Saturday, February 18, 2006

Week that is.

A bit busy this week. Business travels , Interviews , catching up with some old frens and some other stuffs. Business travels is now beginning to make my golf swing a bit edgy. Even the job interviews at times makes me more edgy. Was wondering at times whether I am making the right moves or not.
Will not be able to make it to KL this weekend. Zed and Zuhri , sorry guys , wish I could make it up to both of you. But I will be watching from far and hopefully both of you will enjoy the weekend there.
The business trips have been rewarding , enlighting and at times provided some avenue to make new contacts espcially in the things that you do at the office.
Liverpool game tonite will be a joy to watch. This afternoon , I will be at Eastwood . It should be fun and dunno...maybe a few prizes to bring back.

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dave said...

Business travel will get to you after a while. It doesn’t take too much to make you tired all the way through.