Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bangi...and sneezing

Bangi Resort, 4.3.07
Front nine XX
Not to be declared cause we were playing social golf. There more talking than hitting the balls. Plus it was the best chance to get acquainted with old buddies. Funny enuf all this years we never had the chance to play together.Started Kajang nine well with a par and then it was mubo jumbo high roller coaster ride.
Back nine XX
I was lucky enuf I brought along my face towel. Not for the face though this morning , coz I end up covering my nose from excessive sneezing echos. Manage only a couple of par , while the rest was like drving our buggy for a ride in the park.

Handicapp for the day - unknown
Nett for the day - not registered.
Final words: Food was good in Bangi Golf resort. If you prefer eating more than shower , then go there and eat as much as you can. Services are OK. The boys and gals there are in abundance and they wont let you die starving waiting for your food.

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