Monday, February 20, 2006

Off to KL again

Yes I am flying again tomorrow and gettin a bit tired of it. The weekend was nice , earned some bragging rights for playing par golf gross 72 and secure some golf vouchers. The reason for making 72 is simply because we are playing Texas Scramble format with a four man team. Me being the captain , do all the tricky stuffs , eg chipping it close to the pin and making the long birdie putt. We could have do a lot damage but after only three holes in regulation and coverting only two birdies , nothing much to brag about anyway.
Still suffering from the heat wave on Saturday. Liverpool finaly earned their results in the FA Cup. But the freak fall by Smith is not any football fan would like to see especially on TV when they put it on replay mode for a number of times.

Has anyone seen Tiger...?

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PrincessRen said...

yeah that is sure 1 freak accident. giller lah. dislocated and patah sekali. reminds me of masa cisse main dgn who izit? blackburn? well sure hope that he recover soon. meaning MU dah takdek midfielder. looks like we can get the 2nd place after all. :D