Sunday, January 21, 2007

short snaps

Pretty hectic next week. tuesday to thursday will be tight up with some programme somewhere in Bangi. Sunday next will be travelling up to Houston and will only be back in February.

Bloggers vs Press. Errrr....I tot last time it was Press vs government authorities. Now it is the Press who feels offended by Bloggers. I guess in years to come it will XXXXX vs Bloggers. Who knows ?

We have managed to clean up the computer aka reading aka library aka small store room. What pictures ? come over and tengok sendiri ....

A fren trying to sell some child fund schemes early saturday morning. And he gets a bashing and pathetic response from me simply because he does not have the right to sell those things to me thru sms. Nak jual dtg visit lah !!! Only because you have gone to the same school with me back in the old days does not gives you the right to assume I am going to treat you like good frens. YOu have to earn that right man!!! Plus I don't remember you being nice to me anyway...ha ha ha me with old grudges.

Liverpool won again !!! as if i have any points to say about chelsea...nahhh I m not going into that.

Books to read on the plane to houston:
  1. Working out Working within , The Tao of inner fitness through sports and exercises by Jerry Lynch and Chungliang Al Huang.
  2. How Children Fail by John Holt.
If not .... try to get some sleep mahh...

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JohnLabu said...

You'll never walk alone fren.. lama tak dengar berita.. if you in north malasia , pls call me