Thursday, February 09, 2006

Once upon a time...

Sometimes in June this year I would love to celebrate my birthday playing golf at any of the golf courses in Key El with my best foursome. It would have to be Dr R for his witty post shot comments, Mr K for his long drive on the tee and last but not least Anak Iderus who now would be at home nursing his knee injury. At that point of time , I would assume I will be already working in Key El and enjoying my new job. If not then I would be in this same city plaughing thru the cowgrass of KGM.
I would have been in Key El next weekend , tailing the pros at KLGCC. But sorry bro , fulus kureng and I have to cancell the trip to Key El that weekend. Instead I have received an invitation to play at Eastwood Valley on the 18th. That was a big suprise but a nice one though. And yes I am thankful and looking forward for the outing on the 18th. Next week will be quite a week. Meeting on monday and expected to travel again on wednesday for a job interview and off to Labuan on thursday before flying back to Miri on Friday evening.


I am not watching football until the world cup season starts. Reason is simply because I am begining to see signs of low standards of refereeing and some unprofessional conduct by some of the highly paid professional . Nasib baik boleh jugak main golf....


What does 2006 have for me ?


Anonymous said...

I am also a Manu fan and also quite pissed off with their European performance. I think that the line that they have is good for the EPL but not good enough for the CL. They also need to learn how to play the Europeans especially the Portugese and Spanish teams as these teams take advantage of Manu's robust team to fall like bowling pins everytime they get touched.
Not sure how they can catch up Chelsea though. The only hope would be the Carling and FA cups.

Malaysia Gila Golf said...

I don't know anything about EPL. What I know is, MPPJ is like Malaysian Chelsea. Kutip duit parking like hell. the usually free parking at jalan Tandang now charged RM5 per wonder they cal MPPJ is Malaysia Chelsea.

I watched FBR open..and JB Holmes is the next rising star

Anonymous said...

Hah, you must be either working for the MNC or its contractors.
Have fun !

Anonymous said...

The invite at Eastwood for the 18th I mean