Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Misconceptions , most golfers are often perceived....

In Asia golf has not been able to market the game yet. Even in Malaysia , many associate the game with the rich. While it is still quite an affordable game for some , many have not ventured to the game simply because , miscommunication with their other half , mismanaging of their own income , misconception of the games itself and last but not least not even enuf public golf courses around them. But despite all the reasons above , many have blame it on slow rate of catching up with the swing for the game and also time to spend on making those swing at least looks like a good golf swing. Having someone to coach you on how to make the golf swing can at times emberassing. Often heard it is either the pro or even the golfer themselves yelling at each other arguing what would be the best golf swing. I do frankly feels that not everyone can match Tiger golf swing. While I have been compared to be more or less having similar swing like Fred Couples , a fren of mine argues his swing is much more influenced by Tiger.
Often we heard , golfers dont have time to spend hours on the practise range due to working hours and workloads. But they have time to play 18 holes during weekdays. Dont ask me how they managed to do that. It is often said , professional golfers will spend at least an hour on the practise range before they tee off on the first tee , wherelese , an amatuer will be rushing to the first tee right after they park their cars . Is it misconception or rather wrong attitudes. Amateurs often I witnesss , blame on either the weather , the grip , workload or even irritating phone calls when they make that shot way right into the hazard. Most even will not tolerate any other golfers making comments about their golf swing. Some even can start a fight simplly because one is making funny remarks about his or her golf swing.
Nowadays golf are making headlines in Asian Countries. New young breed of ladies pro are emerging often with their dad as their caddie. This has been quite a remarkable trend. They are a bunch of hardworking young golfers , starting to make waves of headlines not only in Asia but also in the LPGA. It is happening in all Asian countries. But golf is yet to make positive impact in Malaysian sports communities. If only wives are more supportive of their husband efforts to sweat it out on the golf course or even bosses make more oppurtunities for their peers to pick up golf. The game needs a big hand. If not ... all the efforts will remain on the plan worksheets....

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