Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Titles which will posted soon...........

First 25 titles for JGA a thousand one BULLS into GOLF:

1. What u don't know about the game.....
2. The basics most new golfers often refuse to abide.
3. Do you have the right tools?
4. Golf software on the net, hazardous to your game or to improve your game?
5. Serious golfers vs Social golfers, an insight.
6. Appearances .... does it really matters?
7. What designers do with Golf Course layouts.
8. Rain or Shine, do you golf?
9. Where to play the game.
10.Golf Cheates, how to deal with them.
11. 18 holes walking golf or on the buggy.
12. Who shall be your buddy.
13. AM vs PM, what is the best time to play the game.
14. The "GUTS" to play the game.
15. Whats handicapp got to with Golf.
16. Golf, Food and Drinks....
17. Motivation in Golf.
18. Ethics and its wonders.
19. Course Review: Does it helps?
20. Watching it live on the course vs live on tele.
21. Golf Clubs versus Golf packages.
22. Which tee, blue, white or red?
23. Golf webs, the good , the bad and the ugly.
24. Driving range bad habits.
25. Do you really want to play the game?

Thats the first 25 in the list. Details will follow suit.....


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