Tuesday, March 28, 2006

GA is so happy today

I have not been playing golf for the last two weeks and yet I am feeling good about it. Why ? First because today I have just been informed on my evaluation at the office and for the first time in 14 years I will get a merit evaluation. I was jumping up and down like a small kid deep in my heart. For the first time I felt I was being evaluated throughly and feels good about my performance this year. Wonder whats in line next....hepi nyer...


Adam said...

Congrats. Any promotion or monetary award?

I hope I can get a "Cemerlang" award this year too.

Anonymous said...


kite happy kat Muscat ni dengar berita bagus. Majulah BUMA untuk negara...MZK

Golf Addix said...

promotion tak tau lagi but the new post on the northern states should be in the same line. monetary rewards , errr your adik ipar should be able to give you some ideas.

pro yg kat muscat
semenjak kurang kan expectation from the so called elite golf community ni , makin bagus pulak kerja kat opis. plus now main golf utk hiburkan hari aje. setakat kalau nak main utk group tu , dah maleh dah, tak larat nak tegur and tak larat nak layan. karang email berjela jela org hantar kat GM. hancosssss

felic said...