Monday, June 27, 2005

GA : Putt routine

Often I have witness golfers at various amateur are guilty of not making the most of it when it comes to putt the ball to the hole. Simply none of them fix to a routine. Most are stuck with the usual viewing of the slope and then stays behind the ball to have a last look on the line before making the horrible putt.

At the putting green , I have also witness amateurs practising their putt as those putts are worth nothing to them. Again they simply roll the ball with the putter in front of their branded shoes and putters and then tries different putting strokes before they finally make the putt.

What GA do when practising at the putting green.:
Take an iron and place the iron horizontol to the left of the pin. You also can do this by simply standing infront of the pin and place the iron infront of your shoes and go back to the spot where you want to make the putt.

Place a marker from a spot where you want to make the putt. Do make sure that the marker are aligned to the pin.

Now imagine you are on the green. Bent down to put down your ball and replace the marker.
Take two or three steps back and recheck the line.
Stand with your feet closed and place the putter at the back of the ball. Now move the left leg a bit to the left and aligned the right leg to the right of the ball as much as you feel it is not hurting your back when you bend to make the putt.
6. The rest is history......


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