Tuesday, March 14, 2006

moving on...1st chapter

Time will come when I have to move on. New place. New job. New employer. New boss. New golfer mates. New golf courses. New house and new new new new etc etc etc etc....By then , this pic will reminds me of all those days when I recovered from 4 years of no golf while being posted to northern africa. All those days playing at KGM and Eastwood and some of the golf courses in Borneo. Pantai Mentiri , RBA , Kinabalu , Dalit and hopefully some of those near Kuching in may before I leave for new assignment.
I have met a number of new frens while in Miri. Most of it simply because Miri Golf Club (KGM) is one of those friendly golf club whom golfers do not have to have 4 balls to come to play. After their success in handling Miri Masters last year , I have no doubt the club will be able to handle another similar event this year. Eastwood Golf and Country Resort has resurfaced from a swampy piece of land , to become one of the finest golf courses in this country. With the inaugural Malaysian Ladies Open being held there recently , Miri City is on the right track in attracting more tourist to this tourism city. Bravo Miri , you certainly have make your mark on the world map.


PrincessRen said...

weh liverpool menag yo. hehe.. 5 - 1.. yeahooooooo...

felic said...

So where shall I courier the balls to?

Golf Addix said...

yeah lor. wa did not realise liverpool plays last nite. tertidur. yahoooo

u will be posted on the forwarding address , that is once it has been confirmed in black and white.