Monday, February 27, 2006

Eastwood Valley : GA Course review (uncertified)

The course should be the best course to play in Malaysia. Why ? Try it and you will get the answer. But here are some hole to hole review incase you are flying over to Miri to play the course. It is a must for a golfer to play at Eastwood if you are in town.

Hole 1:
Par 5 - Quite long but adviseable to play it safe. Your tee shot should avoid the bunker on the left which is only reachable if you hit your tee shot beyond 220m. Your second shot should try to aim the right side of the fairway making it is more green to play your third shot. The green is elevated , protected by two bunker on the front left and right with a small access to the green and you have to play high loft approach shot to make sure of any chance to make a birdie putt.

Hole 2:
Quite short par 4. Again the green is quite similar to previous green. Except that it can be a bit tricky if you are faced with headwind. Since the green is elevated , playing from 100m with PW can end up with a deep bunker infront of the green. In the bunker you will have to raise your bunker shot beyond 7 meter.

Hole 3:
Short Par 3 , protected by two bunker on right and left. Usually you will have wind blowing from left to right which can be a bit tricky at times. Two tier level green but each pin location should be either front or at the back of the green.

Hole 4:
Short par 4 , fairway protected by a bunker about 180 m from the tee. And another bunker awaits for the long hitter if your shot fade to the right hand side of the fairway. Aim at the trees of the left and playing a fade or straight shot should reach the front green easily. Again two tier green , with bunker on the front left.

Hole 5 :
Another short par 4. A big pond awaits you infront of the green. Your tee shot shuld not go beyond 180 m coz you will end up in the water but if can hit it beyond 250 m , why not give it a try. At 180 m mark , the fairway is protected by two bunker on the left and right , making it difficult to hit your second shot to the green if you end up in the bunker. The green itself is elevated two tier protected by a deep bunker on the right.

I 'll continue later...besok nak kerja...(got to work tomorrow)


Lin said...

Hi there. Just found my blog.

I only just took up golf bout 6 months ago. SOmetimes I hit ok, sometimes everything just go bad. Its so frustrating!!! Is this normal???

But overall its a fun game... if I get it right that is.

Any advice from the pro?

Golf Addix said...

Overall , a golf beginner will face few phases of golf skills accumulation. As a beginner it is common to have your shots going to right and left and at times a good shot will come around when you feel like quitting the game.
Best advice is to get your basic right from the start. Get a pro to teach you the basic stuffs. The following are some quick fixes:
1. Check your grip.
2. your stance should match with your should width.
3. Hit the ball first and then make that full swing i.e. facing the the target.
4. get a pro....
5. If u can't afford a teaching pro , be patient , if GA get his transfer to KL very soon , then he can start golf lessons very soon for the golf enthusiasts.

toughcookie said...

wow... u ni memang la golf junkie... how la u can find the time eh with work, family lagi hmmm... amazing.

Golf Addix said...

time management dear , understanding wife n life partner n kids yg faham papa dia punya passion on golf. and last but not least communication...

Lin said...

I got pro. i fin oready the classes. When I go to class, everything is ok, when I am on my own.... hancurrrrrrr.

But I must admit, I don go to the driving range that often :P

U got understanding and patient wife!! I think if I don play golf, I think I will be quite mad at my hubby also... why laaaa hit small ball around acres of land! haha!! And then take dam long to learn too.