Sunday, October 30, 2005

New grip by Golf Pride

When is the last time you have cleaned your grip or even changed it ? Do you know that grip should only last not more than 2 years for a recreational golfer ? Even the touring pro and touring amateurs do changed them regularly. Same goes with me , I have recently changed the old grip for my Mizuno Mp33. But it is only up to iron 5. Iron 3 and 4 are not officially stuffed into the store.
With the arrival of the Taylor Made Mid 4 , those 3 and 4 iron will no longer be useful in the bag. Infact it helps me a lot in the range between 190m to 200m. Wood 4 in the bag will give me distance from 200m to 215m and hopefully the new driver Maruman Nano will help me to drive over 230m very soon. The new Golf Pride grip is a joy to use. The feel is much better compared to my old grip. With the monthly medal coming soon on the 13th , I do hope I can shot a good score and qualify for the 2005 Champions Trophy which will be held at the end of November.
Maybe that is the reason why I dont want to travel to JB to defend the title I have won in 2004. But then again who knows ?

A word for golfers out there:
  1. 1. Clean your grip , it helps.
  2. If you wears white gloves , that golves wont change colour that soon.
  3. Before each game , clean your grip with wet towel and let it dry before you reach the first tee box.
  4. If you buys asecond hand golf set , it adviseable to change the grip straightaway.
  5. In Malaysia , use all weather grip , leathers are good but they dont last long in our hot and stuffy climate.
  6. Use rubber grip , dries faster when you plays in the rain.
  7. Don't leave your golf set in the car parked in the hot sun for more than 8 hours. In long term it will shortened the life span of your grip.
  8. If you wanna change grip , get good advice from a local pro. Be extra careful , some golf pro shop have different reasons why they want to sell you each type of grips.
  9. Last but not least , love your grip , you are going to love your round of golf....
Jack GA

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