Sunday, April 22, 2007

Golf produce leaders ....?

Saw that statement made on tele last nite and I can't really grasp what was the intent. But looking back some of it might be true though. I was making my way to a meeting last friday and having been there early , can't help making pictures with that SE K800i. Maybe golf have given me some impetus of why being early is a must for a golfer. If you are late to the tee box for a freindly game, your partner might say something not nice or not planning future games with you anymore. Basically if you are late , then you are disrupting the whole flights waiting behind you and of course your flight mate will stading there at the tee box making smiles and body gestures to the others waiting behind them. Thus likewise if you plan for a meeting and you did not turn up on time will it make you a good leader.
But still some golfers are not that good leaders anyway. Some make them even worse. Simply because they are too engrossed with the game , they might do more golf then do cleaning up their mess at their office. But for those who plays golf for a living, it would be a different thing all together right ? or is it ? But if we were to choose golfers to become our leaders , who do you think will be the right person to run your country ?

GA says - As long as politics is still there and human are hungry for power, excuses are made on a daily basis for the sake of human right...n you do know most of them are scoring boogie but writing birdies on their score cards...

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