Tuesday, April 25, 2006

BBC Sports , European Tour and BMW Asian Open

First BBC sports make a blunder on reporting the 1st day results of the BMW Asian Open. Instead of reporting third place DANNY CHIA of MAS (generic shortform for MALAYSIA) , they put up D CHAI of MYN ( which is usually used to denote Myanmar).

Second , if you watch the live telecast , BMW Asian Open , is projecting European golfers more than the Asian golfers. OK it is European PGA Tour sactioned tournament , but what the heck is that in promoting Asians to play more golf. I was hoping to see the likes of Mardan , Danny and the Thais.

Third , if you watch the playoff , isn't a bit funny when you see the man who carries the results signage following the players. During a playoff do we really need to know what is their current scores . NO !

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