Sunday, April 02, 2006

74 nett and hot sun.

Its one of the games which I will miss once I moved on to another job. Three years and consecutively at third spot each time. We played at Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Resort on saturday. The weather is so hot. I forgot to put on my lotion and still suffering from the itchy burning feeling on sunday morning.

I am not physically fit though. The back injury I had in the freak accident back in 1998 is still haunting me. After positively only 3 over gross at tee box hole no 9 , I was already thinking about gross 39. The tee shot at hole 9 was not that bad , but the 2nd shot was blown away to the right and hit the pond. The recovery shot was not even close to nice and end up hitting 7 on a par4 9th.

At times I am quite amazed at how golfers attempts to make things looks good (which actually make things looks even worse) for themselves and ask us to react back in a gentlemen manner. Thats why playing golf is not easy when you have to face weirdos , slow pacers , beginners who fails to observe golf ettiqutte.

Then everything starts to fall apart and end up scoring 50 at the back 9. Errr handicapp for the day 18 ? and scoring nett 74 ? urrrghhh.....


Anonymous said...


Your saturday game was for SKO carnival and the selection for KL rep, is it right? Who emerged champion?

Golf Addix said...

tak tahu lah pulak kalau ada selection. what is that selection for anyway ?