Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A reminder to all Golfers

After a round of 18 holes , here is what all golfers should do :

1. Wash your hands before you consume any food or drinks.
2. All your golfing attires are wash seprately from your daily laundry items.
3. Golf shoes must be clean and wash before you take them home.
4. Take a good shower at the club before you go back to your family.
5. Clean your grips regularly.
6. And also clean your irons.
7. Do not let your children plays around with your used golf balls.
8. Or even your golf gloves or your golf bags.

Why ? The amount of pesticides and other chemicals used to maintain the golf course , if you know them , you will not regret doing the above.


Inevitable said...

dude, your blog got annoying pop up. Check your stat script

Anonymous said...

Are you based in Miri ?

Golf Addix said...

pop up cleared...

yes I am based in miri...but dunno for how long.

golfslo said...

we were just talking about this issue yesterday on the course... one guy plays with a golfer who cleans his ball on the green by putting the entire ball in his mouth ;)

btw, I've added your blog to my golf blogroll at golfslo.com.