Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Been away .....

Back in 2006 , I have listed a few things I wanna do in 2007. And one of the wishlist has been granted. Playing at the mines! However it does not turn out to be the best golf game anyway. As expected I was trying to think what the course desinger has in his mind. I was not impressed and I don't think I wanna play there again unless I get a free ride anyway. It is not a walking course and you definitely has to use the golf buggy. If you are a playing tour member, it can be quite taxing walking up and down those hills. Again another golf course with fancy houses next to each fairways. No it is not houses but I would rather named them as extravagent ways of showing how much you can spend on a place where you can live.
The following weekend , did play again at Tasik Puteri. Greens are still under repair and the hills are still not to my liking. But then again I have to start desinging my own golf course to suit my game ain't it! It was a nice outing with some frens and we were sort of having the game for a give away party to a fren flying over to africa to work. I wonder how is he doing down there. The last time I went there , I did not play golf for a record four years. Plus the only thing that is left in the store is an old maxfli golf bag given to me back in 1999. The "Racko" was admiring the fairways at Tasik Puteri. The only thing he admires was the fairways. Still in good shape and playing there you do need to stay in the fairways or else the the rough will be killing down your numbers.
The following day we went to Glenmarie with some frens from the land from japan. And while playing I was quite mystified by one of the markings next to the green. OK , I will repair my own ball mark and doing it for others ? Hang on a minute. What do you mean for "one other"? Is it quite clear with asking us to repair our own ball mark and it is actually part of the thing golfers have to do anyway. Anyway , probably the greenkeeper has tough time repairing the ball marks or the workers who has to do that everyday has backpain ? I leave it to you to comment further. For me , enuf with reminding the golfers to repair their own ball mark but asking them to do other would rather sound too much. Although at time I do that simply because I hate to see those ball marks spoiling the green.
The load at work has apparently growing each day now and 2007 will definitely be a mountain to climb. Lucky enuf I have managed to squeeze in some golf games in between so that it will sort of take of some of the office stress. It is quite tough to juggle between two portfolios at the same time , but I am having fun sorting it out piece by piece. Some portfolios need special attention and need to be treated with care. Some even can come in tough packages and others can be a stroll in the park. Anyway , m running out of time , need to do some house cleaning and kids to feed. To be continued in part 2.......

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