Friday, April 27, 2007

and she said.....

Hanie has been picking up words on a faster mode nowadays. At times both of us can be amazed out of the blue when she started to voice up her own opinion in English (note: Dad is half malay n jawa , while Mum is melayu selangor). I guess that channel 63 on Astro do have some positive impact on kids.
Dad , himself has not been having the best of week at the office. One consultant is spoiling his day by making nasty remarks thru an email to my boss. And guess what , I don't give a >?@#$%% about it. Work has sort of accumulating and I need to sort it out next week so that it won't come in during the buzy may.
I will be playing golf tomorrow morning , after a month leaving that tools stuffed in the storeroom. And I am pretty sure there will be quite hitting those balls to the water hazard. Then next week will be travelling all over the place again. This time , going down under for 5 days and 4 nights. Wonder hows the weather down there next week. After down under , then most probably will have to fly into Jakarta for a few days before coming back to KL and then flying into Europe for a day or two before entering the African continent for another week or so.
Which simply means , I have to wait for another month to play golf again......

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