Thursday, December 08, 2005

Of everything and sorts of ....

Bravo to Nicol. Here is the living prove why malaysians can excel in sports. And in due time we will be hearing more about Malaysian young sportsman and sportswomen in the world events.

Liverpool has proven its spending over the summer and a few more will fit in comes January. I am not suprised with MU failing to make it to the last 16. Selangor miss the chance to prove their worth after making the headlines last season. Perak is definitely relishing the guidance of SD.

Sea Games is over and done with but I did not hear anything about malaysian golf team. I guess they did not do well or do anyone knows what do they won in the Sea Games ?

Maruman Exim Nano II is definitely the best driver I have come across for the last 10 years playing the game. If you have any doubts go and try it , but try it on the range not in those small space inside those golf pro shops.

Some personality making headlines by making public announcements about their marriage status . Well , do they have to do that ??? I guess thats the price for being famous...errrr...

Golf has been quite interesting this year. Tiger takes the PGA Player of the year again. I guess he will continue making headlines in 2006 until 2008 unless some new swing styles comes in again.

2006 will be quite interesting. To frens over the atlantic ... have a merry xmas. To frens in the region , enjoy the long holidays.

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