Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sorting out my honey....

I have not been able to play golf for a month now. First it was weekend on the job flying over to Paris and then to the centre of African Continent. A week after that , it was office over the weekend to sort out year end stuf we accountant lived for. And then a week after that it was weekend looking after someone admitted with bronchitis and trying to sleep on a chairis definitely a life time experience.
Thus this weekend , I have decided to stay put at home. And catching up with sorting out those boxes which we brought over from miri about 9 months ago. That long huh.... . Finally i managed to set up that day bed in our little reading room a.k.a. cyber room where all the books , computer gadgets and other stuffs are stored.
Then I remembered this pic that I took 4 months ago. A little butterfly landing on a little flower (can't figure what was its name was, then you can figure it out for me if you know it). And then it hit me, how a small creature can fly around and landed on this little flower for what , food ? drink ? or honey ?

ps:..... and here we are moving all over the place doing the same thing....surviving.

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