Friday, June 20, 2008

Making a comeback and loving every single minute of it...

And so I have decided enuf with sidebar contents. As much as the same with golfing days in this city. Enuf with trying to make time on the greens every single weekends. Now spending more time on thinking golf and making that proper adjustments to my swing speed and perfecting as much as possible that downswing.
Lo and behold after spending more quality hours on the range, things get pretty much better than weeks before. Considering borrowing my uncle old honma irons and make 84 at Port Dickson Golf Club is quite an achievment (after a month without full 18 holes).
We have been moving homes three times this year and that did not make 2008 such a good year to play golf. Letting go MP33 was like sliding a knife right under my throat.
In a way putting things in perspective, what else life can do to you. You win some, you loose a lot anyway.Things are looking up within the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll get that MP57 soon enuf. And more good golf to finish off 2008.

pssstttt!!!....been hitting 250m mark regularly now...I am happy mah....


Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Nice to see you in the blogosphere again. 250 regularly. Wow! the furtherest I ever hit was around 20, and that was a fluke in Sintok. Never been able to replicate that.

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