Wednesday, November 01, 2006

2006 Club Review : Danau UKM Bangi

Early morning at Danau Golf club.

Pin flag with the club logo. It has that touch of class. The greens are tricky yet true greens. A lot of blind holes. Rough are totally out of play. Fairway can be a bit of a problem when it rains. Well managed by Saujana. It is one of the home clubs for SSG Links members. Located within UKM compound , so getting there during public holidays can be a bit confusing. But they put up good signage so that golfers don't get lost within the UNi campus.


Adam said...

Commenting after a long time. A lot of golfers here but haven't had the chance to join them. You are right. A lot of cheap golf sets at the car boot sales. Not long before I build up a collection of my own.

Golf Addix said...

if u do come across the following items , please do inform me. Will pass the bucks if these are available:

1. ping zing , chrome colour , iron set
2. any weird putter
3. persimmon wood 3 or 5