Saturday, March 18, 2006

1st Quarter 2006 : Targets reviewed

1. I want new grips for my irons and driver before November. - did change those old grip with new grips by Golf Pride ( the combo red and black colour and it has helps a lot in improving my grip and also my iron games )

Status : Those grips are amazing...

2. I want those nippon steel shaft as well. - errrr still can't afford to change it , maybe next year ?

Status : Saving some money...

3. Maybe changing 984 driver with the latest driver 950 series - I have dump my titliest 983 e for Maruman Exim Nano II driver with 10 degrees loft. Consistent driving accurancy and distance as well. Top strike remains at 255 m mark.

Status : Nano II doing well...

4. Whole year supply of Titliest Pro v or Callaway ...or even Maxfli A10 series - still under negotiations with some ball manufacturers.

Status : Under negotiation.

5. Augusta , 18 holes with Tiger - Unfortunately I have to wait for another year. Tiger schedule for 2005 has been fully booked. Last I checked , in 2006 he wants more time to be with his wife , errrr who's preference is that ?

Status : Tiger wants to call back after Augusta..

6. Saujana , another 36 holes with Yusof Daud. And this time win the title MPGC 2005 - No I did not get the chance to do that . F*&5%$#$%^&.....err

Status : No invitation for 05 , but will not play in 06 anyway.

7. Qualify for KGM open this year. HEEYYYY I DID QUALIFY FOR KGM AMATEUR OPEN FOR 2005....

Status : Will not play 06 open. moving to the northern states.

8. Handicapp less than 10 before end of 2005. - Technically National Handicapp system at 9.8

Status : aaaaa....13 is good what ?

9. Wins a monthly medal event. "A" medal would be just fine. - I did not.

Status : What monthly medal ???

10. 2007 Playing tour wild card awarded.- still working on it ....

Status : Working on Northern States titles...

11. Make a living out of this. - still on the right track..hopefully someone do take a note...

Status : Decided to focus on current accounting carrer.

12. Owns a golf repair shop .- have yet to decide whether I should quit accounting profession

Status : Negotiation pending.

13. Buy a trailer for a equipment repair shop and follows MPGA tournaments venue. - unfortunately they cant afford to pay me , so wait for another year ...

Status : Paperwork on its way to the Financiers.

14. Save my tag Huer - NO I did not manage to save my dear TAG.

Status : NOt wearing watches anymore. What the use of time on those mobiles anyway ?

15. A new house... - well , still working on it though...

Status : Currently no urgent requirements.

16. RX90 for me and CRV for wife - we are saving our earnings...he he he

Status : Still saving for it , I guess...

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