Monday, April 23, 2007

It is a pity golf is not getting the right message across

And I thought we have started to bring out professionals and more tour events in the country. But sadly , typical of being malaysian, we are also guilty of ruining the game as well. Golf courses grows in numbers and also the number of tour playing professionals as well. But yet we see a group of sportsman screaming for help and no one is actually doing anything to help them. Is it simply because golf is only for those who have the bucks? Or is it because we do not believe our own malaysian can win major tour events? Or is it simply because we should not be seen helping these professional become millionaires ?
Sports in this coutry is still divided by three main generations. First the pre-war generations , who may see sports as something unusual and facinating to watch. Then we have the war generations whom would probably sees sports as something not to be enjoyed since there is no time to paly around when bullets are flying all over the place. And last but not least the post war generations , making full use of sports facilties to make sport as way of earning a living. Most of the time post war generations will suffer , do you want to know why ?
  1. Pre-war generations may be switching the channels on tele for something more subtle. War generations might not like the idea of watching sports but probably enjoys other sports which most of malaysian do not enjoy watching live. You figure out what sports is that. And both can't stand the post war generations watching sports in full sporting spirit as if you are watching it live.
  2. In golf post war generations and war generations will be keeping the golf courses to their own space. The likes of young man playing golf is probably is nuisance to them.
  3. In this country sports officials are better treated than the athletes. We enjoy watching officials scambling for their so called high status post in such associations rather than focusing on growing the athletes.
  4. Nicol are lucky to have parents who cares. So does Shalin and many more. But how many parents do really care for their kids to excel in sports? If you can't make a good grade in your secondary educations, likely that you will be doing....yeahh you can go on make that list.....
  5. etc etc etc etc....
I was hoping someone really take up and do something about the problems the m'sian pro are facing now. I am not fighting for their welfare but on general for the good of them game and for future playing professionals in this country. Do you think young kids will be aiming to take up golf and turning pro when they see headlines like....."pro banned for not ...." naahhhhh .

ps:...........If i have the money , I will create a new tour like association and make new waves. We don't have to do it the old ways....... Am I day dreaming again??????

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