Friday, March 24, 2006

non golf week...

I have not even touch the golf set for a week and its hurting me . Not mentally but the swing was almost not there last week when I venture eastwood last weekend.


Tiger is not winning simply because he misses his father so much.


I am not having enuf sleep coz the gals are not well. Hanie will not take her medicine. Shasha struggles but yet we managed to feed her with those syrups.


Liverpool is winning again. Guess what ... Chelsea is beggining to show how money can make things worse for a club...


Boss is looking for someone to replace me at the office. Anyone interested ?



felic said...

u interested in taking up a posting in Vietnam. Talk to your boss. They'll be discussing among the heads sometime this month or early next month. U can play every weekend at several different courses every time.

Golf Addix said...

yes on 29th they will. but i have already set my mind on the northern states. thanks for the offer.