirat, Thailand
11) Amandeep Johl, India
12) Yoshinobu Tsukada, Japan
13) Scott Barr, Australia
14) Mahal Pearce, New Zealand
15) Soushi Tajima, Japan
16) Mardan Mamat, Singapore
17) Eddie Lee, New Zealand
18) Gavin Flint, Australia
19) Adam Groom, Australia
20) Angelo Que, Philippines
21) Adam Fraser, Australia
22) Akinori Tani, Japan
23) Adam Le Vesconte, Australia
24) Jason Dawes, Australia
25) Unho Park, Australia
26) Danny Chia, Malaysia
27) Lee Sung, Korea
28) Richard Moir, Australia
29) Rahil Gangjee, India
30) Bryan Saltus, USA
31) Sushi Ishigaki, Japan
32) Jochen Lupprian, Germany
33) Corey Harris, USA
34) James Stewart, Hong Kong
35) Chang Tse-peng, Chinese Taipei
36) Kyi Hla Han, Myanmar
37) David Gleeson, Australia

Sunday, April 02, 2006

74 nett and hot sun.

Its one of the games which I will miss once I moved on to another job. Three years and consecutively at third spot each time. We played at Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Resort on saturday. The weather is so hot. I forgot to put on my lotion and still suffering from the itchy burning feeling on sunday morning.

I am not physically fit though. The back injury I had in the freak accident back in 1998 is still haunting me. After positively only 3 over gross at tee box hole no 9 , I was already thinking about gross 39. The tee shot at hole 9 was not that bad , but the 2nd shot was blown away to the right and hit the pond. The recovery shot was not even close to nice and end up hitting 7 on a par4 9th.

At times I am quite amazed at how golfers attempts to make things looks good (which actually make things looks even worse) for themselves and ask us to react back in a gentlemen manner. Thats why playing golf is not easy when you have to face weirdos , slow pacers , beginners who fails to observe golf ettiqutte.

Then everything starts to fall apart and end up scoring 50 at the back 9. Errr handicapp for the day 18 ? and scoring nett 74 ? urrrghhh.....