Thursday, June 16, 2005

Welcome to new Golf Addix

Welcome to the new golf Addix blog. This will replace the previous Reasons why ? nahhh it will a waste of space and time to discuss it here.

I will be opening posting column for anyone to post. But you need to email to me first. Then I will consider registering your name as posting partner.

This new blog will based on the following concept:
1. Anyone who wants to write about their gold experience anywhere in the world.
2. Anyone who hated golf also can write esp if your spouses are a golfer.
3. Anything with relates to golf.
4. If you wanna sell any golf attires, equipment or anything.
5. Wanna share new golf courses...etc



richard said...

great idea... I'll check back to see how things progress. I'll update my list of golf blogs at to include this one.

AdieJin said...

aiyah...cannot talk about karaoke ah here ? boring lorrrr