Wednesday, June 29, 2005

And it would an honour

I have dreamed of a better place to work and new oppurtunities to play more golf at various beautiful golf courses in the south east asia region. An old fren ask for email address in the morning and in the afternoon end up listening to a job offer down south . Oh ! Man.......... Well the offer is yet to be substantiated by any physical document and details. Suddenly I have come to realise how much I have had gone thru all this years . And no one actually gives a damn about it.

I havent been playing for the last 90 hours , to be exact since last saturday afternoon. That is the longest record for this year. This weekend the club will be preoccupied with bunch of guys and gals from Labuan visiting KGM and having a friendly game among them and I was not invited. Bahari will be coming over from Labuan on Friday and Miri will be ready for you mate. If not me , then I will send my dearest chief entertainment officer to paint the town red.

The Open will be up and running soon. Our dearest Danny Chia will be the sole malaysian who will be there. After some positive stuff he shown last weekend at Empire , we are all behind you Danny....

Thought of the day : Dont sell of your gears yet...


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