Monday, January 08, 2007

Plastic mens

I have to admit I had enuf of old school reunions. Those are the days where if you are lucky , you will among the popular, if not you might be regarded as one of those nerds. If you don't falls into both you will be like me neither popular or among the nerds. I was one of those who either other dont make frens or me my self not to bothered to make frens with others.

In those days , kids smokes. Where do we get the supplies ? Backdoor or skipping class to buy ciggy from secret exit points at the back of the hostels. Hey ! I was the only who brings in ciggy thru the front door and no one notices. Reason why it is still a secret how I did it ? Well I dont share it with anyone.

Some of those popular ones tend to strikes it high in their life. So they make thousands and millions and they drive fancy cars and big houses and so much alarms and very concerned of their safety if the alarm went dead. I guess the more you earn, safety becomes priorities. I guess thats why I not too bothered for not earning that much. Still have six kids and earn a decent living.

Some of the nerds do turn out to have some wild side in them coming out when they grew older. Why ? probably too fed up of being nerds I guess.

well there goes , the plastic mens strikes again.....


tita said...

Hi Jack... thought I'd drop by and say hi.. :-) and as for me.. I've never liked attending any school reunion. Too much showing off from some people, not all, but some anyway.

Slots Secrets said...

To think only!