Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Jack GA hates golf

Funny huh ? A golf addict suddenly hates golf. Well , I turned down an oppurtunity to play golf with a bunch of people simply because, the organising part is poor. I wont let you guys run my lfe for four days in those conditions. This is where I have to draw the line. Although I love playing golf , it doesnot mean you can use it to pull me to that tournament. No way jose....

After a few trips to KK, Miri and Labuan I have learnt a lot about the golfers who manages the trips. At times I have spoken out loud and end up being critised and end up worse than the culprit. The only reason why I played 84 in Miri is because I can run my own life and decide what to do before the game. A good two hours on the range before each round will help me to play better golf. Instead in Labuan and KK , I don't have that. And to make it worse the transport arrangement was lousy.

With that I am concentrating on my new assignment in the city. Will be moving out from here with my family . It is a good break for my dearest Zalita. After all since we got married , we have been moving all over except KL. And all those frens and other relatives , now we have more time to connect.

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