Sunday, August 12, 2007

After a long long break

I have not been blogging simply becoz work was quite tight. Honestly I hate it. But things gets into proper order recently. Priorities have been set and I am ready to jump out of the ship. After all if all things went well, by the end of the year I would be able to play golf more often than ever. And likely by next year I should be able to cut my handicapp to below 7.

Played Bangi Golf resort , hitting 41 on the front nine and 45 at the back nine. Not that happy with the score simply due to the fact a bunch of old aristocrats and three stupid yuppies in front of our group are patheticly slow. And sad enuf I lost it at hole number 14th and start making bogey and double bogey till the last hole.

Played Kundang Lake today and hitting 42 on the front and making 40 at the back. Probably the best score for the last two years of golf. Except for some errant driving at the 9th, miss hit the second shot on the 10th, and a couple of bad 8 iron shots to the green. Happy enuf to play 82 but without a birdie for the day.

I am thinking of going below 80 next week.....

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