Saturday, December 02, 2006

KLCC park - Children playing area

Its suppose to be children playing area and this man should be responsible enuf not to smoke in the area .

Friday, November 24, 2006

2006 Club Review : IOI Palm Garden

Ratings out of 10:
Fairways - 7 (can be 0 when it rains)
Course - 8
Green - 7
Pin Flags - 6 (losing its colours)
Tee box signage - 7
Tee box - 7
Nite flood lights - 8
Caddie - 6 (early booking is advised if u really need them)
Buggy - 4 (abt to be ....)
Buggy track - 5 (tricky corners and tunnels are not lighted)
Parking facilities - 7
Green Fees - can't rate that coz I was not paying
Changing room - 6 (part of it under renovation)
Pro shop - 6
Club HOuse - 8 (food is OK)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

2006 Club Review : Danau UKM Bangi

Early morning at Danau Golf club.

Pin flag with the club logo. It has that touch of class. The greens are tricky yet true greens. A lot of blind holes. Rough are totally out of play. Fairway can be a bit of a problem when it rains. Well managed by Saujana. It is one of the home clubs for SSG Links members. Located within UKM compound , so getting there during public holidays can be a bit confusing. But they put up good signage so that golfers don't get lost within the UNi campus.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Am grateful to Miri Golf Club 03-06

Restarted my golf in Miri 2003.
Frens are abundance and golf is never bold.
Funny is my work collegue are the one who spoils it.
But those local miri guys out there, they know how to have fun
CJ with his hole in one.
Kalana with his long drive and colourful khakis.
Antoni and his pda's/
Usop with his driver made in china but still make the distance.
Another usop , 10 yrs ago , snooker, then golf , wonder what in 10 yrs time.
The boys of miri who have been providing brilliant caddie services.
At miri golf club u wont have to play alone , unless you choose to do so.
Miri Masters , Miri Open and Amateur Open.
Those Dutch's golfers are ethically brilliant.
Eastwood Valley was a good change.
The rest is history. But those who have make my life miserable in Miri , I forgive you , may you have a better life wherever you are.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jack GA golfing in KL

Fhew !!!! after few months of moving things and new house , at last we managed to get streamyx on line. And here we go again , Jack will get htings updated very soon . Golfing in KL has been fun . Courses covered so far were among others , Peransang Templer, Tasik Puteri , Staffield , Bangi Golf Resort , Saujana Impian , Danau Bangi and etc etc etc...
Jack has recently joing the SSG Links . For those who have yet to have any club membership , it is recommended to be in it. See yer...

JAck GA sigining off from KGM

By sunday , we will be moving back to KL . Will be starting new assignment by monday. Some claims that once u r back in kl , there will be less oppurtunity to play golf. Maybe there are some truth in it considering the amount of time I have to spend at the office while waiting for the two new candidates coming in. New challenge in a familiar territory. Surely will miss those jolly and cheerful miri golfers. Met a few doctors , politicians , local bussinessman , some ceo's etc etc etc. Some happy memories on the golf course. CJ with his hole in one on hole 12th. Become a caddy to a fellow golfer in the first Miri Masters during the inauguration of Miri status as Tourism City. Some good tips from some good amatuers.

JAck GA sigining off from KGM.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

If , Some n But...

If ,
1. you can't play golf , don't blame the game for being boring simply because you don't have it.
2. you hate golf , don't use it as a reason why your boy friend / hubby are away in weekends.
3. you dont understand golf , don't make noise.
4. you hate greens , then I suggest pick another colour.

Some ,
1. like to bitch on about boring golf . They must be so engrossed with ushy mushy love stories.
2. don't want to date a golfer , probably they are afraid to be home alone on weekends.
3. despize the game and people who loves it, maybe because they can't afford it....naaahhhh...
4. can't play sports , so they starts war with any...

But ,
1. if you hate the game so much , refrain from reading this blog.
2. if you can afford to play the game , go make more money and join us ...
3. if you don't want to be left alone at home , make babies ...
4. if you love the game but can't blog about it , tough...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Jack GA hates golf

Funny huh ? A golf addict suddenly hates golf. Well , I turned down an oppurtunity to play golf with a bunch of people simply because, the organising part is poor. I wont let you guys run my lfe for four days in those conditions. This is where I have to draw the line. Although I love playing golf , it doesnot mean you can use it to pull me to that tournament. No way jose....

After a few trips to KK, Miri and Labuan I have learnt a lot about the golfers who manages the trips. At times I have spoken out loud and end up being critised and end up worse than the culprit. The only reason why I played 84 in Miri is because I can run my own life and decide what to do before the game. A good two hours on the range before each round will help me to play better golf. Instead in Labuan and KK , I don't have that. And to make it worse the transport arrangement was lousy.

With that I am concentrating on my new assignment in the city. Will be moving out from here with my family . It is a good break for my dearest Zalita. After all since we got married , we have been moving all over except KL. And all those frens and other relatives , now we have more time to connect.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

BBC Sports , European Tour and BMW Asian Open

First BBC sports make a blunder on reporting the 1st day results of the BMW Asian Open. Instead of reporting third place DANNY CHIA of MAS (generic shortform for MALAYSIA) , they put up D CHAI of MYN ( which is usually used to denote Myanmar).

Second , if you watch the live telecast , BMW Asian Open , is projecting European golfers more than the Asian golfers. OK it is European PGA Tour sactioned tournament , but what the heck is that in promoting Asians to play more golf. I was hoping to see the likes of Mardan , Danny and the Thais.

Third , if you watch the playoff , isn't a bit funny when you see the man who carries the results signage following the players. During a playoff do we really need to know what is their current scores . NO !

Saturday, April 22, 2006

If you have make a promise

Golf is never a game that you can master in a day after reading the hitchhickers guide to golf. Indeed you need the skills , passion and a lot of patience. But what hit me today is something other than the game it self. I was approached by a fren , who wanted to play over the weekend and ask me to get the bookings done for the four of us. So I did. And make the bookings with sms flying around for confirmations. Even on friday evening , another golfer reminds everyone of the tee times and where to play.

At 6.30 am , a golfer called me to inform that a fren who should be playing with us is now at the tee box playing with some VIP. Oh boy !!! I guess we golfers with no magic titles in front of our names will not get priorities and the liberty to be informed that he could not make it.

well .......... I guess we know who you are now.
played 89 today with one long birdie putt. The rest of it .... nahhhhh u don't wanna bother .


A boy was beaten to death again this week at a government properties , in a so called "making yourself proud of your country" programme. Two things I have to say out loud. Parents , you should fight to the courts against sending your kids . Second , where is the so called regulators in those programmes. Sleeping over work ???


Pollution in malaysian rivers ! Ello....whom are you kidding ? Everyone are to be blamed. Why ? Go out there and take a good hard look at those rivers and the surroundings developments . Dont tell me you are not among one of them ...


ha ha ha ha ha ha...playing another 18 hole tomorrow morning ...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hectic week for golf

44 on front 9 on Monday
94 at Eastwood on wednesday
89 at KGM on thursday morning
41 on back 9 on thursday afternoon.

and i am back to the office on friday.
will be playing again on saturday morning...

now that's cool for a week of golf.

Friday, April 14, 2006

My iron swing is back...

>Fairway Hole 11th Miri Golf Club
Hole 11th Par 4 , 401m (today blue tee at 390m)

Tee off with Maruman Exim Nano II 250 m

MP33 Iron 8 , 140 m to the pin.

Iron shot end up 5 m infront of the green.

Saved Par with 6feet putt.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Watch that swing...

We had just recovered from augusta and some are still making fuss about Tiger's statement. M might have just won it but some others prefers to make unneccessary headlines. After seeing golfers going thru paces in a hectic final day , I was amazed at some who attempted to paraded beautiful lass making putts on the green. Geeeee ... what are they trying to do ?
Anyway , back to the swing. I am back to golf swing after hectic year end closings. Being involved in accounting , with your financial accounts ending in March , I have not been golfing much lately. Making it quite difficult to maintain that swing. But after a round of 84 gross on Tuesday , I might be able to make it back to low 80's again.
KGM is organising Sarawak Amateur Open at end of April. I am not into it this time simply because my handicapp have been demoted to 13.1 (MGA NHS). Making things worse , when marking my score on the card , I get this eery and nasty look from my fellow golfers. What ? you are playing 14 ? Among other reason why I have not been golfing much is simply because of our beautiful "alya". She is now about to reach 5 months old. And most of the time , after work , I have always caught up with either making it to the first tee or turn right and head home to see our dearest "Alya".

anyway , dad is playing again early tomorrow morning.....(miri cuti beb ...)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

School Wardens are not trained to become School Wardens...

It is plain and simple. School wardens are not trained to become school wardens. The growing number of school hostels and boarding schools in this country has grown since I left my boarding school almost 2 decade ago. In those days school wardens are even worse. There are no such things as being a caring and sensitive wardens. They are specially breed to be a fierce and most of them are not much different to prisons wardens.
Funny enuf these has not been taken seriously. While some wardens are fatherly figures and responsible to the kids under their care , now we have come across so much news on irresponsible wardens.

But who is to be blame for that ? I won't send my kids to any of those boarding schools or hostels for sure .... Will you ?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Golf Addix leaving miri...

It is ironic that government counters are still in the dark ages on how to treat customers esp when young families visited their counters. They have special consultations rooms which is not used and left unused. Or maybe when some dato or YB or mentiri visit the offices , only then such facilities will be used.
They could be more caring to customers who have to bring along their small child with them. I dont have any maids at home , so I have to bring the whole package to the counters. And when I can't reproduce a copy of some document , I was asked to go out of the que and make copies. I did went beserk searching for a nearby facility and left my kids in the waiting chairs.

Pak Lah....I am not voting for your offices next election for sure...


Floods in KL .... ? Who is to blame ?


Pindah KL yahooooooooooooooooooooooo..........................................


Liverpool win again . Tiger misses out the Masters. Phil Mickleson won it and it will be the biggest fluke of the century. World Cup....errrr.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Some Sat view Golf courses in kl

Went there twice back in 2004 and 2005. Sri Selangor has some tight fairways. The water hazards on the first hole can be a bit tricky. Some of the greens are elavated , which simple means the yardage can be a bit funny.

Heard so much about UKM Bangi. Have not ventured to the course yet. So I dont have any idea what the course looks like . Unless anyout out there willing to give us some clues on what to expect from the course.

KDE Ampang. Since I will be moving on to Desa Pandan very soon , I guess I might buy a club membership close to me , which is actually KDE. Played there with some Ampang frens. But it was not a good outing. Maybe being new to the course , I had some hesitation on hitting a few shots here and there. I like the short par 3. The par fives are reachable in two but both needs a good tee shot for you to play a good long 2nd shot to the green.

IOI palm garden. Played there once back in 2004. Short and hilly. Very undular fairways, at times you might end up not liking your straight tee shot to the fairways. The fairway is a bit softie when it rains , which explains why many dont like to play there at nite.
I had never seen BUkit Jalil gour course yet. But in few months time , hopefully I will have that oppurtunity to try it. By end of the month I should know when I will be moving back to Metropolitan key el...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Which 4 will make it to The Open this year ?

Can u make a guess which four will make it this year?

1) Shiv Kapur, India
2) Andrew Buckle, Australia
3) Jarrod Lyle, Australia
4) Terry Pilkadaris, Australia
5) Marcus Both, Australia
6) Scott Strange, Australia
7) Jeev Milkha Singh, India
8) Yeh Wei-tze, Chinese Taipei
9) Prom Meesawat, Thailand
10) Chapchai Nirat, Thailand
11) Amandeep Johl, India
12) Yoshinobu Tsukada, Japan
13) Scott Barr, Australia
14) Mahal Pearce, New Zealand
15) Soushi Tajima, Japan
16) Mardan Mamat, Singapore
17) Eddie Lee, New Zealand
18) Gavin Flint, Australia
19) Adam Groom, Australia
20) Angelo Que, Philippines
21) Adam Fraser, Australia
22) Akinori Tani, Japan
23) Adam Le Vesconte, Australia
24) Jason Dawes, Australia
25) Unho Park, Australia
26) Danny Chia, Malaysia
27) Lee Sung, Korea
28) Richard Moir, Australia
29) Rahil Gangjee, India
30) Bryan Saltus, USA
31) Sushi Ishigaki, Japan
32) Jochen Lupprian, Germany
33) Corey Harris, USA
34) James Stewart, Hong Kong
35) Chang Tse-peng, Chinese Taipei
36) Kyi Hla Han, Myanmar
37) David Gleeson, Australia

Sunday, April 02, 2006

74 nett and hot sun.

Its one of the games which I will miss once I moved on to another job. Three years and consecutively at third spot each time. We played at Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Resort on saturday. The weather is so hot. I forgot to put on my lotion and still suffering from the itchy burning feeling on sunday morning.

I am not physically fit though. The back injury I had in the freak accident back in 1998 is still haunting me. After positively only 3 over gross at tee box hole no 9 , I was already thinking about gross 39. The tee shot at hole 9 was not that bad , but the 2nd shot was blown away to the right and hit the pond. The recovery shot was not even close to nice and end up hitting 7 on a par4 9th.

At times I am quite amazed at how golfers attempts to make things looks good (which actually make things looks even worse) for themselves and ask us to react back in a gentlemen manner. Thats why playing golf is not easy when you have to face weirdos , slow pacers , beginners who fails to observe golf ettiqutte.

Then everything starts to fall apart and end up scoring 50 at the back 9. Errr handicapp for the day 18 ? and scoring nett 74 ? urrrghhh.....

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do not play golf if.....

Do not attempt to take up golf lesson or even try to play golf if you are the following :

1. Do not understand what slow play means.
2. Fail to remember how to count 1 to 10.
3. Swearing too much to golf accessories when things does not go your way.
4. Do not understand why golfers wear gloves.
5. Wrong attitude.
6. Can't stop talking.
7. Do not know how to judge time.
8. etc etc etc

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Misconceptions , most golfers are often perceived....

In Asia golf has not been able to market the game yet. Even in Malaysia , many associate the game with the rich. While it is still quite an affordable game for some , many have not ventured to the game simply because , miscommunication with their other half , mismanaging of their own income , misconception of the games itself and last but not least not even enuf public golf courses around them. But despite all the reasons above , many have blame it on slow rate of catching up with the swing for the game and also time to spend on making those swing at least looks like a good golf swing. Having someone to coach you on how to make the golf swing can at times emberassing. Often heard it is either the pro or even the golfer themselves yelling at each other arguing what would be the best golf swing. I do frankly feels that not everyone can match Tiger golf swing. While I have been compared to be more or less having similar swing like Fred Couples , a fren of mine argues his swing is much more influenced by Tiger.
Often we heard , golfers dont have time to spend hours on the practise range due to working hours and workloads. But they have time to play 18 holes during weekdays. Dont ask me how they managed to do that. It is often said , professional golfers will spend at least an hour on the practise range before they tee off on the first tee , wherelese , an amatuer will be rushing to the first tee right after they park their cars . Is it misconception or rather wrong attitudes. Amateurs often I witnesss , blame on either the weather , the grip , workload or even irritating phone calls when they make that shot way right into the hazard. Most even will not tolerate any other golfers making comments about their golf swing. Some even can start a fight simplly because one is making funny remarks about his or her golf swing.
Nowadays golf are making headlines in Asian Countries. New young breed of ladies pro are emerging often with their dad as their caddie. This has been quite a remarkable trend. They are a bunch of hardworking young golfers , starting to make waves of headlines not only in Asia but also in the LPGA. It is happening in all Asian countries. But golf is yet to make positive impact in Malaysian sports communities. If only wives are more supportive of their husband efforts to sweat it out on the golf course or even bosses make more oppurtunities for their peers to pick up golf. The game needs a big hand. If not ... all the efforts will remain on the plan worksheets....

GA is so happy today

I have not been playing golf for the last two weeks and yet I am feeling good about it. Why ? First because today I have just been informed on my evaluation at the office and for the first time in 14 years I will get a merit evaluation. I was jumping up and down like a small kid deep in my heart. For the first time I felt I was being evaluated throughly and feels good about my performance this year. Wonder whats in line next....hepi nyer...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

it is a funny world we lived in...

Malaysian Hockey Team making the nation proud by winning the bronze medal in Melbourne. Plus they defeated the country which scraps their ticket to Manchester 4 years ago. Well done boys...


Everyone knows HFMD is currently unstopable in this region. On the way to the town centre today , we were amazed at group of people making public functions with families and children involved. Guess what ... The red cross society building organising public functions? What were they thinking.


I don't have the energy and drive to play golf this weekend. Simply because it is too hot. Kids are recovering from fever and they are back in business. i.e. making the house more or less just like a jungle...


Watching LIverpool plays with 10 players and win 3 - 1 against Everton was simply breathtaking.

Melbourne has officially handed over the Commonwealth Flag to India. Wil there be cricket during the Commonwealth game in India 2010 ?

Can u guess the three places GA sits..

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The next tee...

Friday, March 24, 2006

non golf week...

I have not even touch the golf set for a week and its hurting me . Not mentally but the swing was almost not there last week when I venture eastwood last weekend.


Tiger is not winning simply because he misses his father so much.


I am not having enuf sleep coz the gals are not well. Hanie will not take her medicine. Shasha struggles but yet we managed to feed her with those syrups.


Liverpool is winning again. Guess what ... Chelsea is beggining to show how money can make things worse for a club...


Boss is looking for someone to replace me at the office. Anyone interested ?


Saturday, March 18, 2006

1st Quarter 2006 : Targets reviewed

1. I want new grips for my irons and driver before November. - did change those old grip with new grips by Golf Pride ( the combo red and black colour and it has helps a lot in improving my grip and also my iron games )

Status : Those grips are amazing...

2. I want those nippon steel shaft as well. - errrr still can't afford to change it , maybe next year ?

Status : Saving some money...

3. Maybe changing 984 driver with the latest driver 950 series - I have dump my titliest 983 e for Maruman Exim Nano II driver with 10 degrees loft. Consistent driving accurancy and distance as well. Top strike remains at 255 m mark.

Status : Nano II doing well...

4. Whole year supply of Titliest Pro v or Callaway ...or even Maxfli A10 series - still under negotiations with some ball manufacturers.

Status : Under negotiation.

5. Augusta , 18 holes with Tiger - Unfortunately I have to wait for another year. Tiger schedule for 2005 has been fully booked. Last I checked , in 2006 he wants more time to be with his wife , errrr who's preference is that ?

Status : Tiger wants to call back after Augusta..

6. Saujana , another 36 holes with Yusof Daud. And this time win the title MPGC 2005 - No I did not get the chance to do that . F*&5%$#$%^&.....err

Status : No invitation for 05 , but will not play in 06 anyway.

7. Qualify for KGM open this year. HEEYYYY I DID QUALIFY FOR KGM AMATEUR OPEN FOR 2005....

Status : Will not play 06 open. moving to the northern states.

8. Handicapp less than 10 before end of 2005. - Technically National Handicapp system at 9.8

Status : aaaaa....13 is good what ?

9. Wins a monthly medal event. "A" medal would be just fine. - I did not.

Status : What monthly medal ???

10. 2007 Playing tour wild card awarded.- still working on it ....

Status : Working on Northern States titles...

11. Make a living out of this. - still on the right track..hopefully someone do take a note...

Status : Decided to focus on current accounting carrer.

12. Owns a golf repair shop .- have yet to decide whether I should quit accounting profession

Status : Negotiation pending.

13. Buy a trailer for a equipment repair shop and follows MPGA tournaments venue. - unfortunately they cant afford to pay me , so wait for another year ...

Status : Paperwork on its way to the Financiers.

14. Save my tag Huer - NO I did not manage to save my dear TAG.

Status : NOt wearing watches anymore. What the use of time on those mobiles anyway ?

15. A new house... - well , still working on it though...

Status : Currently no urgent requirements.

16. RX90 for me and CRV for wife - we are saving our earnings...he he he

Status : Still saving for it , I guess...

Friday, March 17, 2006

It all now suddenly fits in the jigsaw ... Chapter 2

I do admit for the last 13 years at times I can be such a nasty office mate , one who can suddenly screams out of nothing. I can a big jerk most of the times and at times make statements which many have labelled me with sour reputations. But it all now is history. Since I got back from over the sea posting , life have been fiiting in well. I did recover well in my golf swing. Two more beautiful gals. Non hectic routine on a daily basis , but at times switch to KL usual traffic hassles. My other half have been patient with me . Standing tall and stood by all the decisions that I have made for the last 32 months. I have come to realised , you can play positive office politics. You also can instill good positive work ethics by making sure all your bosses needs are attended to. Hard work - work smart - Positive external party lobbying - Managing your subordinates needs - Never stays late beyond 5 pm - Clear in your ideas - Grab oppurtunities to project my capabilities - and guess what ............

I am now reaching for the stars.....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

moving on...1st chapter

Time will come when I have to move on. New place. New job. New employer. New boss. New golfer mates. New golf courses. New house and new new new new etc etc etc etc....By then , this pic will reminds me of all those days when I recovered from 4 years of no golf while being posted to northern africa. All those days playing at KGM and Eastwood and some of the golf courses in Borneo. Pantai Mentiri , RBA , Kinabalu , Dalit and hopefully some of those near Kuching in may before I leave for new assignment.
I have met a number of new frens while in Miri. Most of it simply because Miri Golf Club (KGM) is one of those friendly golf club whom golfers do not have to have 4 balls to come to play. After their success in handling Miri Masters last year , I have no doubt the club will be able to handle another similar event this year. Eastwood Golf and Country Resort has resurfaced from a swampy piece of land , to become one of the finest golf courses in this country. With the inaugural Malaysian Ladies Open being held there recently , Miri City is on the right track in attracting more tourist to this tourism city. Bravo Miri , you certainly have make your mark on the world map.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Rumbles in Borneo

Early tomorrow morning , Battle of the Giants commences at Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Resort. I will be leading a foursome , playing texas scramble. This time I will make sure we will make all 18 hole on regulation and at least half of all the birdie chances are holed. It will interesting , some of us will be playing a 2 man team and others on a 4 man team.


Not watching football for the next two weeks . Why ? Nothing much to watch anyway. Astro ader , but tired of it anyway.


Moving to the northern states in June ? Maybe. Depends. If we did , then I will do more golf courses review this time .


Does anyone really watch TV3 after 12 ? Not me....


Flying over to KK on Sunday . Not bringing my golf set. Why ? No one dares anyway.

Quote of the week : What is F1 ? yeah it is not a golf ball...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Day out to Malaysia Ladies Open - Hanie n Dad

After a miserable 18 holes scoring 96 gross, yes not a good score for a handicapp 13 golfer, Hanie took me to the Eastwood Valley Golf course to watch the final holes at the inaugural Malaysian Ladies Open. Hanie was excited to watch the ladies hit the shot from the tee and at times was caught mumbling , "thats a good shot , isn't Dad". There I was smiling on my own wondering where did she learn to say those words at the very young age of 3. We did not follow the crowd but instead wait for the final group to reach the final hole. During the closing ceremony , Hanie was already started to signal some discomfort and later I found out she was thirsty. Then we rushed to the clubhouse , bought some can drinks and the smiles returns to Hanie cute face. We were on the 18th green during the closing ceremony. Hanie was smiling gazing at the crowd and also at the prize presentation. "One day she will be among the winning crowd ", me indulging into the world of unknown thoughts . Maybe yes maybe not , but she has taken the first step to watch golf at a very tender age. Wonder whats next ....?
After the prize presentation we went back to the clubhouse hoping that some golfers will sign her new cap. But upon reaching the stairs , I was greeted by some frens and qucikly poised the question to me , " Another 9 hole , shall we , KGM 4 pm sharp? ". Hey ! its 3.30 pm and I look at Hanie , smiling and signalling that we have to rush home . Lucky enuf Hanie did not hesitated and was smiling all the way to the car , and all the way home. Not realising her dad is already driving almost F1 driviers lookalike rushing thru the afternoon sunday traffic.
We reached home at about 3.40 pm and quickly guide Hanie to the door and wave goodbye. She was still with her smiles and wave back. After a quick look at the front gate hitting the other end , I did not waste another single second and rush to KGM. We managed to finish 9 holes and guess what , I played 40 gross with 1 double bogey and 2 bogey with the rest of the holes on par. Then I was thinking ...... play more golf lah....

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Final Leaderboard -Malaysian Ladies Open - Miri

It was a one of those events that would put Miri on the Golfing world. Malaysian Ladies Open 2006 title was won by a young korean , JI EUN HEE returning score of - 2. Miss HEE was determined to win the title even after hitting 7 at hole no 14. Earlier she was leading the scoreboard with - 3 , but after hitting triple bogey on hole 14 , she scores two birdies to take the title. Miss Russamee , Miss Lee Jeong Eung and Miss Eleanor Pilgrim tied for second spot. The amateur title was won by Miss Kristie Smith from Australia.

Below are some snaps from the prize presentation.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Eastwood Valley : GA Course review (uncertified)

The course should be the best course to play in Malaysia. Why ? Try it and you will get the answer. But here are some hole to hole review incase you are flying over to Miri to play the course. It is a must for a golfer to play at Eastwood if you are in town.

Hole 1:
Par 5 - Quite long but adviseable to play it safe. Your tee shot should avoid the bunker on the left which is only reachable if you hit your tee shot beyond 220m. Your second shot should try to aim the right side of the fairway making it is more green to play your third shot. The green is elevated , protected by two bunker on the front left and right with a small access to the green and you have to play high loft approach shot to make sure of any chance to make a birdie putt.

Hole 2:
Quite short par 4. Again the green is quite similar to previous green. Except that it can be a bit tricky if you are faced with headwind. Since the green is elevated , playing from 100m with PW can end up with a deep bunker infront of the green. In the bunker you will have to raise your bunker shot beyond 7 meter.

Hole 3:
Short Par 3 , protected by two bunker on right and left. Usually you will have wind blowing from left to right which can be a bit tricky at times. Two tier level green but each pin location should be either front or at the back of the green.

Hole 4:
Short par 4 , fairway protected by a bunker about 180 m from the tee. And another bunker awaits for the long hitter if your shot fade to the right hand side of the fairway. Aim at the trees of the left and playing a fade or straight shot should reach the front green easily. Again two tier green , with bunker on the front left.

Hole 5 :
Another short par 4. A big pond awaits you infront of the green. Your tee shot shuld not go beyond 180 m coz you will end up in the water but if can hit it beyond 250 m , why not give it a try. At 180 m mark , the fairway is protected by two bunker on the left and right , making it difficult to hit your second shot to the green if you end up in the bunker. The green itself is elevated two tier protected by a deep bunker on the right.

I 'll continue later...besok nak kerja...(got to work tomorrow)

Friday, February 24, 2006

The week before , this week and the week after

Some notes after a long lay off from the blog:

  1. Some air crew offers me meal but me want coffee. And guess what , she could have just pour a cup of coffee , instead she served others first and gave me that cup of coffee 10 minutes later.
  2. Played Labuan , 9 hole , but pulling the trolley on that course is not that easy. But I did enjoyed the company of some local frens.
  3. Played Nilai Spring and gross 85. Did enjoyed the game. Was struggling on the first nine but managed to pull off some good second shots on the back nine. One birdie and no triple bogey this round.
  4. KL-Miri-KL-Miri-Labuan-Miri-KL-Miri... catch the drift?
  5. Pok Ya has yet to decide whether he wants to talk to me or not. Dunno why ? Maybe he has some wrong perceptions abt me...
  6. Liverpool games , Arsenal and Man U are some clubs with stars but this season , they did not make enuf effort to beat Liverpool.
  7. Did managed to catch the game against Benifica. Still feels that they played quite well but yet to blend in in the strike force.
  8. Alya is getting chubbier each day.
  9. Me getting a job in KL ...... maybe?
  10. Rest day saturday. But will fight for a top 40 place on Sunday.
  11. Next weekend Miri will busy managing some top professional golfers playing in the Malaysian Ladies Open at Eastwood. Could have register for some caddy job , but a bit weary this week.
  12. Tired.
Do you have a penny to spare?

Monday, February 20, 2006

Off to KL again

Yes I am flying again tomorrow and gettin a bit tired of it. The weekend was nice , earned some bragging rights for playing par golf gross 72 and secure some golf vouchers. The reason for making 72 is simply because we are playing Texas Scramble format with a four man team. Me being the captain , do all the tricky stuffs , eg chipping it close to the pin and making the long birdie putt. We could have do a lot damage but after only three holes in regulation and coverting only two birdies , nothing much to brag about anyway.
Still suffering from the heat wave on Saturday. Liverpool finaly earned their results in the FA Cup. But the freak fall by Smith is not any football fan would like to see especially on TV when they put it on replay mode for a number of times.

Has anyone seen Tiger...?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Week that is.

A bit busy this week. Business travels , Interviews , catching up with some old frens and some other stuffs. Business travels is now beginning to make my golf swing a bit edgy. Even the job interviews at times makes me more edgy. Was wondering at times whether I am making the right moves or not.
Will not be able to make it to KL this weekend. Zed and Zuhri , sorry guys , wish I could make it up to both of you. But I will be watching from far and hopefully both of you will enjoy the weekend there.
The business trips have been rewarding , enlighting and at times provided some avenue to make new contacts espcially in the things that you do at the office.
Liverpool game tonite will be a joy to watch. This afternoon , I will be at Eastwood . It should be fun and dunno...maybe a few prizes to bring back.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Once upon a time...

Sometimes in June this year I would love to celebrate my birthday playing golf at any of the golf courses in Key El with my best foursome. It would have to be Dr R for his witty post shot comments, Mr K for his long drive on the tee and last but not least Anak Iderus who now would be at home nursing his knee injury. At that point of time , I would assume I will be already working in Key El and enjoying my new job. If not then I would be in this same city plaughing thru the cowgrass of KGM.
I would have been in Key El next weekend , tailing the pros at KLGCC. But sorry bro , fulus kureng and I have to cancell the trip to Key El that weekend. Instead I have received an invitation to play at Eastwood Valley on the 18th. That was a big suprise but a nice one though. And yes I am thankful and looking forward for the outing on the 18th. Next week will be quite a week. Meeting on monday and expected to travel again on wednesday for a job interview and off to Labuan on thursday before flying back to Miri on Friday evening.


I am not watching football until the world cup season starts. Reason is simply because I am begining to see signs of low standards of refereeing and some unprofessional conduct by some of the highly paid professional . Nasib baik boleh jugak main golf....


What does 2006 have for me ?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A reminder to all Golfers

After a round of 18 holes , here is what all golfers should do :

1. Wash your hands before you consume any food or drinks.
2. All your golfing attires are wash seprately from your daily laundry items.
3. Golf shoes must be clean and wash before you take them home.
4. Take a good shower at the club before you go back to your family.
5. Clean your grips regularly.
6. And also clean your irons.
7. Do not let your children plays around with your used golf balls.
8. Or even your golf gloves or your golf bags.

Why ? The amount of pesticides and other chemicals used to maintain the golf course , if you know them , you will not regret doing the above.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Football at its worst...

I think I knew very well now why I can't support teams like Chelsea. First most of them players use dirty tactics to get another fellow footballer to get the boot simply by falling off too easy. It may a bit difficult for referee to judge it but it is highly and timely for football associations around the world to reconsider using video playback.
They may be the team to beat in 05 / 06 season but with such incident like that , I wont be supporting them even if they were the last football team on this very little earth. Yes they won the premier league last year and they might make do it again this year. But would they be making headlines like being European Champions. No way jose.
The English Premier league might as well crowned Chelsea as the best foreign based team in England and Wales. And them to win the premier league ... woohhh what is there in such league anyway. So other teams may have a blend of local and foreign players as well.

Ehhh....might as well go play golf. Football now sucks....

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tiger 2 for 2

I did jump up and down on the couch when I saw Ernie hitting his drive into the trees during his playoff with Tiger. Then when he shoots into the water , I knew Tiger will definitely gets it this time. And true enuf nothing can stop Tiger from making 2 out 2 this year, and I think more is yet to come.

Congrats Tiger....

Friday, February 03, 2006

Dopie, the putterhead cover

I had never use a putter cover since I have lost the orignal cover back in 2003. But then last year I found Dopie , a dolphin spongey and use it as my putter cover. There are a number of animal like putter or wood cover available in the golf industry but not many are available in Malaysia. How I wish those toymakers starts to manufacture more for the local market.

If anyone have come across any other unique putter or wood cover , wanna share some pics ?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Major events to note...

Miri will be hosting the Malaysian Ladies Open tentatively in early March this year at Eastwood Valley. Hopefully the event will attract more travelling golfers to Miri. In April the Miri Masters will be one of the event sanctioned by MPGA also to be held at both KGM and Eastwood Valley. So if you are planning for your holiday locally , why not book a date to see both events in Miri. If you travel early to Miri , you might want to play a few rounds at Kelab Golf Miri or Eastwood Valley. At KGM it will cost you RM 120 for peak rate and RM 240 for Eastwood.

Tiger won Buick Invitational. But I am pretty sure that wont be his last.

Fowler returns to Anfield . Almost a miracle but if he is given the chance to prove it tonite , then 2006 will be such a joyful year to watch Liverpool plays.


I am travelling to KL next week on the 7th and will travel back to Miri on 8th evening. Planning to meet up with an old fren whom I have not met since 1996.
Pick of the day : my short game is brilliant today . Plays the back 9 , 41 and blew up 51 on the front nine...

Monday, January 30, 2006

Golf over the long weekend

Did played on saturday and today. Managed to dig below 90 again and 8 pars per each round. The only problem is when I do make a mess of my approach to the green , it will hurt me so bad and I end up playing double or triple bogey for that hole. Hitting the ball with the driver from the tee is not so much of a problem . The only problem now is my approach to the green. Only 5 green on regulation today and also for saturday. I have got to make that time with club pro to check on my iron shots.Anyway , I won 8 balls today, he he he...with one sandy par on the par 5 6th.


Liverpool won against Portsmouth last nite and honestly I almost went to sleep watching the game. Not much of a good passing game but they went through to the next round.


Hate reading the news today on cases of child abuse.

Pick of the day : French toast in the morning....

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Does Malaysian have what it takes to becomes a pro golfer...

Yes and No is the answer. But most of the time it is not simply because malaysians cannot do it but those who manages them are at fault. It is either you know them or you don't. In a conversation with a friend from KL over the phone , the number of registered golfer in this country has grown to almost 300,000 and those without proper registration to club members or any Golf playing packages you add another 300,000. Is it a good ratio to 20 million malaysian in this country.
How many school in this country has any golf development programme? Or have many boarding schools do ? Or have many universities undergrads take their time off their books to play golf?
Lucky enuf we have various development programmes at various golf clubs and some selected schools. But it only involves those kids whom parents are golfer or some of their closest relatives own a golf club or work at a golf club. And some kids who are not lucky enuf , they take up golf simply because they work as caddies at some of the walking courses in this region. A mere RM 20 for 18 holes , they get to witness various types of golfers hitting it while they carry their bags or drag their trolleys. But can you count how many golf courses in this country which does not have buggy ?
On the positive side of it , compared to 10 or 20 years ago , we do now have local dailies with some golf sections in it. We do have malaysians playing in the asian tour. We do now have Airil (in the picture while taking part in Miri Masters 2005) taking part in the Japan Tour . We do now have our very own Danny Chia who have made it to The Open last year. We do now have malaysians growing in numbers in the amateurs circuit. Yet these guys did not get the support they dearly need from us malaysians. How many of us watch them playing in the amateur or locally held MPGA tournaments ? I did , when Airil was playing in Miri. But how many took notice of him playing on the last day. Hey ! I am the only guy with the brolli who went all the way watching him make every shot on the final day.

Guess what I wish for 2006 ?
1. All golfers adopt a young boy or gal whom are not related to them and take them to the practise range.
2. All Malaysian Pro Golfer in this country gets a sponsorship , especially for their local travelling expenses.
3. All Malaysian Pro Golferin this country gets ball sponsorship or equipment sponsorship.
4. All registered amateurs are given the chance to get into top 50 amateurs and get sponsored to play in all amateur tournament in this country.
5. Schools to offer golfing hours for kids
6. Boarding school to get a chance to get adopted to nearby Golf Clubs for Junior development programmes.
7. Those undergrads to start learning about golf before they start become yuppies which will help to reduce the number of lost balls when they started to play golf when they get their jobs.
8. All caddies in this country gets to enroll in a registered organisation and they must be given benefits so that they can also grow and join any junior or senior development programmes
9. All film producers start to make films on the success stories like Danny and Airil.
10.All clubs in this country make an open day for the public to play at their clubs.
11.Sport body start channelling the sponsorship money to the young not to useless costly banners.
12. etc etc etc etc...
Can we do it Malaysians ? There you are , most of you will make their nasty cheeky smile to me and say.... dream on Jack. I havent given up my hope and will not stop dreaming either.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

If you are out there, thinking ....

Someone used to tell me that I am not important to the organisation. That was like 6 years ago. Someone used to tell me that I will never make it to handicapp below 15 or even equivalent to it. Someone used to tell me that I am nothing but only a small time executive who will never make it to the top level management unless I took all those proffessional qualifications. Well , from today onwards I will the effort to meet those people and start telling them off that they are totally wrong. I will make them suffer by making them witness the fall of their great legacy. I will make them suffer by showing off my USGA Index handicapp card and I will gift them a lift in my new chaffeur driven merc.
Isn't that something ? Well ......


I did played at Eastwood last week with Dr R , his friend S and Dato W from KL. Dr R was admitting after few years playing golf , Eastwood Valley has its own unique features which had caught his attention. The course looks easy and flat but the raised greens are a feature not many golfers love to play. At the end of the game , I was bit taken away when someone compared my swing to Fred Couples . That is the first time someone did that to me , and why not whoever out there who knows Freddie , maybe ask him to drop by Miri and lets compare both him and my swing. One of them later that nite was making a exceptional statement about accountant playing golf which is quite rare for them. Maybe I am one of them ? am I ?


I did handed a cv of a fren to someone last month and today he was offered a high position job which he had dream to earn all this while. I felt good about it . It was a nice feeling though and I am hopefull that mr B will make it all the way to the top corporate world. Maybe 2006 is not that bad after all after a year long miserable 2005.