Friday, February 24, 2006

The week before , this week and the week after

Some notes after a long lay off from the blog:

  1. Some air crew offers me meal but me want coffee. And guess what , she could have just pour a cup of coffee , instead she served others first and gave me that cup of coffee 10 minutes later.
  2. Played Labuan , 9 hole , but pulling the trolley on that course is not that easy. But I did enjoyed the company of some local frens.
  3. Played Nilai Spring and gross 85. Did enjoyed the game. Was struggling on the first nine but managed to pull off some good second shots on the back nine. One birdie and no triple bogey this round.
  4. KL-Miri-KL-Miri-Labuan-Miri-KL-Miri... catch the drift?
  5. Pok Ya has yet to decide whether he wants to talk to me or not. Dunno why ? Maybe he has some wrong perceptions abt me...
  6. Liverpool games , Arsenal and Man U are some clubs with stars but this season , they did not make enuf effort to beat Liverpool.
  7. Did managed to catch the game against Benifica. Still feels that they played quite well but yet to blend in in the strike force.
  8. Alya is getting chubbier each day.
  9. Me getting a job in KL ...... maybe?
  10. Rest day saturday. But will fight for a top 40 place on Sunday.
  11. Next weekend Miri will busy managing some top professional golfers playing in the Malaysian Ladies Open at Eastwood. Could have register for some caddy job , but a bit weary this week.
  12. Tired.
Do you have a penny to spare?

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dave said...

Nice outline and it does sound like you need and deserve to get some rest.