Sunday, June 19, 2005

Best equipments in the eyes of an amatuer...

Titliest 983 e with regular shaft , never had any second thought about changing it to another so called the new breed and shunky drivers. I will get the same distance and even at times another further 20 m . The most important thing about handling these titliest is your speed and body turn. Name your other driver and see if I bother to look at it.

MP33 is the ultimate blade. Though MP32 might offer a better option , I dont think I can manage without MP33. Most golfer that I met often question why do i bother to use blades. The soft feel and knowing the where you can direct the ball is the answer. Yesterday I hit the three iron almost soft and crisp as if I was handling a 7 iron. Long par 4 , hitting a weak drive with 210 yards to the pin I took out the 3 iron and wooo... it landed perferctly next to the pin. With the head wind , I guess I wont be changing guns as of yet in this century.

Not a good thing to comment.

Noodle Maxfli , long and soft... interestingly it is quite an experience.


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